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So I did some very primitive research I went through the entire Swedish dictionary while cross-checking it with the Turkish dictionary, to find the words the two languages had in common. It took four months of daily labour, and I found 1,270 words in total. Not really useful words, mostly terms adapted from French or English, but the striking thing was that they not only meant the same thing but were also spelled the same. Many people think that Ive found some computer program to do this, but really I havent. So I had all this material when Adriano Pedrosa came to visit me in Stockholm in the summer of 2011. He thought it would be great to have this work in the Istanbul Biennial. I knew that I wanted to make a soundpiece, where my partner and I would read one word after another, so you could hear the nuances in pronunciation. And Adriano suggested including it also as a printed dictionary. So in one room, there was a stack of these dictionaries, in another there was the sound of us reading it. Recently you worked with the opposite, the less-desired books why were you interested in unborrowed books. MAR: With The Library of Unborrowed Books (2012) I have tried to look more closely at the bureaucratic cataloguing of the world from another perspective than the governmental documents I have been so occupied with. The piece, quite simply, is all the books from a selected library that have never been borrowed, which, when collected and put on display as a library of their own, come to connote the ambivalent relationship between absence, presence and knowledge, which echoes and persists, or not. It is a certain take on the gaps and cracks of knowledge and history. I made the first section of this project in collaboration with the Stockholm Public Library and now we are doing a new collaboration with a library in New York, and it will be on display in Art in General from January to March. You have tried to measure and calculate the world in a number of very different ways. In Our Home Weighs 1.

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The on screen love, affection, racial and gender equality all sorely lacking from 2001 are finally shown in this sequel - yay. This is a 1st generation DVD and the picture sadly isn't anamorphic. There are one or two things you should consider before buying this DVD. First of all there is some misleading information on the rear cover of the DVD that states that the film is presented in the 2:35:1 widescreen aspect ratio and that it is enhanced for widescreen televisions. This is more commonly known as the anamorphic transfer where the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen are already adjusted for 16:9 widescreen TV's while still retaining the overall image on screen. The film is presented in a hard coded 2:35:1 ratio (big black bars at top and bottom) so had to adjust the TV ratio manually using the cinema zoom function on the TV remote which could be a bit of a struggle if your not used to going that deep into the controls. After the fuss of doing the zoom on the TV and as far as watching the film itself is concerned you are greeted by the standard master tape to DVD transfer complete with the spots and cracks in some parts of the film and it has not been digitally remastered in anyway. Certain scenes are a bit dark on the disc but again that is down to the source material and a few picture adjustments on the TV remote should remedy it for the most part. The sound is probably better than the picture with some nice base and crisp treble rounding off the high notes. There is a bit of hiss from the old Dolby tracks but again due to the age of the film and the source material this is to be expected and you stop noticing it after a while. There is a Blu-Ray version of this film which I cant comment about as I don't own it but I know that version IS corrected for widescreen sets so if your that bothered maybe the Blu-Ray is for you but those who just want to see the film and not bothered about weather the picture is HI-DEF or not should get this one. All in all a few adjustments with the screen ratio aside and the amount of time it took to get to me via the donkey express its a good purchase and for the money a bargain. That doesn't mean the special effects aren't impressive for the time it was filmed but the cinematography doesn't match up to the perfectionism and vision of Kubricks film. It isn't necessary to have watched 2001 as all the plot lines are explained and I think it works as a stand alone film. That said it does help explain the first film and is reasonably true to Arthur C Clarkes book so if the first film is a mystery to you watch this one. But as a sequel, and on its own merits, I found this to be a really good entertaining movie.

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The Citadel are shipping people to Valyria all the time. No problem. Gerion Lannister is likely working as a dinner lady there. He is like a primary school teacher at carpet time. What do we need to do to defeat the Army of the Dead. Yes, yes, you with your hand up -yes, dragons - well done. But there’s something else - this is a bit harder - what has fire, but looks like it doesn’t have fire. Yes, Davos the Just A Simple Man, Dragonstone - have a sticker. DO NOT say that Ned Stark’s effigy looks like an upside down melted welly with a face drawn on by a two year old. Pro-tip: those Starks are prickly about their honour. Sansa, by explaining that I had wanted to bang - no, not bang - loved her mother, but unfortunately she’s dead in the show, and a re-animated corpse with an attitude problem and fingernail raked face in the books. Share manly bro-ment now that Jon understands that I am not a creepy middle-aged man lurking after his teenage sister. Creepy lurkers don’t fixate on young girls for good reasons, like the ones I have. You know when you’re a kid, that there’s always that uncle. The one who chases the kids round the garden, plays all the stupid games, gets them to fire water pistols at Grandma - kids love him, right? - he’s so much fun.

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After. Badbadnotgood: Lavender ft. Badlands of Kain Shannon and Kris embark on a cross country road trip, to put back the pieces of their strained friendship. But it all falls apart when their car breaks down in Kain, Arizona. A place where. Ballerina This documentary gives insight to the lives of five ballerinas, all at different points in their careers. Looking at the operations of the Vagonova Academy and the Mariinsky Theatre, the life of a ballerina is disclosed. Ballykissangel An English priest is transferred to a small Irish village. Barah Aana Three impoverished room-mates kidnap middle-classed men and demand small ransoms to improve their respective lifestyles. Barbie and the Diamond Castle Two best friends, Liana and Alexa, embark on a journey to find the Diamond Castle. With the help of music, the girls overcome challenges that show friendship is the true treasure. Barbie: The Pearl Princess This is the tale of a young mermaid who is being raised by her aunt. This young mermaid has the power to control pearls and make beautiful magic with them. Barney's Version The picaresque and touching story of the politically incorrect, fully lived life of the impulsive, irascible and fearlessly blunt Barney Panofsky. Bashment After a brutal gay bash attack at a reggae dance hall competition, a group of thuggish performers defend their actions as being provoked by the victim. Baskin A squad of unsuspecting cops go through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building.

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nd Bereyter gestures left and right, lecturing to his audience. He is incapable of appreciating the significance of his own discovery. For while looking right at James Stewart? ? here is now no denying it? ? his woman is mouthing, It’s Jeff. She is referring to Stewart, not as Scottie, but as Jeff: his repressed name, his Rear Window name. It is as if some background actress, some extra from Rear Window, has followed James Stewart into the film. As if this middle-aged woman in her blue suit has herself traveled all the way from New York to San Francisco, from Rear Window to Vertigo, shadowing Scottie-Jeff to Ernie’s. She can be referring only beyond Vertigo, outside Vertigo, back toward Rear Window, the secret provenance of Scottie-Jeff, and so there is no way even to understand this extra’s exophoric utterance? . It’s Jeff, It’s Jeff ? ? nless you take Rear Window into account. This message she is mouthing, directly toward the screen, is meant not for her companion, but for the audience.