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ld. Does the typewriter — a technology of writing — signify the ways in which letters “put teeth into the business of empire-building”? 9 Does Bishop allude to the ways in which her e? rts to support herself professionally require political compromises, as in the poetry consultant position. The typewriter keys gleam “like ? h scales”; these scales may allude to Bishop’s manipulations of scale; to the glittering scales in her poem “The Fish” (the ? h is described as a kind of war hero); or may refer to the instruments used to weigh ? h for market, translating size into economic value. However we might want to interpret it, the description of the typewriter gleams with a lifetime of writerly memory and struggle. It is also full of pathos, the speaker’s tone conveying resignation and fatigue about the “endless labor,” the ongoing battle. As Val Williams comments, “War journalists are volunteer witnesses, part of a media industry which has not only a mission to inform, but a need to sell its products to a waiting public” (Williams, 52). How far apart are the journalist’s and poet’s forms of witnessing war, particularly when their livelihood depends on selling their “news”.

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Novartis is providing the information in this press release as of this date and does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this press release as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. As a division of the Novartis Group, our purpose is to discover new ways to improve and extend people’s lives. We contribute to society’s ability to support growing healthcare needs by pioneering novel approaches to help people around the world access high-quality medicine. Our broad portfolio, covering all major therapeutic areas, accounted for 2018 sales of USD 9. billion. Sandoz is headquartered in Holzkirchen, in Germany’s Greater Munich area. If you have trouble viewing our site, please upgrade your browser. Available in film and tablet form, it is a partial opiate receptor agonist that replaces the opioid and helps treat addiction. This was lower than it was in 2016, which the company said was due to price-sensitive payers selecting cheaper oral tablets over Indivior's sublingual film. There was a non-infringement ruling for both of these firms, although Indivior is appealing. Novartis AG's Sandoz has abandoned its generic version and Mylan filed a petition seeking an inter partes review (IPR) of the '514 and '497 patents, but ended up settling. The '221 patent covers the uniform distribution of the active drug across a polymer film.

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Given everything that has happened to both characters and the development over the last 6 seasons it would be an incredible injustice to have Sansa and Arya revert back to petty sibling rivalry. That would be a big FU to storytelling in general, especially considering how rapid they want to push this on the viewers. Bran doesn't count because he's not Bran anymore, and Jon's going to be switching to a dragon sigil soon. From our perspective of seeing both stories, sure we can see the intricacies, but from their eyes its a much different story. Arya was 9 and watched her father beheaded while her sister sat at the side of the sadistic king who had threatened to stick her with a sword and had his bodyguard kill her friend and hunt her pet. She ran and was forced to serve Tywin Lannister and hear about her family from that point of view. She arrived just in time to see her brother's body defiled and paraded by the allies of the Lannisters while her sister still sat in King's Landing enjoying the good life with the man behind her parents and brother's murder. She goes and trains to be an assassin and while she may not have completely given up her identity as Arya, she definitely became a harder, more aloof person. She makes it back to Winterfell and find Sansa in charge and already gets the feeling she is trying to out-maneouver Jon for control of the north. She will probably have some idea about how bad Ramsey was but still know Sansa was married to another person who betrayed her family. With all the intrigue in the world, the constant betrayals and seeing Sansa as a Lady while everyone else fell around her has got to make Arya feel like she betrayed everything for her station. A good long conversation between the two would clear everything up but it doesn't appear this has happened so I can totally see why Arya would be distrustful of Sansa.

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Learn more. Insider Perks. MAP (505) Theater Amenities. Caf, Digital Projection Although updated daily, all theaters, movie show times, and movie listings should be independently verified with the movie theater. Albuquerque, NM cinemas and movie theaters. Maps. Rail Runner Google Map Connect to New Mexicos largest metropolitan city from the Downtown Albuquerque Rail Runner Station. Albuquerque attractions offer an endless variety of things to see and do. SW Albuquerque, NM Find the best Movie Theaters on Yelp: search reviews of 21 Albuquerque businesses by price, type, or location. Icon Cinema 10 movie screens serving Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding communities. Find the best Movie theatres, around Albuquerque, NM and get detailed driving directions with road conditions, live traffic updates, and reviews of local business along the way. Discover and share movie times for movies now playing and coming soon to local theaters in Albuquerque.


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Dan kekerasan manusia terhadap kera dalam film ini berfungsi sebagai metafora yang sangat pas terhadap keadaan kita dengan alam sekarang ini. Kita menjawab hal yang tidak kita tahu dengan ketakutan dan keinginan untuk mengontrolnya. Jadi kita merasa sebagai pemimpin dan berpikir berhak untuk membuang belas kasihan. Maka daripada itu, jika dibalik, siapkah manusia jika suatu saat nanti benar-benar muncul spesies yang lebih pintar untuk menggantikan posisi kita sebagai spesies alpha di muka bumi ini. Film ini begitu uncompromising sehingga menyebutnya fun sungguh sebuah typo yang disengaja. We do get a gigantic action scene, namun tidak bakal seperti yang kita bayangkan. Saat menonton pun, mungkin kita akan mulai berpikir, menebak-nebak ke mana arah cerita, you know, like, siapa akhirnya bakal melakukan apa, dan film ini tidak akan melakukan apa yang kita pikirkan. Narasi tidak memberikan jalan keluar gampang untuk karakter-karakternya. Film akan membuat mereka melakukan pilihan dan keputusan yang susah. Tone gelap itu berusaha mereka imbangi dengan sedikit suara ringan. Resiko ini datang dalam wujud kera botak yang menyebut dirinya “Bad Ape”. Tokoh ini adaah semacam komedik relief yang sebenarnya punya potensi untuk menghancurkan setiap adegan yang ada dianya dengan lelucon yang bikin nyengir.

