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I’ve spend the last thirty seven years trying to figure that out and I still haven’t the faintest idea. I was quite happy to discover recently that Martine feels the same way (although in her case it didn’t keep her from seeing the movie ). I love Martine very much, but I’m apologizing to her all the time (“sorry for overcooking the broccoli again,” “sorry for snoring in your ear half the night,” “sorry about that thing with the goat,” etc. Does my endless stream of little apologies mean that we’re not in love. Maybe the answer is obvious but I’m too thick to get it. Therefore I’m recruiting you, the readers of the blork blog, to weigh in with your opinions. With its 12 complexes and over 150 movie theatres, it features the latest and hottestmovies by offering the best there is in the world of cinema. Cinemas Guzzo resorted to the expertise of Vortex Solution to create a Facebook application in the hope of becoming technologically up-to-date and benefiting from the strength of social networks. Use of this original method of organizing a movie outing is growing increasingly popular. An account is not required, but necessary to set your preferences and edit company information. If you have previously registered, you can log in again using the same email address and password. You may still need to add (and confirm) your email address if its not provided by the external login provider. This permission is granted on a request basis to authorized employees and business principals. More information on requesting to updating company information is available on the Account Manage page. Once authorized, the companies you can update will be listed in the Authorizations section of your Account Manage page. To do this, go to the Tab Preferences section of the Account Manage page (Desktop only - not yet ready for the Mobile App.

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I think it might have been house Blackmont, but I’m not sure. Actually, when I first saw the orange banner, I thought Martell. But certainly as a result of his actions (domino effect). And then with his absence, someone needs to consolidate the North and GRRM always meant it to be Jon. In which case the story shortened that storyline. That’s all. I’m okay with that. You as a big Stannis supporter are not. But saying it was only to give Jon something to do. The story is always supposed to give the main protagonists something to do otherwise there is no story. Stannis role in furthering the story is essentially done in TWOW and done in S5 on the show and the other main protagonists have to continue the story. It’s as simple as that and not some vast conspiracy to besmirch your hero. I’m okay with that, as long as the movie comes out the next year after season 8. In the books, they had to marry Ramsay to fakeArya to inherit Winterfell and gain the loyalty of the Northern families but it seemed clear that the Boltons didn’t automatically get Winterfell. In the show, Ramsay married Sansa for the same reasons. For some reason, the crown didn’t give them Winterfell outright but they gave Riverrun to the Freys.

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Be sure to sign up for a 100% free trial to hear this awesome episode, and you can always cancel if Stitcher Premium isn't your thing. Unresolved is an amazing show and easily one of all-time favorite podcasts, so getting to sit down and chat with Micheal was an awesome experience. We have a great chat about Weird NJ, the Jeannette DePalma case, and my new book about Ricky Kasso, THE ACID KING, so give it on a listen via your podcast provider of choice! Inside the woods that now make up the Henry Ingraham Nature Preserve, a graveyard resides on a small hill bordered on all sides by large pine trees. For years, local teenagers referred to it as 'the Indian cemetery' due to the Native American settlement that had occupied the area centuries before. Despite its nickname, the graveyard is not an “ancient Indian burial ground,” but the final resting place of more than 150 Long Island residents interred there between 1738 and 1892. As 1983 came to an end, Ricky began leading friends like Gary Lauwers and Rich Barton onto the hill, where they would smoke PCP, take purple microdots, and listen to him discuss Satanism. Ricky’s words, coupled with the eerie surroundings, provided a special thrill to his cohorts. Sometimes Ricky would bring a boom box, sit next to a grave, and record himself chanting, 'Satan. Satan. Satan. To everyone’s shock and surprise, the tapes, when played back, seemed to contain a series of unrecognizable and otherworldly voices in the background. Ricky and his friends soon became convinced the devil himself had possessed these cassette tapes. Gary Lauwers also started reading The Satanic Bible around this time, though most of his friends insist he only did so to fit in with people like Ricky. On a couple occasions when Gary accompanied Ricky to the Crabmeadow Burying Ground, Ricky suggested digging up a body. The first few times, Ricky’s friends said no, and the subject was changed.

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10. Exopack (Oxygen-Filtering Device) Photo credit: newatlas. om Scientific details in the plot of Avatar state that Pandora’s atmosphere contains large amounts of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. So humans in Pandora need to use a device called “exopack. This equipment consists of a breathing mask connected to a mechanism that filters oxygen from the air while eliminating toxic gases. Thus, the person using the exopack can breathe fresh air without the need to carry oxygen tanks. The truth is that this technology already exists, and we have devices capable of constantly filtering the air from other substances to breathe it. The creator of this technology is the Israeli company Like-A-Fish Technologies, founded in 2001. Traditional diving suits have oxygen tanks that need to be recharged after some time. So Like-A-Fish Technologies created an underwater breathing system without tanks, which directly extracts the air dispersed in the seawater. Such air represents 2 percent of the total volume of the water body, so the device works continuously for as long as its batteries last. The creators of the project have already thought about expanding the uses of this promising technology - for example, to provide breathable air in hermetic environments. From excavators to dump trucks, these vehicles are very similar to the huge mining trucks currently used in large mines. The difference is that the most advanced mining vehicles of our time still do not reach the full level of automation of the machines in the movie. They even have cabins for drivers if an eventuality arises. Well, it was like that until recently, but we have finally built vehicles - both gigantic and unmanned - that are similar to those in James Cameron’s movie.


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Liam Hemsworth is an attractive potential love interest. Generally, they do not venture out of town all that often, and Moorhouse provides an eccentric atmosphere with several zany, slapstick-like sequences to accentuate their personas. We get similar glances of charm here, but they do not mesh with the very dark matter of Tilly’s potentially-murderous act and many of the residents’ mean-spirited, tittle-tattle natures. The shifts in tones are terribly distracting and keep us guessing about what the movie is trying to convey. The general feeling, however, is that Tilly will face her past and hopefully break the invisible chains that have emotionally held her in check for decades. Her new Dungatar experience could become cathartic and transformational, as she begins to transform the town through her expert fashion skills as a dressmaker. Visually, the contrast between the new attire and current environment clashes in the most glorious, cinematic ways. The movie attempts Tilly’s internal makeover but conversely struggles in deciding what it (the film itself) wants to be. It does ultimately make a choice, but I feel it is a bad one. In fact, after one particular decision in the movie’s third act, it left me figuratively throwing my hands in the air in frustrating disbelief. Although some may appreciate the eventual direction of the story, it does not connect with much of the narrative that the film clearly lays out during Tilly’s time in Dungatar. The script feels a hot mess sitting on a fascinating physical and emotional foundation, and the right adjustments could have turned “The Dressmaker” into the one of the best films of the year. Lead actor Eric Roberts takes us into a wild nightmare. In this movie the monsters aren’t biological zombies, they’re cultural zombies. Bob Fosse directed “Cabaret”, “Lenny”, and “All That Jazz”. To actually work with Roberts, and hear his stories about working with Fosse, was incredible for me.