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In addition, due to being based in Essos, they would likely be aware of the reputation of the Dothraki and Unsullied. As the Lannister debt has been paid off, they have no further obligation to Cersei. Daenerys remains polite and reasonable in her speech and bearing towards her opponents, even towards Jaime who killed her father and also tried to kill her only a few episodes ago. In contrast, Cersei is aggressive and flippant towards her rival the moment she arrives and openly derides and insults her as a usurper whose word cannot be trusted. During the actual trial, Arya joins in the accusations by pointing out that Littlefinger lied to their mother Catelyn that the Valyrian steel dagger belonged to Tyrion Lannister, in order to stir up conflict between the Starks and Lannisters. She had no way of knowing this beforehand, so apparently, either Bran or Sansa told her off-screen. It remains unclear at what point earlier in the season that Arya started play-acting that she was turning against Sansa, if at all - or if the TV writers ever consciously decided when. Judging from the showrunners' comments, it appears that the original intention was to depict Arya and Sansa play-acting that they were turning on each other, in order to fool Littlefinger's spies around Winterfell - but then Benioff and Weiss became so excited building up tension for the audience that they removed any parts making it clear what the Stark sisters were planning. It's not certain if all of these deleted scenes built up to a cohesive whole, or contradicted each other. From his perspective, Isaac interpreted this to mean that Sansa and Arya actually were threatening each other before, but off-screen right before the trial, Sansa revealed information from Bran's visions to Arya, convincing her to change her mind and that Littlefinger was manipulating them against each other. It's unclear if he is correct, because he wasn't in most of these scenes - whether Arya and Sansa were actually supposed to be threatening each other or just play-acting. Moreover, the fact that the scene was deleted means that it isn't necessarily canon anymore: it's possible that it was deleted specifically because the writers changed their minds and wanted to retroactively imply that Sansa and Arya were faking their animosity in earlier episodes. But one can certainly explain the final turn of events by simply assuming they did actually manage to talk to each other at some point off-screen, at which point they could easily enough piece it together between the two of them, with or without supernatural intervention from Bran. I can’t help but think at least some, if not most of Sansa and Arya’s fights were real (they had several scenes where it seems highly unlikely that they were performing for one of Petyr’s spies), and it was only Littlefinger’s clumsy push at the end—or maybe Bran rolling in with the truth, since he was sitting next to Sansa in the room—that made them realized their rift was primarily Baelish’s fault. The evidence Sansa presents against Littlefinger is heavily dependent on her brother Bran's literally magical powers, which no one else can confirm or deny. Sansa did already know that Littlefinger killed Lysa Arryn, but no reason is established for why she feels confident enough to reveal this information now - earlier in the season she decided not to move against Littlefinger, because she felt she was dependent on his Vale army.

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6: Portland Cello Project and Lesbian. Drinking Lessons No. 17: Blind Vodka Tasting. No. 18: Master class with Simon Ford and Erick Castro. No. 19: Absinthe Soiree Part Deux with American Standard Time The Silent Reading Party continues with Kyle O'Quin playing Chopin. Winter term begins with some lovely news, City Arts will now be co-producing the Night School series and documenting each event in a series of journal entries authored by editor Mark Baumgarten and available at cityartsonline. om. We have an incredibly rich line-up of happenings at the hotel, here is the complete line-up, (sorry about the length) stay tuned for a few late Spring additions. Penthouse Symposium No. 10: Wallace Shawn in conversation with Sean Nelson. The Penthouse Symposium concept is simple: we will continue to host some of the leading intellectuals, artists, and writers of our time for an intimate and casual course on a subject of their choosing. Our thanks to Town Hall Seattle for making this event possible. Wallace Shawn. Known to stage and film audiences as an extraordinary character actor, Shawn is also an Obie Award-winning playwright and best-selling author.


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Is there anyone who didn’t at least suspect that Melisandre was not what she seemed. I liked Doran alot but she made a point when she said that he just sits back when his brother and ellia were killed. I knew the glamouring was mentioned but as always never know if its really going to happen. As for the show. I honestly HATE the Sand Snakes and that whole Dorne storyline and I was really kinda sickened by how they killed off Trystane. Ghost and Castle Black were the best scenes for me. Dorne was short and unexpected, but not in a good way. But I clearly remember she had no necklace when she was in the bathtub and Selyse entered. And why does she have to take the necklace out when she goes to sleep. No wonder there is only time for 13 episodes left if they kill now 5 people with more or less big roles each episode. Everyone’s complaining about the Dorne stuff, but I’m just kind of resolved that it is what it is. I think the scenes were better than last years, but that’s not saying much. Otherwise, everything felt like an opening episode, where we checked in on everyone to set the table. When it was explained here, I thought it was the dumbest thing, but then they executed it really well. Podeswa is good with atmospheres, but,sadly, not so much with the sword fights. Even the Brienne one felt rushed and lacked the suspense it could have had.

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Open Year-Round. Close to Denver and Colorado Springs. Come enjoy comfort and convenience in the countryside year round. Centrally located in Alabama in the River Heritage Region, just west of Montgomery, and close to Autauga Creek and the Alabama River. We offer our guests a family and pet friendly atmosphere. Our park-like surroundings has 35 sites and the most guest amenities in the Prattville area. Please see our Guest Amenities page for a complete list. Location is a plus, even though our setting is pure country living, we are just minutes from the Daniel Pratt Historic District and Downtown Creek Walk. Prattville boasts a Bass Pro Shop and many big box stores and restaurants for your convenience. Visit the Capitol in Montgomery or just enjoy the many museums and rich heritage of this region. Outdoor recreation and sports abounds in our River Heritage Region or just enjoy rest and relaxation in our peaceful setting. Canoe or Kayak: The Autauga Creek Canoe Trail is just minutes away for a canoe or kayak paddle along the shaded creek. Fishing: Recreational and Bass Pro Fishing Tournaments are held close by on the Alabama River, or just relax and throw out your fishing line at our Adopt A Stream Bridge Creek Crossing just a few miles down the road. Golf: The world class Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Capitol Hill is located in Prattville. Bird Watching: There are lots of bird watching opportunities in the area, including the Autauga Bluebird Trail and the Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail. Bird watching also starts right here every morning from our pool house porch.