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I think for him, with Jon and Dany getting together, this represents a possible undermining of his position with her and also a monkey wrench thrown into what the master plan really is meant to be around this entire alliance. 4. The production will continue to be huge As you may have noticed, the production of GoT seasons keeps getting bigger and crazier. Season seven’s war battles were much more intense than the previous ones. It’s fair to speculate that the production of season eight will be pretty spectacular, as Kit Harrington hinted for The Huffington Post: “They spent an increasing amount of money on less episodes, so it’s gonna be much bigger in scale. We’re trying new things, experimenting with new camera techniques. I think we’re trying to break boundaries and push past boundaries in these final two seasons. 5. Season eight will have only six episodes Before you fall into a state of depression, hear us out: these final six episodes will be longer than the usual hour-long ones. When asked about this at Con of Thrones, sound designer Paula Fairfield, said that these six episodes may end up being feature-length! 6. That is the place where the Dragonpit scenes were shot for season seven. 8. The Unsullied might battle in the snow for the first time. Even though the Unsullied are fierce warriors, keep in mind that Slaver’s Bay is basically the south Florida of Essos. Most of the guys have never seen snow in their lives.

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Jackson ? ? Super HeroNexus Dany should have flew away. If the bolt had hit near his skull he probably would be either dead or severely wounded. Psychopunk XXX ? ? Bronns got the most annoying case of plot armor. And what are the odds that the ballista didn't just get destroyed. The other two were transporting goods:P Quality Work. Well if the ballista got destroyed we wouldn't have seen that last minute encounter with Jaime and Danny. If the other two came they may kill the wrong army. Albert Martinez ? ? I was wondering who would have the balls to do a review on the leaked episode. I bet all the other big channels all watched the episode but gonna act like they waited. MLP Split ?

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The best tracks, by far, concede to the simplicity of Hooker's voice and gui- tar playing, and leave remastering aside. Hooker is known for his single-chord droned guitar playing and stilted time-free blues vocals. Instead the blues is straightforward and, therefore, more accessible to a public undereducated in old blues. The blues grooves on the accompanied pieces are very basic. Hooker's vocal effort is surprisingly very traditional. Rather than searching with his voice he relies on its depth and darkness. John Lee Hooker's Chill Out is a none too subtle mix of oldtime-bangin'-on-the-loose-floor-board-and-singin '-with-a-guitar blues and an accessible set of not so exciting over-produced pieces. The minor blues fan may not get the solo pieces, and the blues purist will be bored with the studio sets. Nevertheless, Hooker's voice can sooth and relax and chill and yet it's just not enough. Some songs are really cheesy and poppy, while others are darker and interesting. At Most of the runes would have been acceptable to Siouxsie fans of 10 or 15 years ago but seem pretty tired now. Siouxsie Sioux still has her characteristic vocal and visual styles, though one wonders if she isn't a bit old for that pointy vampire look Her voice is unmistakable and has kept the band alive for some time. Siouxsie's lyrics, however, are a bit nonsensical and banal even in this Top 40 world of ours. The few good tunes on this album have the words written by the other band members. Budgie and Steve Severin, though they look too old to even be allowed in the latest video, show themselves to be pretty good songwriters, as well as great musicians. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately the music offers the listener a large variety.


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It’s hard to get the recognition that other sports enjoy. It’s impossible to have play-by-play or color commentary without it. So, let’s put our heads together and come up with some terminology that showcases some of the really exciting moves in our sport, sidehacking. But what’s this? Is that the antiquated old Puffa Baba O’Reilly attempting the Teenage Wasteland on the hey-dee-hi-dee-ho side of the track. It’s the Ghostly Trio followed by No-Tell Motel, Aspercreme and Death by Chocolate. It’s Deputy Dog and the Hard Drinking Soldiers of Fortune attempting the off-copy Leaky Tease. It looks like Batman and the Costume Critters of Death are going Crinkle Cut, and somebody’s got to pay. But, uh-oh, Funny Ha-ha Funny Strange, with the Batman in tow screaming, “Hey world, check me out. . There’s Electrowoman and Dyna Girl, in the George Barris custom show rod, bravely attempting the Big Guy with a Tommy Tune on the side. I think he’s attempting the Stinky Guy with a Peter Allen. Uh-oh, that means he’ll be disqualified and slapped with A Day in the Life of Ivan Ivanovich. That could be a problem for our Quentin Crisp, who’s expected to deliver a Fighting Andovich Brother or a God, Your Helmet Smells Good. Don’t get too close, ’cause remember, kids, he who smelt it, dealt it. Let’s give him a round of applause as we all pardon his blooper.

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We know Jon and Dany are in love and we have been told through the entire series that Jorah is IN love with Dany. To me that’s the only love triangle that makes sense at this point. She looks to be just kind of looking off into the distance to me. Perhaps she’s looking at other people arriving, but I don’t think so. It just looks like a moment of “Oh geez Jon, did you really have to bring the dragon queen to Winterfell and bend the knee. How the hell are we supposed to get out of this mess? . At least he treated her with consistent kindness, which in a strategic medieval aristocratic marriage might be deemed rather a luxury. Also someone pointed it out earlier that aside from Bran, the Hound could talk to Arya about Dany as he was saved in that frozen lake with Jon and others. Arya is pretty much right about everyone else on the show so if she does kill Dany (while highly unlikely), it must be for something truly heinous. Can’t wait to see Arya, Dany, Sansa, Brienne working together then we’ll have Gendry, Jon, Tyrion, Jaime, and the Hound working together as well. In that dragon pit meeting, Dany and Jaime seemed fine. She didn’t even bring up the fact that he tried to kill her. She still needs to prove herself as a ruler of WF and confront Cersei. If LF was to be the ending to one of the main character’s arcs, it’ll be given far more effort. Do people really believe that they’re going to have an unnatural, tensionless, intrigue-free first meeting.