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There were i n deed st range naft on t he:\ loon; al t hough Armst ron g and Aldrin have ne\e r supported such al legat ion s. \lore stories of St iCh a presence Gl llle from George Leonard, a researcher who scru t i u ized detai led photographs of the lunar surface and claimed to be able to see machines carrying out min ing operations. They noted t hat the t;unous 'canals' observed on l\lars a cen tury ago eve ntually t u rned out to he mundane geological kat ures too small to he seen even t hrough the best Earth telescopes. I maginat ion joined t he dots' to see evidence of struct ure and in tell igence t hat was never rea lly t here. Ewn in the 1 9HOs t he cla ims of st range encou1 1 1ers during spaceflights persisted. A An ar1rf:cral strue1ure supposedly found on c lose-up shots of the lunar surface. Those exact words act ually appear on a tape of t he grou nd-to-space communications that reached the tabloid press. 1\t t he same t ime i t was alleged t hat a 'fi re' had been reported on board 1he shutt le, but t ha t ' fire' was actually Sightings of wild cats. I n lay 1 973. a s more reports o f m u tilations were recei,ed, two women dri, ing near Hou ston, Texas, obsen-ed a bright l ight i n t he sky. C nder hypnotic regression cond ucted by psychologist Dr Leo Sprinkle, th ey told of seeing a cow bein g sucked up i n to a giant craft and t hen being taken aboanl themselves. Some strange bei ngs with 'mi ners' lam ps' on their head emergen and placed a fiame or cage arou nd a paralysed cow as if t hey were taking measurements of its body. Linda loulton l lowe, an American researche1 and T\' producer. Predators were blamed for the alleged mu tilations after death. Some accepted theitfi ndings as an indicat ion t hat i t const i t u tes. T H E S P A C E R A C E T H E S P A C E R A C E Investigator Rene Dahinden bes1de the 8-feet-tall sculpture of Bigfoot at Willow Creek, California.

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However, you can still listen with the Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page. Everything the 15-piece Portland band touches has an air of precision, but these surprising songs don't feel sterile or studio-bound, either. It helps that Pink Martini spreads its vocal duties around, well beyond singers China Forbes and Storm Large. Cache Translate Page Cast: Lush Life Portland Cocktail Week: An Introduction Cache Translate Page PDXCW gives bartenders an opportunity to learn from the best of the best. Join us and immerse yourself in a one of a kind educational experience. Register now at pdxcw. om Cast: Lush Life Tags: Bar Institute Bait crisis could take the steam out of lobster this summer Cache Translate Page PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The boom times for the U. . lobster industry are imperiled this year because of a shortage of a little fish that has been luring the crustaceans into traps for hundreds of years. Self-released as a cassette, Options gathers up six more cuts that lean on the band's love of smashing 90's grunge into propulsive post-punk. The band is at home in the live setting, running through the Northwest's DIY show scene in a regular rotation but with releases like this and the previous Temporary Monument they're proving that their recorded output is just as enticing as the live experience. Listen: Options EP by Woolen Men Support the artist. Buy it: HERE Sad Horse Cache Translate Page Ah Mississippi, the avid archaeologists of our time, though they're usually knee deep in gospel cassettes, African guitar debris or Dead Moon discographies, sometimes they're also knocking a flashlight on the overlooked records of this current time as well. Swinging their gaze on their hometown's own Sad Horse, they cobble together a collection of tracks from the band's first couple of tapes and CD-rs for tiny labels like Eggy, Supermegacorporation and Water Wing. The retrospective bounces through a ton of material, but the relative length of a Sad Horse tune, combined with their intensity, makes it fly by pretty quick. The songs are banged out in dry recorded spats that feel thick with the dust of warehouse floors and screamed from the Id.

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Watch with Amigoz Buy HD ? . 9 More purchase options 2. As Tara struggles to fit in, she learns the hard way to respect her teachers, who her true friends are, and to watch her back. Watch with Amigoz Buy HD ? . 9 More purchase options 3. Watch with Amigoz Buy HD ? . 9 More purchase options 4. Tara is frustrated when Christian refuses to participate, however they connect unexpectedly when Tara follows him to the beach and Christian. Watch with Amigoz Buy HD ? . 9 More purchase options 5. Watch with Amigoz Buy HD ? .

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She’s wearing the same dressing-gown she put on in Queen’s Justice after spending the night with Jaime. So, she is in her bedchamber, she’s half-dressed and she’s about to drink something with tears in her eyes. And Cersei is capable of that: Jaime mentioned that to Loras back in 402 that, even if Loras manged to impregnate her somehow, she would abort his children. And now Jaime is in the same cathegory: Cersei sees him as a traitor, so killing his child would be like a due revenge. And that would be a proper closure to her character arch: descending into full madness and dehumanisation. The flame to her left looks like it may be in the brazier that is around one of the columns in the throne room. Getting close to Jon and sizing him up before revealing her true self. I think she’d rather kill Jaime than her unborn child. I think she just witnessed someone(s) she loves slaughtered and reanimated by The Night King. Arya, Jamie and Jon will be the hardest for me. But Drogon was hanging there for months, so it’s interesting. Looks like dragons will fly to the far North and spend some time on their own there. Anyway it looks like something from the end of the season. Starting from the left is the figure walking presumably under the archway. But it looks like gold armor not the black he’s been sporting. Then we have Cersei, Qyburn and what is more likely to be the mountain, as he is wearing the black queensguard garb.

