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These shadowy pirates let you flip some of your crew face-down, to keep the other captains guessing. They must send parties of ants out to forage, all the while defending themselves and their hive from assault by the other players. Players control ant scouts who root out the enemy and find new resources, honey pot ants who store food, soldier ants who fight, and the dreaded bullet ants who lead assaults. Enter the world of an ant hive, and dominate the garden. It combines deckbuilding and board game elements to create a robust gaming system that provides maximum replay value, a minimal learning curve, and a short setup time. Only powerful mages who have dedicated their existence to the knowledge of time and the ways of bending it to their will may enter the Time Master’s tournament. The table hushes for just a moment while your opponents slide their cards into their hands. You've gripped a nice hand for going out fast, a hand flush with a single suit - Schoolgirl, Carpenter, and Unicorn. You're also charged with making sure no one puts their elbow on the table, a common and nasty habit. You look over and the opponent to your left is already in violation. As a hero with sight set on survival, you must work with your allies in search of human survivors and equipment that may be of use in fending off the zombie horde. Trust is valuable and key to survival, but who knows one's motives. You are the commander who selects what crew to hire as part of your Raiding Party. Each card has a gold cost, and before any game begins all players must decide on an equal gold total to play. It is up to you to determine which cards to use in your Party. Players must join their Agents into Factions, assign Missions and take their opponents down, to gather intel and win the most points. The direction in which you place the card determines from which asset you benefit. Each player's character is sworn by the slayer's oath to seek a glorious death in battle for a crime committed or stain on that dwarf's honor. The slayers eschew worldly pursuits, dye their beards and hair in fierce and fiery reds and oranges, tattoo their ruddy flesh, take up their weapons, and wander the old world seeking their doom battling monsters and enemies of their race.

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Airmail-IP 219. Airnex Communications, Inc. 220. Airtight. Holding 225. AKA Gourmet 226. Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc. 227. Ltd. 230. Alaska Air Group 231. Alazing. om (Omaha Steaks, Inc. 232. Alberto-Culver 237. Albertson's 238. AL-CALL, INC. 239. Alcoa 240.

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1, Paterson, N. J. PEPPING UP GROSSES OF MOVIE HOUSES with America's Grandest Kiddie Show. CAPT. MACK CIRCUS, R. D. 1, Paterson, N. J. YOUNG WOMAN desires business connection entertainment field; theatrical, sports. etc. Experienced in newspaper writing, publicity, individual, group and team management, Car. N. Y. Fair enterprise or summer theatre preferred. BOX NY -6, Billboard, 1564 Broadway, New York City. Would co-operate with another for parties, picnics, parks and fairs. Want long season, good pay, BERESOFF, Western Union, 710 7th Ave. New York. Jel AT LIBERTY M.

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BUZZFEED POP Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From movies to video games and more, BuzzFeed Pop will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the things you're into. This is 100% real. This and nearly 100 hours of additional footage are not fake. There must be a rational explanation. But. why I am I so afraid. Direct Download: ? e7ensins thread: -----------------------. Use code Semscure at checkout! - Game for Cancer - Need a YouTube Partnership. Vox ? ? Why people keep watching the worst movie ever made Many people consider The Room to be the worst movie of all time. Daddy Rimbaud ? ? vines 2 watch instead of sleeping Nebulatte Productions. Keep Watch (2019) During a stake out, two agents unravel a dangerous plot. FBE 5 ?

