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So, this week, we've charted a course to chill-ass waters as part of the MBMBaM Anxiety-Free Cruise. Suggested talking points: The Anxiety Gator, Bus Ghost, Minimum Dinner Age, Beer Cheese, Footwear Secrets, Sperm or Egg, Muscle Prank, Finger Food Panic 1:04:04 November 7, 2016 113 - Steve Patterson on Math, Infinity, and the Knowability of Truth Steve Patterson is a rationalist philosopher and intellectual entrepreneur working outside of academia. He is the host of Patterson in Pursuit, a podcast featuring deep conversations with top thinkers in logic, philosophy, mathematics, quantum physics and other areas. He is also the author of What’s The Big Deal About Bitcoin and the forthcoming book Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge. Steve has been traveling around the world interviewing experts on everything from quantum physics to Christian theology, searching for answers to the questions most often cited by supporters of mystical, post-modern, and other worldviews that propose truth is ultimately unknowable. We discuss academia, and how math and infinity relate to objective truth. He's on a break for a bit, so we're keeping the good ship MBMBaM afloat in his absence with this best-of episode. His search for ways to make the world a freer place led him to his work at Students For Liberty and also led to his interest in deeply understanding social change. The Social Change Podcast was born the desire to learn more about how people are changing the world. Matt digs deep into theories of social change with actual practitioners; the people taking action to reshape the world. Recommendations: A Hitcher's Guide to the Galaxy, Winning the Inner Game, Essentials of NLP: with 150 Techniques. Ceterus is looking for accountants or finance-minded professionals who want more something more than a standard job. If you have accountants in your network that are interested in empowering entrepreneurs in a growing startup, visit isaac. eterus. om. Then a peek behind the scenes at HWYRT with special guests artist-in-residence Andrea Bonney Gould and social media guru Anna Brooks. Andrea shares her inspiration for the artistic creations representing HWYRT (and available at the Redbubble Store! and Anna talks about how she embraced running and social media.

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Edit: Also, I'm not saying, I'm just asking: Is that JON. Guy who looks exactly like Jon Snow riding into battle wearing Stark armour. Ser Davos doing what looks to be a sacrifice of Ghost. However, it is supposed to be 3 against 7, is it not. So much analyses going on right now, we're going to piece together the entire season from just a trailer haha. I imagine not all of it is right, but it is hard to argue with the majority of it. They'll probably be united with the northerners who'll protect them. His paps will probably shame him for losing her and he'll threaten to reclaim Sansa and kill Jon, which will provoke Jon to march against him with Tormund etc. And one thing just occurred to me about a major difference between the books and the TV show. I only mention this because I know there was a recent story where Martin said something about a dead character who would be big in the next book. In the books he married Jeyne Westerling and she is taken into custody by the Lannisters after the peaceful siege of Riverrun. In the show he marries Talisa Maegyr, a character made exclusively for the show. Jeyne might play a big role going forward, but my money would be on Barristan Selmy. Dragon flying over the horse guys, maybe that is how Danny convinces them to fight for her. I have to say sometimes this show misses a few beats. Changed characters, meh special effects, the odd boring storyline etc. But then there are the things that are just so insanely riveting I remember why it is so acclaimed. Makes me sad that there is no more Charles Dance on this show.

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Running Man Season 1 Episode 71: Gyeonghui Palace December 4 th, 2011 Episode 71. Running Man Season 1 Episode 72: Hong Kong December 11 th, 2011 Episode 72. Running Man Season 1 Episode 73: Hong Kong December 18 th, 2011 Episode 73. Running Man Season 1 Episode 74: KINTEX December 25 th, 2011 Episode 74. Running Man Season 1 Episode 75: Paris Park January 1 st, 2012 Episode 75. Running Man Season 1 Episode 76: Yeosu City Hall January 8 th, 2012 Episode 76. Running Man Season 1 Episode 77: Hahwa Island January 15 th, 2012 Hahwa Island. Running Man Season 1 Episode 78: Lotte Mall January 22 nd, 2012 Lotte Mall. Guest starring, Lee Da Hae (actress), the Running Man cast have some fun team missions before moving onto a huge venue for the anticipated final stage. Playing a spy game as unpredictable as the guest star, what new levels of difficulty will transpire today. The landmark for this episode being in the southern city of Busan, let the team selection and challenges begin. Running Man Season 1 Episode 84: Seodaemun Museum of Natural History March 4 th, 2012 Dae-sung. T. . (Big Bang). Running Man Season 1 Episode 86: Gwanghwamun Square March 18 th, 2012 Gaeko (Dynamic Duo). Ha Ji-won. Running Man Season 1 Episode 87: Korea Job World March 25 th, 2012 Han Ga-in.

