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Imagine their horror when they see a pirate who acts like a Sith Lord, taking one of his mistresses, ripping off her tongue, and tying her to the bow of his ship, butt-naked and pregnant. And this dude was reputed to have violated one of his brothers in the past. The show would get so much shit from moral busybodies and feminists alike. Essentially, he's Victarion Greyjoy with a sharp tongue and a sense of humor. And given how many people liked him, it seems that the changes paid off. Instead of offending people, they managed to make a fan-favorite character. Book Euron is so over the top evil that it's ridiculous. And I don't think the modern-day outrage culture will allow for it. I'm just noting that book Euron isn't the kind of villain we can have in modern media. But in 2016-2017? Yeah, no, that's not gonna work at all. And yes, it's safe to say that GRRM is getting close to running out of ideas. That's probably the reason why the next books are taking so long to come out. Even with the Dornish subplot, while it added a layer of depth, in the end, the plot threads amount to almost nothing, with one Dornish main character getting foiled by her Targaryen-loving father and another getting burned to a crisp by one of Dany's Dragons when he tried to tame it. What does that contribute to a story already awash with characters and subplots galore. I'm sure a lot could be said about ASOIAF (and now Star Wars, unfortunately) as products of the social media age, and the psychology of toxic fandom. And why it is that fans have a hard time approaching ASOIAF as a literary work. As a longtime LOTR fan (i. . since I read the books in 1991), I have never encountered anything like the same level of toxicity.

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€ť. I don’t have to google it to know that the aficionados of poz that make up our fine academies have had a field day with it. This reminds me why I like Westerns so much, men act like actual men in them. I saw one guy on Jim’s blog say something that stuck with me: he said something like, he would make a deal with the devil if it meant Hollywood were burned to the ground. A-yup. After the death of God the masses get their myth-fix through movies. Might not put a hole through the belly of the wizard of poz arch-priest behind the scenes (whoever it is), but we have to do this in steps. The intersection of esotericism and the Internet, that is wh. Don’t let them make you their bitch just because they’ve “transcended space and time”. This man said, “No. €ť He said, “You’re my horse now. €ť The D? on was thus broken. You’re still using sociopolitical imagery, though, trying to distract from your earlier fiascoes. Supplementing your commenting failures with referential imagery. He doesn’t believe in you, either, so you’re not on his Christmas delivery list. I say limit and not death, for I do not at all believe in what today is so easily called the death of philosophy (nor, moreover, in the simple death of whatever-the book, man, or god, especially since, as we all know, what is dead wields a very specific power). Thus, the limit on the basis of which philosophy became possible, defined itself as the episteme, functioning within a system of fundamental constraints, conceptual oppositions outside of which philosophy becomes impracticable. €ť. It’s understanding why that is the case, that is worthy, not producing ignorant hallucinations of yet more bad positions ( d?

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00 a month on pre-prepared and delivered food. Dan said: 'How much I spend on a takeaway has never crossed my mind and it will be frightening to think about what we do. A nutritionist, who was asked to analyse the contents of a typical Chinese takeaway ordered by the family, said the high calorie content was even more frightening than the financial drain. She said: 'It is an astonishing number of calories and grams of fat - the rice is fried, the noodles are fried, the spring rolls are fried. 'I had to sit down and do it twice to check the figure was right. In total, the Chinese takeaway contained 15,000 calories. The NHS recommend that men have 2,500 calories a day, while women should have 2,000 a day. Lisa was told she ate that many just by tucking into her Chinese meal. The mother-of-three said she was shocked by the number of calories in the takeaway, especially when she thought about how she all the other foods she had already eaten that day. Her husband and children also exceeded their daily recommended intake of fat and salt in one sitting thanks to the Chinese. The first episode of the new series shows presenter Simon Rimmer visiting the family to demonstrate how they can cook up a much healthier alternative to their Chinese takeaway. And it costs far less than their favourite takeaway at just ? a head - compared to the ? 5 a head they normally spend. He made a stir-fried pulled beef dish with peppers and ginger and soy sauce which he served with rice and shop bought pancakes. With less fat and salt, it was also a healthier choice and didn't exceed their daily recommended intake of salt and fat. The Collins family were won over by the dish and said they would make more effort to cook at home in the future. Tricks of the Restaurant Trade is on Mondays at 8. 0pm on Channel 4. Jessica Weber, 23, from Peru, Illinois started gaining weight when she was nine years old and by the time she was 22, she tipped the scales at 383lbs (27.