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The only signs of Tuesday’s horror still visible was the mangled chain-link gate that Neal had rammed his pickup through, a small pile of broken glass on the asphalt and a pink hula hoop, dropped that morning by one of the students. “How does this little school ever come back to normal. I don’t know,” said Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen. “Sure, the windows will be fixed and the bullet holes will be patched or repaired. But the emotional toll is still there. Even those who never heard a single blast from Neal’s guns are traumatized. You could see it Thursday on Johanna Rector’s face. Rector, a 56-year-old school bus driver who’s been busing Rancho Tehama school kids for nearly 30 years, doesn’t take guff from anyone. When she says she’d tell a local politician “to his face” that he’s an idiot, you believe her. She’s not someone who allows herself to cry very often. But she did Tuesday after she received frantic text messages from friends who learned about the shooting while she was in a school-district training session in nearby Corning. She picked up five students at the school just an hour before Neal started shooting. She knows of one child who had to “steal” money from his drug-abusing mother so he could pay the family’s propane bill. Not knowing who was hurt or killed and the thought of survivors forced to add this extra trauma to their already troubled home lives absolutely melted Rector’s tough-as-nails persona. “I was just crying off and on all day, and I’m not like that. Piles of pizza boxes, pies and other treats had been donated by local groups. Hungry families could take as much food home as they wanted. Kids crawled through a tent filled with story books, stuffed animals and sleeping bags. Parents colored and made crafts with their kids at long tables inside.


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Philip gives the preshow lectures at the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, and is also the creative genius behind “Eat Their Words,” a live performance and reading of celebrity biographies in Kansas City. Philip does film pieces with Michael McQuary for KIFF and OM Film Fest. Savannah’s short documentary debut DRAGTIVISTS will screen Out Here Now, on Saturday, June 23, at 1:30 PM. With insightful perspectives on the root of the local gay and lesbian civil rights movement, the film transports you back to the front lines of a life or death struggle within the context of the AIDS epidemic which fanned the flames of homophobia and forced issues of LGBT discrimination to the forefront. While activists, organizers, politicians, and opponents spent years debating this particular issue, the fight for LGBT civil rights has a much deeper past in KC which continues today. Keith Spare, one of the founding members of the KC Human Rights Commission, will also be honored with a Celebration of Courage Award for his many years of service to the LGBT community. It marked a turning point, after which discrimination against gays and lesbians could no longer be ignored, and it demonstrated how homophobia and the fear of AIDS were not only intertwined — they were inseparable. More information at. With the help of Stuart Hinds and the staff at The Gay and Lesbian Archive of Mid-America (GLAMA), Austin has pored through thousands of primary sources and digitized dozens of hours of VHS footage. People have invited me into their homes and shared their stories over cups of coffee. THE ORDINANCE PROJECT is our collective effort to capture their memories on film. . They are best known for their original recordings and live performances featuring songs combining humor with poignant observations about the lives of gay men (and to a lesser extent, lesbian women) in contemporary American society. They mounted their first national tour in the fall of 1983. They toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Australia. Over the years the duo released seven albums under the “Fresh Fruit” label. Sydney Daily Mirror described them as “delightful and entertaining Ambassadors of Homosexuality. Originally a romantic couple, the two ended that aspect of their relationship in the early 1990s, but continued to record and perform together, describing themselves as “a gay Sonny and Cher” (who had also briefly continued their professional collaboration following their divorce). In 1998 they presented their full-length musical, Jayson, at the 45th Street theatre in New York.

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These led to identifying events that functioned as emotional anchors that could provide the basis for choices and situations that provoked a range of responses and choices that expressed them. These “anchors” appear designed to align player emotions regardless of the emotional variations in the previous content and served to point players feelings toward a particular target or mood. Concepts such as fun, challenge, and flow are often used to distinguish games from other types of narrative media and so do not naturally map onto moments that aim to evoke sadness or remorse in players. Microsoft TRUE combined data analytics with speci? measurement protocols built in, such as surveying users during gameplay. Microsoft TRUE’s subjective analysis was accomplished by pausing the game every three minutes and prompting the players to answer a survey question. The system was deployed in a large-scale case study in a released game, providing evidence that the technique could provide valuable insights into aggregate datasets. Both Microsoft TRUE and Data Cracker focus on spatial and logical components that are key to the experience of many genres, whereas the present approach focuses on emotional story content often found in storygames. The method described in this paper aims to address both smaller sets of player records and already-released games without requiring instrumenting the system itself, making it useful in research contexts outside of a particular game development context and to researchers interested in broader trends in storygame production and content. The thread that distinguishes games user research approaches from the more humanistic perspective on player experience is the former’s use of the scienti? method to verify results as well as its use of biometrics and telemetry. The ? st is a categorical measure, where a person’s emotional state can be mapped to a discrete set of states such as fear, anger, happy or sad. The second is a set of continuous dimensions that represent arousal and valence. In addition to classifying the response emotion, a? ctive science employs the term elicitor to label an event or condition that acts as a stimulus and gives rise to an emotional response. There are several competing models for how emotion arises, of which the most popular is the appraisal model. The theory focuses attention on Comparing Player Responses to Choice-Based Interactive Narratives 83 structural features of the situation and the agent experiencing emotion. It di?

