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Social equality, harmony and the feeling of brotherhood were important to Ambedkar he addedSpeaking on the ocassion Keshav Chopra said that the first thing that came to the mind while remembering Ambedkar was his monumental role in framing the Constitution of India. In a message, the party workers recalled that Dr Ambedkar, an erudite scholar and an outstanding legal luminary, had made invaluable contribution to the framing of the Indian Constitution. The same function was also held at Pulwama and other BJP District head quarters. Secretary Sheikh Bashir, District Secretary Srinagar Hilal Jan, District Vice president Riyaz Ahmad Mir, District Vice President Budgam Manzoor Bhat, constituency President Wachi Wasim Raja, Constituency President Zadibal Neelam Gaash,, Minority Morcha incharge Srinagar Harbinder Singh,District President Budgam BJYM and others. Dr Nirmal Singh declares open four day Jammu Mahotsav-2017 Says mega event aimed to promote Jammu as prime independent tourism destination. Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh inaugurated four day Jammu Mahotsav- 2017 at MAM Stadium here. Minister for Health and Medical Education Bali Bhagat, Minister of State for Education and Tourism, Priya Sethi, Members of Parliament Jugal Kishore Sharma and Shamsher Singh Manhas, MLC Ramesh Arora, Divisional Commissioner Jammu Dr Pawan Kotwal, Secretary Tourism Farooq A Shah, senior political leader Yudhvir Sethi besides many prominent citizens and government functionaries were present on the occasion. The Mahotsav was opened among grand fanfare and massive local participation. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Singh appreciated the efforts of Tourism and Information Departments for organizing this grand event that celebrates Jammu and its colorful rich culture, dance, music, food, vibrant costumes and beautiful handicrafts. He said this festival will put the region's cultural diversity on display for national and international tourist fraternity and put out a strong message of varied multi-faceted activities available in the state for the visitors. He further said that this will not only launch Jammu as an independent tourist destination but open employment avenues for the people of the state. Dr Singh urged the public to come be a part of the Jammu Mahotsav and said that 'any festival, celebration is incomplete without participation from the people'. Priya Sethi said that with active encouragement and guidance from Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, all departments are working in cohesion and collaborating to undertake this feat and organize Jammu Mahotsav on a grand scale in the state’s winter capital. The launch of Jammu Mahotsav was marked by multiple cultural presentations depicting Dogra, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Pahari, Ladakhi culture, Lazer show besides an enthralling performance by Lakhwinder Wadali. Multiple stalls have been put up in the MAM stadium that depicts the crafts and trades that are important markers for identity of region. Stalls include representation and live demonstration of Basholi Painting, glass painting, fulkari, pottery making, besides depiction of lives of the common folk from all regions of the state. A special stall was also set up dedicated to the rich dogra food.

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“One thing, Ben. I know you’re here as part of your Community Service or whatever they call it now, so you’ve done something wrong. I just want to say this: your probation officer never told me what you done and I never asked. As far as I’m concerned, you’re here on work experience and as long as you keep making tea this good you and me will get on just dandy. Okay? 17 The Day Of The damned sun was still making its way into the room, even though Yvette had pegged the curtains together and piled two pillows over her head, which was throbbing like a swollen toe. She hadn’t even drunk that much, though the vodka bottle was empty. It was mostly Stuart, and spirits always made him angry. He shouldn’t have bought the bottle anyway, that money was meant to buy food. She had a splitting headache, but not ’cos of booze. Damn that man. Fuck him. Leaving again, just like he always did. Letting Adam down, pissing off just when she’d started to think that this time he’d stay for keeps. Stuart had talked about quitting the trawlers so he could be here more often. He was trying to get in at Smith and Nephew’s, knew a bloke who knew a bloke. But instead he was gone again, with his duffel bag and his all-weather kit.