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Anos atras Greg Bedard these aren't evp's but spirit box sessions. Smol Boi Anos atras Your grandparents were telling you to leave them alone in heaven Lil bo peep 11 meses atras 60toodles Yea 60toodles Anos atras i never once heard them say they were in heaven. It's really stupid pitiful child 5 meses atras Demons are not visible lol fastcarz RC 11 meses atras Ouija board Paranormal Response Anos atras WTF is Aweaji board. Barry McCockiner Anos atras GRIMM GAMEZ aweaji Budok Nano Anos atras ask question 2-3 times, if he can say the same answer 2-3 times then i will believe you. Amine Sec Anos atras hi in any planete lives the dead. Just this year, there have been several PG-13 rated films that offer frights; three examples are “Lights Out,” “Ouija: Origin of Evil” and now “Shut In. None of these films will make any critic’s Top Ten list, but each of them offer some thrills and chills without a lot of offensive or extremely bloody material. Watts has also been nominated for two Best Actress Oscars. He recently starred in the television series “Stranger Things. Heaton like Tremblay may have a very successful career. The basic story is about a mother, played by Watts, who is caring for her disabled stepson. In fact, I cannot remember a lot of snowing falling. Nor does the weather actually hinder anyone from traveling. Clients and friends come and go without any impediment to their driving. So the situation seems less menacing than it could have. Remember the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining? Now that is isolation. Allow me to simply offer the fact that the story takes a turn that cannot be fully reconciled with reality.

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The trailer very clearly shows Beric Dondarrion -- complete with his flaming sword -- will be fighting an army of wights and maybe even Wildlings alongside Jon and Tormund Giantsbane in this great showdown. The trailer also seems to hint Beric’s new traveling partner, the Hound, will be joining the fight as well. While we don’t explicitly see Sandor Clegane next to Jon, this shot does clearly show him in a snowier climate than usual. Bran Comes to Winterfell Another exciting new confirmation is that Bran is going to be making his way to Winterfell, which means he, Sansa and Jon could all be in the same place at the same time. We see Meera and Bran arrive at the tunnel gate to the Westeros side of the Wall as it opens, and then later see Bran sitting in a fancy new wheelchair in what looks like Winterfell’s godswood. But reunion time is going to have to be put on hold, because Bran seems to have a key role to play in the war to come. In the trailer, we see him seemingly warg into one of the crows flying over the Night King’s army. It sure seems like the the Night King can even sense when Bran uses his powers. And who is that older man standing by Bran in his wheelchair. We can’t see his face, but could it be that the Three-Eyed Raven is still appearing to Bran in visions, even after his death. In one shot, we see Euron, mad as hell, slicing through an enemy on a ship. In another, we see Theon and Yara’s faces light up as a massive catapult projectile strikes the mast of a ship. In one shot, the Greyjoy fleet heads straight for King’s Landing, and our guess is that’s Euron’s crew trying to ally with the new ruler of Westeros, Queen Cersei. That means her people will be fighting Lannisters on multiple fronts, as we also seen a massive battle taking place between her Dothraki and Unsullied armies and the Lannister forces. 5. Jaime Lannister Leading the Charge This new trailer shows us that Jaime, with Bronn by his side, will be leading the Lannister defense at what we’re theorizing is Casterly Rock. And since we previously saw the Unsullied inside that keep, we’re guessing this shot of Grey Worm is showing how he sneaks inside and opens the gates from within for the rest of the soldiers. This entire battle sequence looks to be one of the most high budget and epic showdowns Game of Thrones has ever showcased.

