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(Isn't this how Daario and the Second Sons laid siege to Mereen as well, for Dany? Victory, however, is short-lived. Grey Worm realises the fight was too easy, the soldiers too few. o where is the rest of the Lannister army. A swift battle later, Highgarden is conquered and Lady Olenna Tyrell, a captive in her room. Jaime offers her a glass of wine, poisoned of course, and the grand old lady of Westeros drinks it down — but not before telling him that it was she who got Joffrey poisoned. Cersei, thanks to her Highgarden campaign, now has all the gold she needs to pay off her debts to the Iron Bank of Braavos, and to wage future battles against Dany. If she returns to Winterfell, there will be more Stark children there than have been in recent history. Sure his battle strategies haven't worked too well thus far for Dany, but he was back at his quippiest best in this episode, and boy have we missed this. The Queen's Justice deserves rewatching just for those quotable Tyrion quotes.

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Announcer: And now for the latest report on Picasso's progress over to Reg Moss on the Guildford. Reg: Well there's no sign of Picasso at the moment, David. Geppo: (in full cydist's kit. Well Reg, I think Pablo should be all right provided he doesn't attempt. Well, there still seems to be no sign of Picasso, so I'll hand you back to. Announcer: Well, we've just heard that Picasso is approaching the Tolworth roundabout on the A3. Trench: (Standing at roadside) Well something certainly is happening here at Tolworth roundabout. David. I can now see Picasso, he's cycling down very hard towards the roundabout, he's about 75-50. It's Kandinsky.

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Instead of leaving with Brienne and Pod to assist Sansa he decides to go out in a blaze of glory. Now these were without a doubt the worst parts of Sunday's episode, but we did have a few nice moments. Zombie Mountain and Cersei gave us a nice bloody moment, only to have the High Sparrow outwit her once again. She does appear to have one last trick up her sleeve, but we'll have to wait and see how that plays out. I know I actually believed that once Dany had her army the move to Westeros was all that stood in her way. I've got a feeling we'll see our favorite Ironborn brother and sister act sliding in behind the enemy fleet to score some brownie points with Dany. Well at least we have the infamous episode 9 to look forward to this coming Sunday. The fact that Dondarrion is still alive should be the final nail in that coffin, and then the showrunners metaphorically pissed on the idea. Arya was a favorite of everyone on her adventures with the Hound because those two just were awesome on screen together. Once she left him it was interesting to start with, and when she got her one revenge kill in last season it was the climax.

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How do we form ideas about what we think is reasonable. Martin liked to let the action flow pretty organically, I think, figuring out what each character would be most likely to do in any given situation and letting things develop from there, while always nudging events towards his ultimate plot points where he could. This made for great character development and really intricate plotting, but it also led to Daenerys getting stuck in the East for five books and lots of blind alleys and red herrings. Benioff and Weiss, on the other hand, seem like they decide ahead of time what kind of set piece scenarios they want to set up and then go back afterwards to figure out how they can get all of the characters into those scenarios at the same time. That means we get some pretty spectacular scenes like The Battle of the Bastards and The Loot Train, but it also means characters are making really ludicrous decisions to get people there (like Sansa neglecting to tell anyone about the huge allied army on its way or Tyrion all of a sudden becoming the worst strategist on the continent). Last night's episode felt like a prime example of this. I'm sure we're heading towards a really great set piece with Jon and his Fellowship of the Breathing up north in battle with the armies of Sauron the Night King, but man did they pick some stupid reasons to get them all there. Tyrion's plan is, once again, ludicrously stupid, Gendry's there just because they felt like they wanted him there so they threw in a couple of side scenes to reintroduce him the the cast, and they made the Hound stare into a frigging fire just to get him into the right place. Meanwhile the intricate Littlefinger plots of the first five seasons just feel like weird improvising this season (I'm sure there's some grand design that they've got going for him, but it all seems random and unmotivated right now in a way it didn't use to). I mean, I'm still sticking around, and I expect the last two episodes of this season (and man, it's starting to feel like a worse and worse decision to only have seven episodes this season) will be pretty spectacular.

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Due to her obsession with other women being pretty, comparisons between Myranda and Regina George. Sansa: Thank you. Myranda: So you agree, you think you're really pretty. And yet another phallic worship example in the series, with the Cock Merchant note How Tyrion is saved from the pirates. Its final breathtaking climax was particularly praised. The phrase has been mixed often with the Night's King raising his arms, representing HBO or the showrunners. Some fans even claim that Ramsay's only accomplice was in fact Ser Twenty, of House Goodmen. Stannis is no longer the Mannis note A phrase used by the many former Stannis supporters who turned against him after he had Shireen burned. Instead, he is Stannis the Anus, Stannis the Menace, or Satannis, the last one usually in reference to Stannis in the show as compared to the books. Fans who still like him call him Stanamegmon, lampshading his connection to the myth of Iphigenia.

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Lyrics: It'll be an iTunes No. download in about a wks time. Thought I'd give you the benefit of doubt this time. bearhug: Joke's on you, it was both. It was just weird how they kept making sure his face was in the shot. I've got no issues with him singing, but I don't want the last few seasons of GoT to become like latter day Simpson's episodes with one of the main cast meeting a celebrity guest star for a chat every episode:p. I've got no issues with him singing, but I don't want the last few seasons of GoT to become like latter day Simpson's episodes with one of the main cast meeting a celebrity guest star for a chat every episode:p I understand the trepidation, but I doubt it will get that bad (especially since we only have 12 eps remaining:pout:). rofl::rofl::rofl: That is EXACTLY the image I have been using whenever grandpa Ash complains about something in our whatsapp chats (which happens alot. . I've got no issues with him singing, but I don't want the last few seasons of GoT to become like latter day Simpson's episodes with one of the main cast meeting a celebrity guest star for a chat every episode:p But Simpsons has pretty much always had famous cameos:francis.

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2; and excerpts from his path-breaking Piano Etudes. Performing will be Clint Foreman, flute; John Ferrillo, oboe; Thomas Martin, clarinet; Rachel Childers, horn; Richard Ranti, bassoon; Craig Nordstrom, bass clarinet; Jonathan Miller, cello. She moves through diverse styles and has attitude connections to the headliners through association with outfits like Grrrl Party, but more fundamentally, a Lizzo connection with Sleater-Kinney through a fondness for old-school hard riffs, irresistible catchphrases and shapely-punchy tunes. (You did notice that Missy Elliot stole the Super Bowl halftime show, right? Plus Lizzo’s as adroit with subjects like food and childhood as she is with sex and partying. The consensus pick from her Lizzobangers album is “Batches and Cookies,” but right behind are “Bus Passes and Happy Meals” and (bound to be a local favorite) “Lizzie Borden. . The five-piece is ridiculously young, but they’re already on their second album, It’s a Girl. Good, straight ahead, rock and roll has been in short supply lately, so Lux Deluxe is a breath of fresh air. Note to viewers: This performance is in the morning and requires reservations.