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Great breakdown, thanks WotW You could be wrong about the “Filthy women stand in what looks vaguely like a crypt” scene. This. The hand is definitely Dany’s. You can even see some out of focus bearded Dothraki in the background. Coldhands is not Benjen Stark, that’s been confirmed by GRRM. The picture of Cersei crying is most likely her awaiting Jamie and Myrcella’s arrival and seeing her corpse covered with a golden shroud, just like in one of the pictures they released. Oh and that is Ghost guarding Jon’s body in the last pic btw 1. The flags in the shot of men drawing arrows with helmets “that resemble those of the Boltons” is a red backdrop with a chain in and X patter, representative of house Umbrr which we’ve seen a few times in season 1. 2. Allistor Thorne and the Night’s Watch are bot walking into a tunnel.

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Yes, the faces come from corpses, after the body's been washed and prepared — remember all those tedious scenes of Arya complaining she was tired of washing corpses. I was going to respond to some things upthread but then I hit this. I really wonder what kind of a fiction you would write. Without getting lost. Hmm. Maybe it's all downhill towards the wall. And ravens move at the speed of night, and dragons move at the speed of imagination. So it makes sense that they were only on that island for a day and a night. I suppose the Night King is mostly doing drills and training his army of the undead. It's important to have a well trained army, after all.

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She was the keeper of the apples of immortality, on which the gods depended to stay young (although they aren’t necessarily apples; in the original tale, the word used is a generic word for fruit). You can guess what happens when she gets kidnapped. The gods grew old and weak, and this would be paralleled in ASOIAF terms by the moon disaster which caused the Long Night of course. It’s a two-part dirty deed, with Loki the trickster deceiving Idun and luring her out past the walls of Asgard, where she was promptly set upon by the giant Thjazi, who was in league with Loki. Thjazi was disguised as an eagle, and bore her away to his mountain abode. Quoting NorseMytholog. rg, “This place was called Thrymheim (“Thunder-Home”), and was situated in the highest mountain peaks, whose icy towers growled down at the fertile fields below. Sounds like some place we know. I mean, if anything inspired the Eyrie, this seems like it, especially with so much of the Idun kidnapping storyline playing out there. It would seem that Petyr plays the role of both Loki and abducting giant.

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Native food served for snacks include “becho-becho” (carioca), which is made of glutinous rice flour and coconut meat, and fried sugar-coated cassava balls. The museum has been drawing an increasing number of guests, especially among balikbayan (foreign-based Filipinos) and foreigners visiting Boracay. As of April this year, Motag Living Museum ranked eighth in the “top things to do in Boracay, ” according to the popular travel site, Tripadvisor. Makahiya, derived from the Filipino trait of being bashful, is a plant known for its leaves that close or fold inward when touched. Jhoanna said the tour deepened their appreciation and respect for the elderly. It also taught their children “a valuable lesson in history, humility and finding joy in simple and uncomplicated living. Getting there The Motag Living Museum is a 10- to 15-minute drive from the Caticlan jetty port or airport in Malay, Aklan province. Prearranged tours are available twice daily from Tuesday to Sunday. Rates are P700 each for adults and P500 each for children aged 3 to 12. The museum offers a family rate of P1,600 (two adults and two children).

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