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. Van Dina, ktery pro nekoho je tou pravou detektivkou. Prislo mi zbytecny schazovat jednu povidku proto, ze nesplnila ocekavani, ktere ale zjevne nemela ambici plnit. Posledni pripad mi pripada extremne slaby, v kontextu dalsich 60 pripadu, take it or leave it. Ritchie na to sel jinak, zapojil i Posledni poklonu, mnoha lidmi naopak neocenenou a nepochopenou, a vysledek byl IMHO drtive lepsi, ale to jsem off topic serialu, jezto je to film. Na druhou stranu, kde sehnat nekoho, kdo neni mesuge a kdo bude ochotnej na takovou misi jit? . Piata tusim teraz vysla v cestine, ja som pred tyzdnom docital siedmu v anglictine. Ked by odpalil nuke velmi skoro, protomolekula by sa rozletela po celej sustave, ked prdne do Venuse, gravitacia to tam udrzi. Ve smyslu nejakeho presahu a rozvijeni zanrovych myslenek. Uz do 4-5 pate serie serial trpi tim ze ma sve svetle dily a ty horsi. Kdyz uz sem dokoukaval tohle, tak jsem pritom zkouknul i spin-off The Originals (3 serie aktualne zacala 4 serie). Prvni serie trpi tim, ze je videt ze nemaji uplne jasno jeste v tom o cem to bude nebo naopak potrebovaly postavit zaklady pro dalsi serie tak to bylo misty nudne. Vysoce postaveni clenove Spojenych narodu maji svedomi a jsou to kladasove. I kdyz evil postavy zni teda strasne Kvalita tech serialu je cca Expanse, delsi prodleva, Dark Matter a pak Killjoys. V podstate vlastne zenska verze Tennanta, myho nejmin oblibenyho novyho Doktora. Takze vlastne klasicke They've redecorated the Doctor. Predchadzajuce serie, teda az na diely, ked sa odprdli do alternativnej reality, ma bavili viac. A v tejto serii, na to, ze maju pokazeny blindrive, tak sa ho vobec nesnazia opravit.


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For the next 12 years, he stayed in Arabia, mostly studying emerging political thought in the West and the Muslim world. In 1939, Maulana Sindhi returned to India after a gap of about a quarter of a century. The India to which he returned was quite a different country from what he had left. The ulema, who had been at the forefront in politics, had by 1939 been pushed to the sidelines by modernist leaders like Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The leadership of the Muslims had by then fallen in the hands of 8 Ibid. p. 143. 138? Colonialism and the Call to Jihad in British India upper middle class lawyers, journalists and landed gentry, who were all deeply disturbed by the socialistic trends in the Indian National Congress. The zamindar class in the populous and politically crucial states of UP and Bihar were deeply concerned about their fate if the agrarian reforms propounded by the INC were implemented. Dr Tara Chand, in his monumental History of the Freedom Movement in India, comments: Unfortunately he arrived in India too late. By 1939 the Muslim League had established its hold over the Muslim community and the Ulema were fighting a losing battle. His advanced and unconventional views on religion and his domineering temper irked the orthodox and the conservatives and seriously undermined his influence. Nevertheless, both because of the part he played in the early years of the struggle and his strikingly modern outlook his ideas deserve attention. He immediately plunged into the role of a social activist. His objective was to establish a forum within the Congress which would propagate socio-economic policies as envisaged by the 18th-century reformer Shah Waliullah. He also started working on a proposal for establishing two wings of the Jamaat Ulema Hind. The first wing would focus its activities on promoting the social reforms within the Muslim community based on the ideology of Shah Waliullah Dehlawi. This organisation would form the bedrock of social reform within the Muslim community.