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Easily the most enjoyable PG-13 horror film since Insidious. The film stars Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff, Douglas Smith and Bianca A. Santos. Ouija was released on October 24, 2014. It is the first Hasbro property adaptation produced by Platinum Dunes and Blumhouse Productions, as well as Hasbro's first horror film. The film opens with a young Laine Morris and Debbie Galardi playing with a Ouija board in Laine's room, only to be interrupted by Laine's sister Sarah. The scene then forwards to present day, where Debbie (Shelley Hennig) is playing with the board by herself and is so unnerved by what she experiences that she tries to burn the board and planchette before calling Laine (Olivia Cooke). Concerned, Laine comes over but is sent away by Debbie, who goes upstairs only to find the board on her bed. The following day, Laine is with her boyfriend Trevor (Daren Kagasoff) at a diner, where they meet up with their friend Isabelle (Bianca A. Santos). Laine receives a text and goes home, learning of Debbie's death. After the funeral, Laine finds Debbie's Ouija board and decides to gather Sarah, Trevor, Isabelle, and Debbie's boyfriend Pete (Douglas Smith) to hold a seance. They make contact with someone who is identified as D, who Laine immediately believes is Debbie. Despite this, the group is too frightened to continue playing. Upon further interaction with the board, the group discovers that the spirit is not Debbie. Laine looks through the planchette and sees a young girl with her mouth stitched closed, who then warns the group to run from her mother. The group heads home, only for a malicious spirit to follow Isabelle and murder her.

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Tell us about your favorite flick(s) and tell us your VHS memories, or how you’ve never forgotten them. We’re partial to Oscar Mayer Lunchables and those tiny circles of ham. There’ll be more exciting news from them here on our site soon. As a secret operative for the government, Tiger met a trio of aliens after they had a rough landing outside an abandoned mini-golf course. The government wants Tiger’s knowledge of the aliens and their UFO, but he won’t talk. The government forces Tiger to watch weapons grade b-movies in hopes he will go mad, crack, and share his secrets. So far, all the government has been able to get out Tiger is plenty of snark with a side of sarcasm. Feel free to follow him on twitter at or his top secret facebook page that he’s updating with a Somalian iphone hidden somewhere in the base. Big brother is watching and will swoop down on you like a spider monkey. Lots of black and orange decorations, scary movies, pumpkin carving, going out for parties, and trick-or-treating. I’ll be here to provide some tips to keep you safe and help you enjoy the season. You know, my friends love coming over to the trailer-house, but some of them don’t like horror movies. If I even take a step towards the television, then it’s all of a sudden, “Oh, Donna, sorry, but we need to go, we have to do laundry! regardless of when they arrived. I had to go to seventeen different veterinary clinics and three graveyards to get enough bones to make a mock-up of the bone chair for the centerpiece. They were a little put off by the baby portobello hockey masks I had carved for garnishes, and Nancy said she lost her appetite when she realized the meatloaf was person-shaped, but they dug in soon enough. Give it about 15-20 minutes, and they’ll be sleeping like babies.


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When he talks about the backstory of his burned face, Arya starts to respect him even more. She starts to care for him (e. treating his wounds). When the Hound and Arya arrive at their destination, Arya isn’t disappointed when she finds out that her aunt has died. Arya later encounters Brienne of Tarth who offers her the choice to travel with her as she will bring her home. She grabs the chance to escape both Brienne and The Hound as they are fighting each other. She wants to fulfill her quest on her own, as she always intended to do. Arya has fully redeemed the Hound, he’s no longer part of her prayer. We later learn that the Hound is still alive, due to Arya’s choice not to kill him. Arya travels to a nearby port and speaks to the captain of the ship. She first wants to travel to her half-brother, Jon Snow. She chooses to leave her old identity, Arya Stark, behind and sails toward a new destination, Braavos. The Faceless Man doesn’t let her inside the House of Black and White, which frustrates Arya. Arya drops her coin in the water and decides to give up on her quest already. The Faceless Man realizes that by dropping her coin into the water, Arya fully left her past behind. She also demonstrates to have a passion for killing as she kills the street thugs. The FM takes the decision to let Arya in, but Arya keeps referencing to him as Jaqen H’ghar as he wears the identical face.