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Holcomb was nominated for Emmy Awards for the pilot movies China Beach and ER and for the 1997 ER episode entitled “Last Call. €ť Holcomb won a Directors Guild of America Award for the pilot of ER and was nominated for DGA Awards for the China Beach pilot and The Pentagon Papers. As the director to envision and launch both ER and China Beach, Holcomb was at the creation base of 1990s TV. Reb Brown played Holcomb’s Captain America, and Melissa Sue Anderson practiced deadly witchcraft in Midnight Offerings. Stark had the fresh angle of a Wichita police detective (Nicholas Surovy) tracking his missing sister in Las Vegas with the help of a croupier (Marilu Henner). In Chase, Jennifer O’Neill played a small-town lawyer 257 defending a migrant worker of murder charges. Richard Farnsworth co-starred as a judge and received a Golden Globe nomination. Blind Justice starred Tim Matheson as an everyman with a run of terrible luck as he is identified as a career criminal after a zealous policeman arrests him for indecent exposure for taking an impromptu leak during his morning run. Stillwatch was a Mary Higgins Clark adaptation with Lynda Carter as a reporter, Angie Dickinson as a politico with secret baggage, and room enough for Don Murray and Stuart Whitman. In The Long Journey Home, Meredith Baxter believes she has been widowed by the Vietnam War and is about to remarry when her soldier (David Birney) comes marching home. In A Promise to Keep, William Russ and Dana Delaney play a couple with three children who fight for the right to raise four orphaned brothers. Silverfox was a pilot that never went series starring James Coburn as an intelligence operative whose desire to retire is thwarted by the government’s need for his skills. John Travolta was a social worker in Chains of Gold, George C. Scott an amnesia victim in Finding the Way Home, Robin Givens a detective in Angel Street, and Shelley Long the adopter of a dying friend’s daughter in A Message from Holly.

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Then they have to fight their way out of the North, because once Theon shows up in the Iron Islands again, the Kingsmoot is void because he is the heir. I saw a good bit of speculation about the girl she's making out with in the trailer, but that's about it. I kind of hope her story-arc is just sailing around making out with hot brunettes. Likely big book spoiler below: SPOILER: Click to show The tattoo under her eye means she's a slave. So either Euron brought a bunch of saltwives back with him(not impossible),Yara is either in Volantis here or that's the show's version of the Dusky Woman. Even if Euron is involved it points to Yara leaving for Essos. I think the ships burning in Meereen is a good indication that the Greyjoy fleet is heading that way. There was a shot in one trailer, that looked like him facing Yara. I think he stays on the Iron Islands and will claim the Kingmoot was illegal next season. If he could get his dick clipped a second time I'd allow it. The convergence of DTs need for ships and Euron's supply of them, do mean that this thread in some form is bound to play out. Book theory spoiler stuff SPOILER: Click to show I posted about it a little bit up, but I am starting to think along the line of Superfurryanimal that the Tower of Joy will happen next week with the sword fight, but we won't get the actual promise scene with Ned and Lyanna until later in the season possibly the finale. Dany might hit friggin Westeros by Ep. 4 for crying out loud.


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Love thy neighbor as you love thyself for centuries and centuries, beginning with mental speculation in the orator elite and becoming incorporated into the bodies (genes) of the laities. How many times do I have to repeat your COGDIS about populism: I like talking to you because you’re edgier-than-thou, i. . say things that most of the populace is unable to stomach, yet you believe in democracy, hate to tell you Mike, I’d be one of your only voters. Will you not pull a Rohme and directly address this contradiction. It seems pretty fatal to your anti-aristocratism theme. The Action of perspectivism is: Forget the thing that you think is the true perspective, there are perspectives that rival its truth claim. This is leveling. Levelism is another label in the spirit of the rectification of names to stamp leftism with. “Good thing, drop it down”. “Nerd who’s smarter than me, throw him in a locker”. Any kind of innovation is evil, any kind of questioning the Established Facts is murder-worthy. If you’re not a “white supremacist” you’re a leftist- this follows from the order of rank. Like you said in a different but similar context, it’s really sad I even have to say this.


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Starring the iconic P Ramlee, the film, itself a satire on the Malay film industry, earned immense popularity among the film-going crowd then and till today, a certain immortality as a textbook name. But really, its real charm is in its simpleton sensibilities and that whimsical gush of hope that anyone could be a movie star. This is a film that will make you want to eat your meals properly, make your bed when you wake up and colour-coordinate every fragment of your house and every aspect of your life. Nothing very much happens in Tran Anh Hung’s Camera d’Or winner The Scent of the Green Papaya. Just the story about a domestic helper, Mui, who gets hired into a merchant household and grows up with the family till she finds her sweet destiny with a handsome young master. While there is drama, grief and anguish from the characters, the film is more focussed on the minutiae of domestic life. The camera takes us from the gleam of the glazed cooked meat to the gleam of the porcelain vases on display. Every frame, every angle is a page off an interior design magazine or a self-help book of wise sayings to live life by. Father of surrealism and animal spirits Apichatpong Weerasethakul raises some haunting questions about life, death and our existence as humans in his 2010 Palme d’Or winner Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. For those whom the film was a forgotten haze, it follows Boonmee, a middle-aged man confronting impending death from kidney disease. In the midst of a countryside family reunion, he gets a surprise visit from the ghost of his dead wife and his lost son, who appears as a strange hairy beast with red glowing eyes. The film works like a ouija board, summoning our consciousness over manifestations of life and the afterlife, making us see where we stand in the greater universe of creatures or things. And random and absurd occurrences like a buffalo’s escape and a princess having sex with a catfish, somehow complete the religious experience of watching the film, like reading about miracles in the New Testament. Except, there are no words, and very importantly, no forced narratives.


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I believe he was showing Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. The Frankenstein monster scared me to death but I loved the Wolf Man. Dr. Creep helped keep it together for me even when the monster was freaken’ me out. When I was 10 or or so, we had a Back Yard Carnival for MD and I got sick that day with the flu. A few months later I was on Clubhouse 22 and had a chance to meet Dr Creep. After 1985,when his show was cancelled, I met him again working as a guard at the Living Room, a local strip club. He came to the first official playtest of a game I wrote with my friend Anthoney Hensely called “Robots and Rockets”. A few years after that, I started a company with Dr Creep aka Barry Hobart and we managed to get the rights back for Barry to once again don the cape of Dr. Creep. He was my friend until his passing. I miss him every day over these many years since he let slip his mortal coil. For years Hobart was not allowed to wear the Dr. Creep make-up or use the name because Channel 22 “owned” the copyright to his image and name or so they claimed.


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Surveys indicate that people are prepared to pay more for a home that has a name. Pixar, for example, is a combination of the word pixel and the initials of one of its founders, Alvy Ray Smith. All of our hospitality company name ideas have been crafted to bring both zest and sophistication to the table. These restaurants make sure they remain memorable by their visitors, while branding with pun to gain free advertisement by the public. Whether you work in finance, creative, or HR, we’ve got custom gear for everyone at your office. Here are a few creative and unique baby name ideas that just might help your cool kid stand out from the crowd. Keep a name with a funny meaning, but something that will be catchy too. 37 Hotel Marekting Ideas. In fact, the majority of travel companies have names which are unique and give a hint of what they do. Best of all, each time someone stays in one of these creative rooms the artist gets a percentage of the payment. For the inner-artist in all of us, design studio Nendo created this entirely edible set of chocolate oil paints. No bed preference. Hotel logos design ideas: Like we said earlier, logos form a huge part in attracting customers. Chris Brogan logs into the M hotel’s profile system.