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The soundtrack is great too, as it offers up the tunes from the times and makes you feel right at home. This also appeals to my love of movies that show characters never giving up, despite overwhelming odds. There are no crazy special effects, there are no car chases but you are drawn in and held by the culture shock, the introspection and often the loneliness. Starring David Duchovny and Orlando Jones, this pseudo-Ghostbusters remake always has me laughing. It’s quotable and it’s a DVD I find myself popping in often. I guess I just enjoy being in that place and time for a little while. I know its a favorite of mine because when it’s over I’m sad that it’s through and I consider letting it play again. Is it a film? No. Is it one of the great comedies of all time? No. They are who they are and that’s all they need to be. And with his brilliant saturations and bright monochromes, no wonder this 1965 animated TV classic is found here: the wistful and melancholy youths of Charles Schulz’s world could be not-so-distant cartoon relatives of those in Anderson’s. And doesn’t Linus Van Pelt sound like it should be the name of an Owen Wilson character. Oliver, the lovelorn and resourceful protagonist, does feel like a blander version of any Anderson-conceived Jason Schwartzman character, and the best part of this film, Yasmin Paige, channels Margot Tennenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow) as she would have been in high school. Basically, if you’re going to make a film about disillusioned euro ingenues in love, you’re breaking into Anderson territory. As mentioned in The Wrap’s review of MOONRISE KINGDOM, this Godard classic shares several similar plot points with Anderson’s new film, both dealing with young lovers on the lam.


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-MM. Imagine something like Metal Gear distilled to its essence, that you can play with one finger, with a new level to try to beat every single day. It’s got ad-based checkpoint unlocks, so you really never need to pay anything while playing (or view too many ads, for that matter). -EH. They’ve released a ton of great games over the years but have come to be known for their excellent top-down shooters. You play as Nikola Tesla who is inexplicably involved in a feud with H. . Lovecraft. Mr. Lovecraft unleashes his hordes of ugly monsters against you, and you use your engineering genius to build an arsenal of crazy weapons to fight them off with. Yes the premise is absolutely silly, but that’s what I love about it. When you’re in the heat of battle it can be tricky to hit the proper buttons you need to when you can’t actually FEEL those buttons. I don’t know what special sauce Wonder Blade is using, but it has absolutely no problems in this department. You can pull off some of the most elaborate and satisfying combos ever using just some simple virtual button presses, and Wonder Blade does a phenomenal job of making you feel like the bad ass you know you can be. World of Warships Blitz plays fairly similar, but you’re piloting giant battleships instead of tanks. If you’re really big into World of Tanks Blitz you probably are already fully aware of this, but if not, you’re going to love these massive ship battles just as much. -EH.

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Zabranjeno je svako kopiranje i stavljanje na druge Youtube kanale. Svaka kopija ce biti uklonjena u skladu sa zakonima o autorskim i srodnim pravima. Lyrics: U SJENI SVIJECE SAMA I MALI STOL ZA DVOJE STARE SLIKE BLIJEDE K'O USPOMENE TVOJE PONOC VEC JE BLIZU I VRIJEME JE PRASTANJA PUSTI DA VJERUJEM U LJUBAV DA MI TE VRATI TI NE ZNAS DA TE CUVAM U MISLIMA, A BILI SMO JEDNO, DANAS SAMO STRANCA DVA. Let It Snow! 2. 00:01:59 Frank Sinatra White Christmas 3. 00:04:38 Dean Martin Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 4. 00:06:57 Frank Sinatra Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 5. 00:09:35 Dean Martin Winter Wonderland 6. 00:11:32 Frank Sinatra Jingle Bells 7. 00:13:34 Dean Martin Baby It's Cold Outside 8. 00:15:56 Frank Sinatra Hark. Let It Snow! 00:02:36 - The First Noel 00:05:21 - Winter Wonderland 00:06:44 - Jingle Bells 00:09:22 - Ave Maria 00:12:47 - I'll Be Home for Christmas 00:16:00 - O Little Town of Bethlehem 00:19:07 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 00:21:42 - Hark. Igor Gerzina 00:23:40 It's not Christmas without you feat. I have put together some of the greatest Christmas songs of all time along with a nice backdrop and burning fireplace. They are owned by their various respective copyright holders.