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Cersei’s photo is also fresh because of the depth of feeling carried in the face. My precious baby. I love her. I can’t wait to see her in action. Sure, she can wear the same attire in different episodes, but still it looks like the stills cme from some highly emotional scene and I don’t expect Cersei having emotional scenes in the first half of the season (except of the potential miscarriage bu that would be at a different set). Therefore, I dare to guess that these stills come from Ep4 and that Cersei’s flat belly indicates that the miscarriage (or abortion) has already happened. The still should be from the beginning of the season: late Ep1 or Ep 2. What’s interesting, I don’t see any body armor on Jon: no traditional Stark brigandine or gorget. Does this mean that the war is already over or has he been stripped off his armor due to some circumstances. Anyway, these stills must be from the second half of the season (I think, Jon was wearing a similar attire in Dubrovnik) and they almost scream of a happy ending to me (at least in terms that those two won’t go against each other). However, no signs of pregnancy (though I always thought that Dany’s prengnacy, if any, will come only at the very end). Which means that the remains of the NW has already made it to Winterfell, which means that it might be Ep2 (or even early Ep3) and not the initial welcoming scene from early Ep1. Nothing special, except of the fact that everyone looks highly concerned (except Dany). Varys was talking about killing the Hand (which was Ned at the time). But if they’re plotting to depose Dany for Jon couldn’t that cause a conflict of interest in Arya. So I actually have no idea how this could all play out.

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E ora che ci penso devo ancora vedere il terzo, porca ladra. Comunque, buon inizio vacanze, non te l'avevo ancora detto, vero? Cioe, togli lui secondo me non va a vedertelo nessuno. Togli tutti gli altri, al massimo qualcuno dira: Peccato. Ali mi aveva avvisato che nel suo messaggio ci sarebbero stati tanti AH, e io so anche il perche AhAhAHAH, ok basta ridere, ma sapessi che bella idea hanno i mente quelle due. Comunque tutto bene? Non e accaduto nulla d'interessante negli ultimi giorni, quindi non so cosa dirti, inventero. Comunque, sono felice che tu abbia passato dei bei mesi e sono felice che ci fossi li anche io con te, ma siccome mi sto gia imbarazzando per tue parole, cambio discorso. Penso che alla fine me ne staro a casa mia, dove sto sempre bene, visto che spessissimo per me vacanza e davvero stare solo a casa senza avere sempre il computer portatile da infilare nella borsa. E poi vicino a casa mia c'e il torrente dove andare a fare il bagno, il giardino con cui mangiare con i miei amici, tutti i miei libri. E oggi ho anche proprio voglia di correre, per cui casca a pennello. Pensa che con alcune persone il compleanno devo ancora festeggiarlo perche non sono riuscito a vederle dal 23 maggio, per cui. Sono in ferie! Da oggi, fino a domenica prossima, me ne staro nella mia casa sulle montagne a leggere e lavorare. Cosi pieno che di settimane di ferie dovrei averne almeno cinque, per vederli tutti! Per giunta Zar'roc doveva andare al primogenito di Morzan, IL SUO ELDEST, e non al figlio minore.

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They include Pi (2009, weather and other dingbats), TUI Type Pro (a rounded sans, 2008, at Dalton Maag) and White Wind (2005, a pixel face, at Dalton Maag). Wikipedia tells us that Patrick Griffin had been locked away in a mental institution by Carter and Barbara, after he walked in on his mother performing oral sex on Jackie Gleason. He had a nervous breakdown and was sent to a mental hospital, where he came to the conclusion that Gleason was evil because he was fat, leading him to hate fat people. The real Patrick Griffin, a graduate of York University, lives and works in Toronto, where he founded Canada Type and made it the most successful Canadian typefoundry. His work is summarized in this 2009 interview by MyFonts. Ambassador Script (2007): a digital version of Juliet, Aldo Novarese's 1955 almost upright calligraphic (copperplate style) connected script, with hundreds of alternates, swashes, ends, and so forth. Barabajagal (2018): P22 Barabajagal is a unique take on the display fat face by way of doodling fun. Somewhat informed by the shapes of an uncredited 1960s film type called Kap Antiqua Bold, this font's aesthetic is the stuff of boundless energy and light humour. This is the kind of font that makes you wonder whether it was drawn with rulers, protractors and compasses, or just by a mad doodler’s crazy-good free hand. Book Jacket (2010): this is a digital extension of the film type font Book Jacket by Ursula Suess, published in 1972. Boondock (2005): a revival of Imre Reiner's brush script typeface Bazaar from 1956. Bunyan Pro is the synthesis of Bunyan, the last face Eric Gill designed for hand setting in 1934 and Pilgrim, the machine face based on it, issued by British Linotype in the early 1950s---the most popular Gill text face in Britain from its release until well into the 1980s. Chikita ( 2008 ): an upright ronde script done with Rebecca Alaccari, and rooted in the work of 1930s Dutch lettering artist Martin Meijer. A 20-style slab serif that uses inspiration from 1953 typefaces by Hoffmann and Eidenbenz and the 1995 font Egizio by Novarese. Middleton's Wave design for the Ludlow foundry, circa 1962. Colville (2017).

