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What is the point in frying al the ships when she can use them. Then go over to Volantis and get them to build more ships. Euron thinks he can build them from the islands without trees. What have they ever done that makes them such an expert. He can't rule the north properly and it'll make him look weak, he'll be looking to crush the last remnant of the Starks to cement Bolton rule of the north. You seriously underestimate how sad some peoples lives are. Nothing wrong with being a fan and knowing all the details etc, but the anger and vitriol some people have is bizarre. I'm still not sure if the Tully army gets to leave but that might be crucial. Maybe Brienne's advice will motivate Jaime to do the honorable thing and allow them to help Sansa. I don't think he has any love for Ramsey Bolton and maybe the alliance with the Boltons can be deemed over with Roose's murder. They have archers ready to fire arrows and shieldmen lined up on the Bolton's side. The knights of the Vale are not with Jon yet, as he is leading the Stark army. Boltons will have the upper hand most part, until Littlefinger shows up with the knights of the Vale. In the books, Riverrun is held by a small contingent of a few hundred men. The bulk of their force was with Edmure before the Red Wedding. It's implied that the Blackfish rallied the remains of these troops.

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