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She was definitely on the side of taking cities by whatever means. It could be said the same for Varys, but that would be too obvious unless his scenes have been foreshadowing. Truly, we really don't know the whole story with Missandei and the scene with Davos wasn't there for nothing. Greg C ? ? Naath is a dangerous island, filled with a deadly disease. Not many people that visit there come back because of it. That would be the reason to not recognize the accent, it's secluded. Missandei was also taken from her home as a small child, she might not remember everything. Like how Grey Worm doesn't like his real name because he was freed as Grey Worm, she might not have pleasant memories as Naath since that's when she was taken by slavers.

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We all know that Westeros is just a part of their bizarre theme park! Um. poiler-alert? Apparently George RR Martin pitched a crossover: Could be a way for GRRM to avoid having to do anymore work. Season 8 just begins with Dany, Jon, and Cersei all stepping outside the simulation and revealing themselves as guests. Apparently my random musings are Hollywood fodder. Yep, and not only that why wouldn't he throw the spear at the dragon Daeneyrs was riding while it was on the ground, and then have his army march in and kill off several of the the key leaders of his enemies. War over. This is the season where Charlie Kaufman's brother takes over the writing. I have a theory as to why if I am right but would like the data first.

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Pindi Reactions 24 dias atras if you really want to know more about Islamic Teachings don't ask random people, Just pick the Translation of Holly Quran and Read it. Becz even some Muslims don't know the teachings of Quran bcz they don't read it Pindi Reactions 24 dias atras yes we do know about Black magic and about it's cure. We strongly believe in everything that is mentioned in Holly Quran, What is your point. Sak sak 24 dias atras Yes also I have heard from a Muslim friend that if someone commits suicide which is grave sin. The angel of death does not come to take him and the spirit wanders causing harm to others. According to Quran Jin do exist and it has nothing to do with human spirits. But even Muslim peers suggest not to go to places where any unnatural death has occurred. I think it is something like wandering spirit only Pindi Reactions 24 dias atras No, this is not true. There is no concept of wandering of spirit and causing harm to others and yes Suicide is sin in Islam. In all holy texts including Holy Quran it is mentioned.

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The. Fuck. Why isn't he talking with the First Builder and First Ranger about what he saw. It would be one thing if he did and was still being petty, but we never, ever see anyone telling him about the evil wizard who raises the dead and swells his army just by lifting his hands. The plot isn't flowing smoothly all the time, it's like individual pieces haphazardly sown together. Yeah, those bits will make a greater whole, but it would be as pretty as it could be. Tickets, please. (FWIW if people have only read the bits quoted above, he actually very much liked the finale and the show. posted by Justinian at 2:24 PM on June 15, 2015. That's exactly the stupid from John I was talking about in the show-only thread.

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Once Upon a Galaxy: A Journal of the Making of The Empire Strikes Back. The Annotated Screenplays. Del Rey. ISBN 978-0-345-40981-2. The Power of Myth. Anchor. ISBN 978-0-385-41886-7. Star Wars: The Magic of Myth. Bantam. ISBN 978-0-553-10206-2.

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As much as has changed, my clients continue to want to see their product, service or point-of-view reported in the “media. This reality is not lost on the vast majority of agencies. I can’t tell you how many requests I receive from some of the most forward-thinking (and sounding) shops for help finding them solid media relations pros. One look at any PR job board will reveal that media relations remains the single-most sought-after competency by agencies of all stripes and most in-house communications departments. There’s nothing like a seasoned PR pro who understands how to navigate (and have empathy for) the most sought-after reporters, bloggers and TV producers. Yet, the competition for these journalists’ limited bandwidth is as fierce as it’s been in my three decades plying the PR trade. In fact, I would guess that fewer than one in a hundred PR pitches actually succeed in producing coverage. (Not for my clients, of course. It seems that consumers are not alone in taking their news and info from non-traditional sources. Journalists too have self-selected the sources on whom they rely for real-time story ideas.

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Please help me in this situation, what should I do with AGM batteries. You need to take precautions when use over 48V DC voltage. I had some issues, especially when the standard switch used for 230 VAC has burned out at the disconnection of a 2 KW leaf blower. In your case, for charge and equalize all batteries in the same time, you need to put them in parallel, like I do since 2011. The ability of internal charger did not depend on battery voltage, it’s monitoring the voltage and current thru battery. Second, maybe your battery is defective, I understand it’s removable. If you let batteries few hours free, the voltage will drop a little and you can measure SOC voltage. From my experience, I prolonged the life of weak AGM batteries by watering them. But I did not gain much time, sometimes a week, maybe one month. Usually, flooded and gel batteries have a longer life.

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And all chain necklaces in the film were handmade me to fit each character’s style. Thank you for your continued support and love of Mi Vida Loca. Tonight was legit, if you didn’t come out, you missed out. Join us to a night with 5 Award winning short films, produced and starring talented International actors who create opportunities for themselves and other filmmakers. This is our second year being nominated by the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, and is in addition to wins in the Best Short and Best Director categories for our 2nd film, Shallow. The first trailer debuts March 23rd and film releases August 2nd. One week in to our indiegogo campaign and we say THANK YOU to all who have contributed so far. Post on Netflix’s page and let them know that Representation Matters. This year the festival will spotlight U. .

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I wonder what Carol actually did while Cookie was in prison though. It's no good having Cookie constantly pulling guns, if when she is called on to use one she hands it over to Lucious. Watching the earlier scenes with Jamal and Skye, Jamal totally looked like he had a crush on Skye. Definitely some chemistry there (up until the kiss itself. ol). I imagine Jamal will be pansexual and that'll be an ongoing storyline for the rest of the season. It seems a little surprising, and like going for All Lives Matter instead of Black Lives Matter, I imagine they'll get some backlash. Poor Anika. Over Hakeem. What a mess.

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He talked about Miss Shepherd’s religious fervour and her desire as a young woman to become a nun. The reality of life in a strict convent where music was forbidden nearly broke her, something she would suffer from psychologically throughout her life. That made it quite difficult to write,” Bennett explains. “It was only when I thought of splitting myself in two that I could see how I could do it. . It was a discovery of what had worked in the play and would work on film and a discovery of what had worked in the play and wouldn’t work in the film. . The script for the stage play had been written 10 years after Miss Shepherd’s death. Now a further 15 years on and Bennett felt less of a need to hold certain things back and less inclined to stick to a precise chronology of events. For example, knowing what he now does about Miss Shepherd which he did not know when she was alive, the Miss Shepherd of The Lady In The Van is infused with a real sense of regret and of what might have been that Bennett does not claim to have noticed during her lifetime.