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This lecture will be held on Tuesday October 6 at 7:00pm at the McMaster Innovation Park Atrium. Entrepreneurs, makers, developer, students, non-technical and technical, funders, marketers, salespeople, lawyers, accountants - anyone who is interested in regionally built tech and startups. As a previous entrepreneur, Kirk had experienced the pain of back-office tasks like accounting, which he set to solving by creating Wave. Kirk’s earlier ventures, both in online technologies, include a pre-YouTube streaming video service for high-end adventure events around the world, and an online community for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, which he sold to an outdoors magazine in 2010. Individuals will be sorted into teams on the morning of the event. They will then have the rest of the day to build their can structure. People buy jewellery, silver and gold coins on this day. On the main Diwali day idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi are worshiped. Send Diwali Sweets to India and see a lovely glow on the faces of your dear ones. Send Diwali Hampers to India and dedicate your Indulgence and love towards your dear one. Come and see some of the amazing things that fall has to offer at Hamilton’s own community-owned grocery store where all are welcome.

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The acting is bad, there are incredible stretches of disbelief (I'm not talking about walking skeletons, I'm talking about a 50,000 watt deserted radio station in the middle of nowhere) and this isn't even good enough for a Sci-Fi Channel flick. Pass. DEVOUR Supernatural 's Jensen Ackles plays a young man given a birthday membership to an online computer game called the Pathway. A confusing story hampers this slick-looking film, and even the five solid minutes of exposition near the end didn't help. I wish they had cast someone other than Jensen Ackles, though. He is strictly a one-note actor, so if you've seen his TV show, you are going to get the same performance. What makes this film so odd is that it begins on a pretty grim, serious note, with the 3 criminals tormenting a woman then singling out a new victim via randomly picking out a name in the phone book. The drama and threat is real, here, and on the level of initial tension in Steckler's superior THE THRILL KILLERS. But once the ransom call is made, the movie takes a sharp left turn into goofy parody with the heroes decked out in second-hand super-garb. We hear a toilet flush every time Boo Boo starts his motorcycle, and Kogar the gorilla makes an appearance. Five minutes from the very end, the movie takes another sharp turn and attempts to become a beach party film for a final block of padding with people dancing.

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So, “Extremis” is visually and conceptually impressive, but it’s Moffat’s writing which really elevates it. As the opening to a three-part story, “Extremis” has the luxury of slower pacing than most Doctor Who stories, giving it ample character-building opportunities, as well as the Da Vinci Code style mystery buildup that leads into one of the Capaldi era’s greatest twist. Call me ignorant, but there’s enough time for dusty Time Lord politics in the future, but there’s only one chance to say goodbye to a companion, and in the Capaldi era, there was only one chance to see the Doctor teetering so precariously on the brink of morality. “Hell Bent” is not only a fitting farewell to the days of Twelve and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS; it’s a pitch-perfect character study of the Doctor in crisis, a counterpart to the beautiful, almost romantic idealism of “Heaven Sent”. It’s a story of bitter scorn, verging on self-destruction and occasionally even hatred, next to the loving devotion of its predecessor. The Hybrid arc comes to a fitting conclusion, and Rachel Talalay directs this one impeccably right up until the second-to-last scene (if you really want me to criticise “Hell Bent”, I’ll say that the TARDIS stock-footage shot and the spinning diner was a bit much). The wonder of “Listen” is that it manages to completely tell a story arc for The Doctor, Clara, and Danny Pink (who is somehow not boring in this episode, I repeat, Danny Pink is not boring ) in the space of 45 minutes. I’m not sure this is a good thing, but “Listen” accounts for about half of all character development in Series 8. I don’t think the monster (or lack of monster) is there to make you feel scared, but it doesn’t need to. “Listen” is pure psychological horror, the deepest sort of all. Instead of making you afraid of statues or clockwork droids or monks, it forces you to look inwardly.