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Apart from the countercultural fetish-commodity titillation factor, I think that's what got the story the notice it did, a quality that one collaborator identified as brutal honesty. Heavy on the 'brutal. Must get back to work now, just lagged too hard on putting the picture up. Listen to the AlmightyBaller Podcast Network on iTunes. Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at AlmightyBaller. om Learn more about your ad choices. I don’t have money for new tires, and I’m trying to get them fixed right now. . We were recently discussing whether we would redesign our site or branch out into different projects. But we will still be keeping our social media channels! This year is going to be full of surprises to share. Tara and I met over 3 years ago when she introduced me to Camp Tech and we featured Founder, Avery Swartz on our blog.

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Where the daughter is possessed by the spirit of the slaves during the time of WW2. Anand Gandhi, best known for the film Ship of Theseus, brought it together as a creative director. Tumbbad Made Me Feel Bout Only One Movie While I was Watching It, It Reminded me Of The Witch: A New England Folktale Which Was A Period Fantasy-Supernatural Film. If We Compare Both The Movies We Will Find Striking Similarities Between Both Of Them. Both Are Supernatural Folktales, Both Shares Supernatural Element Both Has A Horrifying Score. It's A Bollywood Version Of Witch ( You Will Understand If You have Seen The Witch: An New England Folktale ). It's A Tale Of Greed, Unlike Any Other Bollywood Movie This Movie Shows Us That Cinema In India Still Has Hope. It's One Of Most Beautiful Movie To Come Out From Bollywood. Looking At The Cinematography Of The Movie You Will Be Stunned And Amazed To Know That This Movie is part Of Bollywood. Tumbbad Is One Of The Most Ambitious Project Of Bollywood. Everything In The Movie Weather It's Cinematography, Score, Acting, Location, Story And Plot everything Is Top Notch ( Finest Quality ). I'm Not Gonna Talk Bout The Story Cause It Will Spoil The Entire Movie But I Will Definitely Suggest You Guys To Watch This Movie, Cause When You Will Come Out Of This Movie You Will Still Wonder Bout It For An Week.

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But, as disturbing aspects of Darren's life are revealed, Larry soon finds himself alone and faced with the consequences of a horrific act of violence. However, everything changes when they meet their twelve-year-old neighbor boy, Kelsey. Neglected by his mother, Kelsey becomes part mascot, part protege for their petty criminal operation. Ultimately, though, his presence forces Alan and Ben to choose between a life of crime and fun, and the opportunity to grow up and deal with the emotional consequences that come along with entering adulthood. Starring Jason Ritter, Jake Sandvig, Carrie Preston, Rebecca Hall and Amanda Seyfried. During a mixer, she meets professor Catherine Stark, and over time becomes romantically involved with her. Starring Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer, Katherine Ann McGregor. These domestic employees have been mistreated for quite some time and they are tired of their situation. So when the family plans a shopping trip to Miami, the maids have a plan of their own - to take control of the mansion. Unexpectedly, they will also discover a long-held family secret. Starring Francisco Gattorno, Rosa Isabel Lorenzo, Aida Morales and Maria Alejandra Palacios. Teenager Elia lives with his Marxist father, devoutly Catholic mother, and the ghost of his brother - who left the family more than a year ago.

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But notwithstanding his honourable intentions, he was blindsided. She wrote the script with her husband, Paul Mayeda Berges and Moira Buffini ( Jane Eyre ). She was raised in West London and born in Nairobi 13 years after the controversial “Mountbatten Plan” struck a jagged line through the north-west of the freshly independent Union of India to create the Dominion of Pakistan. Her ancestors were ensconced in the foothills of the Himalayas, now on the Pakistani side of the border. Her grandparents lived through the tumultuous events that saw sectarian violence between India’s minority population of Muslims (many of whom craved their own homeland) and the Hindu and Sikh majority. It brought about the greatest refugee crisis the world had seen. An estimated 14 million people were displaced during Partition and up to a million died. This tragic aspect of her cultural and family background was something she’d always shied away from as a film-maker because, she says, “it was too dark, too traumatic. Then, in 2005, she took part in the BBC’s family-tree-exploring program Who Do You Think You Are. It was then Chadha realised that she had to confront her fears and make her movie about Partition. Its imposing architecture was an expression of Imperial power, intended to intimidate. Black and white recreations and actual footage at the film’s end highlight the acrimony and how it spilled over into bloodshed and heartache.