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The LFSR part is new and operates 8 times the speed of the FSM. We have furthermore increased the total state size by using 128-bit registers in the FSM, we use the full AES encryption round function in the FSM update, and, finally, the initialization phase includes a masking with key bits at its end. The result is an algorithm generally much faster than AES-256 and with expected security not worse than AES-256. A good VPN effectively encrypts your info against ISPs who want to sell your data for profit, as well as a wide variety of cyber criminals. They also allow you to blow past geographical content and browsing restrictions. If you’re thinking that Nightflyers is going to be a typical world-ending science fictions story, however, you’re wrong. So he sets off on a long journey into deep space with a diverse group of scientists in order to make first contact with alien life, in the hopes that who or whatever they come across might hold the key to humanity’s survival. To do this, they board a ship called the Nightflyer, but soon after they depart earth’s atmosphere, everything begins to fall apart. The ship malfunctions constantly, crew members are repeatedly attacked or killed by unseen forces, and everyone begins to suspect that someone - or something - else is with them. Among the other Nightflyer crewmembers are Melantha Jhirl (Jodie Turner-Smith), Dr. Agatha Matheson (Gretchen Mol), Captain Roy Eris (David Ajala), xenobiologist Rowan (Angus Sampson), Thale (Sam Strike), cyberneticist Lommie (Maya Eshet), chief engineer Auggie (Brian F. O’Byrne), Murphy (Phillip Rhys) and Tobis (Gwynne McElveen). Altogether, the “Nightflyers” cast consists of players from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Israel. It’s more a mix of hard sci-fi and horror, the latter of which is itself a combination of jump scares and occasionally dull psychological beats. If you’re expecting a fast-paced thriller, however, then you may want to look elsewhere, as the series moves nowhere even close to lightspeed. Neither Hilton or Zylka gave a clear-cut reason, and no one knew exactly why they had called off their engagement, until now. We've actually been friends for a really long time, like the past six years. We just now started being serious in the past few months and it's really just changed my life in so many ways and brought so much happiness to my life. We're best friends and we're together every minute. A few weeks prior news broke that Hilton had decided to push the wedding date back to the Spring of 2019 because of her busy schedule.

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More often than not, when you engage in these types of practices, you are not even getting the original information. Why would you want to so something that is just a half-assed version. It’s disrespectful and harmful to the actual, living people of color (POC) that still practice the original forms of magic or ideology that so easily gets passed off as “ancient and mystical” when it is really just a white-washed version. It is a neutral force that you bend to your intentions. Calling “good” magic white, and “bad” magic black only propagates racial inequality and the subliminal message that POC are evil. Most of what you will see on Tumblr is actually Neo-Wicca, which does not require a practitioner to be initiated into a group by way of a Priestess or otherwise. Neo-Wicca is based off of Wiccan teachings, and often allows the practitioner to be solitary. You can follow a religion (any) or you can not follow a religion. Witchcraft can be viewed as a religion on its own, but generally speaking it is a practice that can be blended with religion or not. Witchcraft does not equal Satanism - as Satanism has many forms and ideologies it branches to as well, some not even involving magic. You don’t have to be pagan or worship any deities to be a witch. You don’t need to be white to be a witch. (I’ve been asked this! You don’t need to be straight to be a witch. You don’t have a spirit animal unless you are Native American and studying in a tribe. (Please read this post) Smudging is also NA, see above. Witch is a gender neutral term, but some feel uncomfortable using it because of its feminine history. I’m sure I’m forgetting something along the way, but the bottom line is that whatever you choose to do, you are valid. All you need is yourself and the drive to learn and practice, whatever that may mean to you. There is no right or wrong way to be a witch, unless you are doing something that is harmful to oppressed cultures and people.