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Also this post gave me a pretty good excuse to break out my LV portfolio that was a wonderful gift from my mom around the time I moved to New York. So lets hop into the meat of the post and share your (and mine! best tips for interviews. Thought I would break it out into before, during and after to-dos and tips. There are some really helpful and valuable lessons here that you can apply to a ton of places in your life. Same for the industry -- where has it been, where can it go. For the interviewer, don't stalk them but get to know what they've done (LinkedIn is a good place for this! Practice, practice, practice. We all ask the same questions with a similar degree of difference. Even if it doesn't come up in the interview, it's best to be prepared. Know the industry and do your research on your position. You can do it -- you just have to fight for it. Power Pose. Do it early and often. Arrive early. Arrive so early that nothing could have a chance at making you late. This interview is a two way street and a conversation. They want to see you've done your homework, came prepared and have really put thought and emotion into your interview.

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BJP Leaders met Governor, discuss vital projects On wednesday, a high level BJP deligation met the Governor NN Vohra at Srinagar and discuss the vital issues and developmental projects alongwith centrally sponorored schemes at Rajbhawan. Governor NN Vohra assured the BJP members that he will personally monitor all theses issues and will expedite the process so that general public may get maximum benefit. Governor Vohra Convened a high level meeting of all the officers on Thursday at Rajbhawan regarding early redressal of the issues and concerns of the BJP members. The meeting was presided over by its State President Ravinder Raina (MLA) along with BJP State General Secretary (Org. Ashok Kaul, MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, former Dy. CM Kavinder Gupta, former Minister Sat Sharma, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta. Ravinder Raina while addressing the meeting, stressed on the need to ensure the extension of party activities to the booth level. He said that all the public welfare schemes initiated by the Centre government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi must reach to the targeted population. Every BJP leader has the duty to reach up to the marginalized sections so as to ensure their growth and development, he added. Ashok Kaul, while discussing the details of various issues related to the Parliamentary Elections, alloted various Constituencies to the senior leaders of the party. He stressed that these leaders will personally supervise all the developments related to the Parliamentary Elections by conducting “Pravas” in these constituencies. He said that these leaders will ensure that the party ideology reaches the masses through conduction of various programmes among the common masses. He also stressed on the strengthening of booth level structure of the party. State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria, State Secretaries Er. Ghulam Ali Khatana, Sanjay Baru, Anil Parihar, MLCs Vikram Randhawa, Girdhari Lal Raina, former Minister Priya Sethi, Daljit Singh Chib, Kuldeep Raj Gupta, Subhash Jandyal, Munish Sharma, Rashpaul Verma, Rajinder Singh Chib, Chander Mohan Gupta, Altaf Thakur, Rajeev Charak and Jagdish Bhagat participated in the meeting. BJP National General Secretary Dr. Anil Jain addresses Press Conference Congress Murdered Democracy to remain in power: Dr.


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Carice has stated in The Telegraph that Melisandre will be insecure and having a crisis of faith in the wake of Stannis’s death, and has previously mentioned she has a “pivotal” role this year. Liam teases new alliances, shocking developments, and that the first episode (titled “The Red Woman”) is “ astonishing. Liam’s latest interview on Conan contained an extended version of a clip from the trailer. After reading filming reports last year, seeing the teasers and trailers, and reading cast interviews my excitement level is reaching an all time high. She encounters Khal Jhaqo’s khalasar with Drogon at her side. I believe they will want to take her to Vaes Dothrak to take her place among the Dosh Khaleen, as that is the proper place for a khal’s widow. If Dany remembers Quaithe’s words (“to go forward, you must go back”), she may decide to willingly go with them. She will lead them back to Meereen to bolster her defenses, and they will help defeat the Yunkish forces. Victarion’s fleet will have arrived at the city, and she will use him to get her home. He will probably be killed trying to gain control of one of her dragons. I think she will ultimately win (dragons), but it will be devastating for Westeros. Beyond that, it’s hard to predict what her fate will be. There doesn’t seem to be any plan to cast Victarion, but they may send Euron to her in his place. I think instead of warring with Aegon, she will fight directly with the Lannister forces in King’s Landing (or what’s left of them if they go to war with Dorne, the Faith, and possibly the Tyrells). I believe the books and the show will have a similar ending for her character, whatever that may be. With just over 3 weeks to go, it’s not too late to plan a Game of Thrones themed party to celebrate the new season. Here are a few ideas to make it more memorable than the Red Wedding (and hopefully much more fun). If you are the artistic type, try making your own house sigil banners to put on display.