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om, Expedia, Dell and Microsoft. The constellation of Libra is named for the scales held by the goddess of justice. Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that isn’t named for a living creature. Fleming was inspired to write the story after reading the Fu Manchu tales by Sax Rohmer. If you’ve read the Rohmer books or seen the films, you’ll recognize the similarities between the characters Dr. Julius No and Fu Manchu. The hair removal product “Neet” was launched in Canada in 1901, and was also sold as “Immac”. The most important active constituents are calcium hydroxide (“slaked lime”) and sodium hydroxide (“caustic soda”). Other Nair components seem to be there to soothe the skin after the harsher chemicals have done their job. The name “Nair” probably comes from combining “no” and “hair”. The city of Erfurt is the capital of the central German state of Thuringia. The University of ERfurt was founded way back in 1379. The university’s most famous student was theologian Martin Luther, the central figure in the Protestant Reformation. Few missteps due to the usual shenanigans, but nothing I didn’t guess my way out of in the end. Nice gimmick, but took me a long while to figure out even with the revealer. Newsday: 56:15ish (wasn’t 100% exact on time for this one), no errors.


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“Y’all have been one of my favorite groups in hip-hop, man. Y’all trend-setted the style that a lot of motherfuckers use today; they change it and try to make it theirs to a degree, but y’all really flipped the style. Y’all made some big, big songs and influenced a generation of motherfuckers. ? ? -Real Spice 1 featured Layzie on his single “Sidelines” and Krayzie on the track “Run Yo Mouth” from his forthcoming Haters Nightmare album. “I wanted to put all the members of Bone on different tracks and make a whole album with me and all the smashers. So hopefully I’ll be successful with my quest and get all of the smashers on my shit and smash these motherfuckers. ? ? pice 1 Krayzie mentioned recruiting Queensbridge, New York legend Nasir “Nas” Jones for his unfinished Chasing The Devil album: “Nas, if you out there, holla at me. Wright? ? omeless at twelve years old for five months after his mother squandered financial opportunities and his father was incarcerated for a twenty-year sentence? ? igned with Funk Volume in 2011.

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Putting in rain gutters could be an easy to moderately difficult job. The problems that correctly functioning house rain gutters prevent are quite a few. But each of these structural elements performs a key part in maintaining the home beneath it in shipshape. Other than changing eroded elements or making other repairs, these service providers also test the slope of your drainage and gutter. These are just some of the various websites that are available for gutter repair. After the gutters are clear, preform a gutter inspection, checking for any potential gutter repairs corresponding to holes, dents or lacking gutter sealer. We have now an expert and effectively-educated workforce of workers who are devoted in providing fully guaranteed gutter repairs or substitute all through Perth as properly as the installation of latest gutters for all residential properties, industrial buildings and factories. This helps to be sure that the entire gutter system is functioning properly to get the very best safety to your property. They create a layer of protection in between the exterior wall and the roof. The water is made to cross by way of the gutter path. And do survey what are the start up costs to repair in your gutter providers as standard charges might be maintained within the marketplace for any business. Our estimators will inspect your venture and make suggestions that will address these points. An alternative choice is for downspouts to hook up with PVC pipes that convey water into an underground drainage system. Traditional gutters are routinely clogged with leaves and different debris, causing blockages and ultimately water to flow over the edges. This hole turns into full and builds up pushing up the edge of shingles and allowing ice to creep in below causing injury. If you're fortunate, it's the previous, however plenty of homeowners have seen structural injury performed due to over-full troughs.

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Interaction Designer at Oracle Design Education Academy of Art University 2004 — 2008 B. . New Media Experience Oracle March 2013 - Present Red Robot Labs Inc. November 2010 - June 2011 Skills Fashion Photography, Image Manipulation, Photoshop, Fashion, Image Editing, Fine Art, Photos, Art, Lightroom, Editorial Photography, Visual Merchandising, Merchandising Strategies, Art Direction. October 2007 - September 2009 Sina Corporation August 2002 - August 2007 Skills User Interface, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, HTML 5, Mobile Applications, User Experience Design, Photography, Social Media Marketing, Adobe Creative Suite. Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Northwestern Oklahoma State University Athletics. The Gyp Hill Premiere. Turkce Francais (France) Espanol. September 8, 2016 Terror Toons is a fun low budget horror movie. The humor is great and the special effects are very well done. For a movie shot on a very low budget, it looks and sounds great. It was very popular at Blockbuster Video back in the day. I would recommend if you like funny cheesy horror movies. Production value is lacking extremely May 18, 2018 Right off the bat, I will say that it is not the worst thing I've ever seen here in. I I love how frequently heard things are and almost like a psychotic version of adult swim network for hand of everything gone wrong that they have done and turned into a horror movie, however, with this one being as old as it is.

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ery realistic acting. lease part 2! I was really sad when it ends. oww so beautiful. I have no words for this movie. WESOME just simply AWESOME. utest movie ever. This is the funniest romance comedy drama ever I watched. I like his acting. He's looking great in school uniform. I hope there's a boy who looking great like him at my school. You're a talented actor. ou're not just looking good. This is my favorite movie, I have watched it repeatedly. Even though it was just a film, I felt like everything is really happening for real. I couldn't stop crying when she finally confessed her love to P'Shone after 3 years and she came to know that he's in a relationship already.