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But line-up changes are just part of the differences between P J Harvey's early work and the latest release. Think Steve Albini. Think Nirvana's In Utero and Helmet's Meantime. Think plain white packaging with black block letters. Think black-and-white photos showing nearly catatonic dispassion. As if the raw and bare-bones sound of Rid of Me wasn't raw or bare enough, she released the album's demos (inventively titled 4-Track Demos this time with the back cover photo depicting P J butt-nekkid and wrapped in Saran Wrap) which show the songs before Albini got his hands on the feedback volume dial. In shocking contrast, think Flood, producer of Nine Inch Nails' Downward Spiral and U2's Zooropa. Think rich colors and gold lettering, and posed photos showing an ecstatic passion. Such is P J Harvey's latest release, To Bring You My Love. Harvey keeps her love for simple, repeated rhythms and vocal oddities such as the guitar of the opening title track, or the whispered chorus washers. Elastica may happily provide comparisons with groups from the past, but they are keen to distance themselves from their contemporaries. They admit that they watch their Top of The Pops appearances together. While Harvey presents a feminine quality on this album more vulnerable than Rid ofme's haunting image, the music is nothing if not powerful. Harvey is still the hardest-rocking woman in show business. Josh Leitner Quicksand Manic Compression (Island) SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY STRIKING about Quicksand's Manic Compression is the extent to which its simple title describes its oppressive, claustrophobic sound. It is a highly refined album conceived, performed and recorded with sledgehammer acuity.

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When he embarks on a cash-grab at her expense, she is faced with a fatal predicament. SHORT FILMS: BASIC BITCH ICE CREAM (2018, 5 mins) Lovesick Productions presents their first short film where glam meets gore. BURLESQUE PERFORMANCES between features starring Ouija Bordello, Airport Hojo, Darlin' Brando, Kink Diamond, and more. Showing 1-4 of 4 reviews Elysium 3. out of 5 stars There are no subtitles. Please try again later. B. Elazier 3. out of 5 stars Could of been better. But they just didn't feel that scary compared to other J-Horror movies. Please try again later. P. . Clark 3. out of 5 stars Low budget Double Feature Ghost Stories. The first film, Birthday Mail was probably the better of the two.

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56 MEDICAL AND DENTAL HYPNOSIS Subjects vary in this ability, which is relatively stable. All subjects come under pressure to fulfil the role of the good hypnotic subject and the observed behaviours are markedly influenced by the context. Compliance or deception is likely to be a significant factor underlying the behaviour of a significant number of subjects. Those subjects who have the ability' to create, at least to some degree, the suggested effects, may, because of the context, interpret their experience as the result of their 'being hypnotised'. They may thus deny their own agency in creating the experiences. Hypnotic phenomena are not explained by reference to an altered state of consciousness. However, one dimension of the experience of hypnosis for which the term 'trance' may be apposite is the extent to which subjects are absorbed in the suggested experiences, to the exclusion of their immediate surroundings and concerns. Some individuals may have a marked capacity to do this and thus resemble what are traditionally described as 'deep trance' subjects. The role of the hypnotic induction can be construed either as encouraging this internal absorption or as increasing responsiveness to suggestions by enhancing motivation, commitment and expectancy. A NOTE ON LANGUAGE It is clear that according to this working model, hypnosis is something that the person does (or more correctly, two people do). Despite this, we are still saddled with a vocabulary and phraseology based on the traditional interpretation of hypnosis. Thus we say that we 'induce' hypnosis and 'deepen' it, that people are 'in' or 'under' hypnosis, or indeed they are 'hypnotised', ('deeply', 'lightly', etc. , that they 'come out of it', and so on. Unfortunately it is often difficult to change long-established habits of expression. REFERENCES Barabasz A, Barabasz M, Jensen S et al 1999 Cortical event-related potentials show the structure of hypnotic suggestions is crucial. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 47: 5-22 Barber T X, Calverley D S 1964 Experimental studies in 'hypnotic' behaviour: Suggested deafness evaluated by delayed auditory feedback.

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“Pull it together, Miley. I say as I hold her hair clear of last night’s binge shown in reverse. “Cameras roll soon. There are no weekends here. “Fuck off. she says flatly. I continue down the hall to see other cast members mingling between stage lighting and cameras on rolling tracks. A camera crane looking like a bionic dinosaur hinges at the middle joint sweeping in for a slow zoom as the cameramen check tracking on their shot. He is micro dancing, just enough to know he is practicing. An arctic breeze seems to stream from him as he spins, making his stiff brimmed Canadian Mounty hat spin like a record. After this taping, he’s boarding a plane to perform in Dubai. It’s nearing time to get back to military formation in front of rolling cameras, so I double back to the green room door to check my make up. As I remember Rihanna saying something about the green room, I open the door to see a cameraman filming Khloe Kardashian, mid-coitus making a sex tape (to be released accidentally of course) and will be sure to go viral. I close the door as quickly as it opened, too stunned to care about my makeup. “We roll in one minute. Kelly Osbourne is looking magazine-cover perfect, and everyone shuffles back to match the placement and posture of the last scene.