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So you can say proper beta launch can cut costs significantly. The major benefits achieved from beta testing of software products are: This is an obvious reason for conducting beta testing. This testing phase enables quick discovery and fixing of bugs, so users can enjoy seamless use of the product without any hiccups. The first impression is the best impression, so never take chances when you really have to impress your users with a great product. Quality assurance is an important strategy that cannot be discounted at any cost. Your product will have to go through strict scrutiny before it gets submitted in the app stores, so make sure all the efforts of the previous weeks do not go waste at the last moment. Beta testing would assure that your product is built according to guidelines. A number of things can affect the usability feature of an app, and this will, in turn, affect its performance. Imagine releasing an app that works in two different ways in two different devices. That would really affect its overall performance, and beta testing is the only way to bring this to light. Certain issues will not be visible when they are tested in the lab, so you really have to test them in the real environment. A lot of factors can affect the performance of the product, especially when you expect it to work on a number of platforms. Hence, it is important to test the speed and performance of the product, and this can be done by beta testing. Beta testing is also a kind of marketing strategy that you initiate for your product. It helps create a buzz among your target users, and this momentum would pave the way for a better, and perhaps, an eager reception during the official release.

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Near You 04. All I Do Is Dream Of You 05. You're My Man A wonderful set from vocalist Connie Russell - a sexy singer whose sound perfectly matches her bottomless look on the cover of the record. Arrangements are relatively soft, but with a nice touch of jazz - and Connie's dusky vocals move effortlessly through the tunes - with nice little inflections that make the familiar tunes her own, and which really illuminate some of the lesser-known numbers. Download file ConnieRussellAloneWithYou. ar ( ) DepFile ? secure cloud storage ( ). Live With It (3:51) 04. 40 Days And 40 Nights (3:02) 05. Someone To Stand By Me (3:07) How many Jamaican-born bluesmen recorded with John Lee Hooker and toured with Otis Redding. It's a safe bet there was only one: Eddie Kirkland, who engaged in some astonishing on-stage acrobatics over the decades (like standing on his head while playing guitar on TV's Don Kirshner's Rock Concert). But you would never find any ersatz reggae grooves cluttering Kirkland's work. He was brought up around Dothan, Alabama before heading north to Detroit in 1943. There he hooked up with Hooker five years later, recording with him for several labels as well as under his own name for RPM in 1952, King in 1953, and Fortune in 1959. Tru-Sound Records, a Prestige subsidiary, invited Kirkland to Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey in 1961-1962 to wax his first album, It's the Blues Man.

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If you liked Contact I would recommend last years Arrival. I went in with zero expectation and it ended up being a great flick. Loads of fun. Great concept. Battle Royale. Not straight sci-fi but great future concept and action. Guy who made Dirty Harry Dark City The ultimate Cult classic. Got no attention at release, other than by ebert, who named it movie of the year. Its one of the most interesting films ever written, perfect blend of Sci-fi and noir Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind One of the most complex. Watch this without looking at anything, even the imdb description. Do not leave out the name of the film or actor you want to talk about. People might start to get their kids vaccinated again. This reporter has written about vaccinations, been frank about how the question of vaccinations has pushed his sense of objectivity to the limit. This reporter has written of Michigan's critical role in vaccinations, especially the polio vaccine. I have written how following a live national press conference in the 1950s that announced how the new polio vaccine worked and was safe church bells rang and special services were held in thanksgiving that such a devastating disease was brought to heel.

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This is truly a landmark work in this genre among the representatives of the Ukrainian scene. THE DARK PORTAL, this is not the main project of the musician. DARUIN, guided by Kazuya Ishigami, is rather well-known among adorers of experimental Digital Post-Industrial. 19-minutes-long track filled with action: it starts off with a Glitch prelude, streams towards schizophrenic TV-collages, trembles with piercing Digital Noise, whirls with a storm of heated noise. A 20-minutes-long track of TORTURING NURSE is recorded by duo of Youki and Junky. Wall of noisy feedbacks interrupted by guitar passages, pick scrapes and screams. STPOCOLD - project of INSTANT MOVIE COMBINATIONS, researching wastelands of Digital Noise. 21-and-a-half minutes of asthmatic asphyxia. All compositions by Guido Huebner, created between 1999 and 2004 in Caen, France and Berlin, Germany. Sections of track 6 recorded in the studio for electro acoustic music at the arts academy of Berlin. Field recordings for track 8 and 9 were carried out at the harbour of Hamburg, Germany, as well as at the shores of Lower Normandy and in the countryside around Caen, especially the bridges trespassing the canal between Caen and the sea. Mostly sourced from the ordinary life, sounds changed beyond any recognition, the endless flow of electroacoustic treatments and studio engineering. This album includes collaborations with some finest sound-artists over there, and must be attended as the most diversified one. It contains tracks recorded with ERG, Jorg Thomasius, Artificial Memory Trace, The Oval Language and Thomas Beck. Loud and quiet, occasionally full blast and more frequently sneaking little sounds, no less intense and all alternating in a few seconds - discontinuity may likely be the trademark of DSM's sound world.