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Track record of scientific publications in highly regarded journals. Pall Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer who encourages diversity in the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to gender, race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, military or protected veteran status or marital status. Shifts are available 5 days per week from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Licensed Practical. Physician Burnout, Thanks to Obamacare Cache Translate Page Debates over health care most often assume that if only we spent more money all would be well. The trendy solution is Medicare for all, a version of the national health services that many European countries offer. As for whether we can afford it, people seem to believe that we can just borrow the money. As for whether it will produce high quality health care, the likelihood is that it will not. Obamacare was supposed to be a step toward better medical care for all. Among its great innovations was electronic medical records. A dermatologist described the issue on Newsmax in August, 2017: Part of the healthcare reform imposed by President Obama was a series of mandates (with associated penalties for lack of compliance) that forced physicians to switch to electronic medical records. This was problematic from a variety of perspectives not the least of which is one is that this may be a violation of free speech (how you record your interaction with a patient should be decided by you and your patients). Instead, physicians and hospitals were forced to pay for the implementation of systems that in many cases were not ready for prime time. The companies that made this software reaped the benefits of this regulatory bonanza while healthcare providers and patients had to sort out the nuances of each interaction. Instead of focusing on the patient history, physicians were forced to focus on recording information mandated by their software. The flavor of each interaction was lost as each person became a series of boxes to check during a visit that became less and less personal. Now, we discover that physicians are increasingly feeling burned out. Few other media outlets have noted this unwanted side-effect of Obamacare: Doctor burnout is becoming a huge problem, according to new research, which finds that nearly half of all physicians feel completely depleted, to the point where one in seven have contemplated suicide. The annual Medscape report, released Wednesday, finds that on average, 44 percent of the medical professionals your existence depends on report feeling stressed out to the point where they’ve considered leaving the field altogether.

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In 1661 the company obtained Bombay from Charles II and converted it to a flourishing center of trade by 1668. In 1633, in the Mahanadi delta of Hariharpur at Balasore in Orissa, factories were set up. In 1650 Gabriel Boughton an employee of the Company obtained a license for trade in Bengal. In 1698 the factory was fortified and called Fort William. The villages of Sutanati, Kalikata and Gobindpore were developed into a single area called Calcutta. Calcutta became a trading center for East India Company. Once in India, the British began to compete with the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the French. Through a combination of outright combat and deft alliances with local princes, the East India Company gained control of all European trade in India by 1769. In 1672 the French established themselves at Pondicherry and stage was set for a rivalry between the British and French for control of Indian trade. Battle of Plassey - On June 23rd, 1757 at Plassey, between Calcutta and Murshidabad, the forces of the East India Company under Robert Clive met the army of Siraj-ud-Doula, the Nawab of Bengal. Clive had 800 Europeans and 2200 Indians whereas Siraj-ud-doula in his entrenched camp at Plassey was said to have about 50,000 men with a train of heavy artillery. The aspirant to the Nawab's throne, Mir Jafar, was induced to throw in his lot with Clive, and by far the greater number of the Nawab's soldiers were bribed to throw away their weapons, surrender prematurely, and even turn their arms against their own army. Battle of Plassey marked the first major military success for British East India Company. Battle of Wandiwash 1760: From 1744, the French and English fought a series of battles for supremacy in the Carnatic region. In the third Carnatic war, the British East India Company defeated the French forces at the battle of Wandiwash ending almost a century of conflict over supremacy in India. This battle gave the British trading company a far superior position in India compared to the other Europeans. Battle of Buxar: In June 1763 under Major Adams British army defeated Mir Kasim the Nawab of Bengal. Though they with a smaller army against Mir Kasim, the English had victories at Katwah, Giria, Sooty, Udaynala and Monghyr. Mir Kasim fled to Patna and took help from NawabShujauddaulah and the Emperor Shah Alam II. But the English under the General Major Hector Munro at Buxar defeated the confederate army on 22 October, 1764.

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The law is clear that an insurer’s proof of mailing of a notice of cancellation to the insured prevails as a matter of law over the insured’s denial as to its receipt. Failure to keep the appropriate records can cause an insurer to pay a claim on a policy for which no premium was paid and that it believed did not exist. Mr. Zalma serves as a consultant and expert almost equally for insurers and policyholders. He founded Zalma Insurance Consultants in 2001 and serves as its only consultant. Many people are making first time visits to the Emerald Coast because of Vision Airlines affordable fares. Many locals are loving the cheap flights to Orlando and Miami. Starting November 14th, Vision Airlines will begin air service to Grand Bahama International Airport. The amphitheater in Seaside is a popular place for both locals and visitors to enjoy music and other entertainment. A new stage has been in progress for the past six months. The new stage is being built with 700 pieces of coral. The stage will have great lighting with the addition of 41 LED lights. The town center may also see the construction of an observation tower. People will have a birdseye view of the community from the tower. The tower has been in the building plans for about 30 years. It is yet to be determined when construction will begin for the tower. The main attraction on the Emerald Coast is the beach. Everyday people are exposing their skin to the merciless sun. Sunscreen is highly recommended for every visit to the beach. Consumers will see new labels on sunscreen bottles in the future.