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Somehow I think this story line occurs much more frequently in fiction than real life. The movie has adequate production values all around but the content is repulsive, and I’m very sorry I watched it all the way through. Sensationalistic docudrama about 4 scenarios that could destroy life as we know it. It’s mostly bad cgi, with very few talking heads, little real science, and a distracting and totally unnecessary framing story. Likelihood: 100% but not for the foreseeable future. Likelihood: 100% and maybe in the next millennium or so. Likelihood: 100%, any time now, and there’s nowhere to hide. Louis operates a copy shop but longs to be a ghost hunter. He gets his chance, assembles a team that perfectly corresponds to the professional ghost hunter team of his favorite ghost hunting tv show. They investigate a dilapidated barn over one Saturday night, and the plot is perfectly predictable from then on. This is mostly LMG Lite, and it’s sweet and charming even if the main characters don’t so much make “good” as they make “somewhat better”.

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I'm a little bored tbh. But I never was as big a fan of this show as others. And speaking of useless plots, one of the joys of this episode was seeing Arya FINALLY get rid of hers. For the first four seasons the girl was one of the best, most relatable and compelling characters this show had, and it's been extremely frustrating to see her stuck in such a barren field. The chase scenes were very well done and I actually loved the fact that they didn't show the actual fight - I mean, as Aurelius said, the moment she cut the candle we knew what was gonna happen. Also, I'm a Cersei fan and I was crushed to see her face when it was announced that trial by combats were from then on forbidden - and by her own son. Lena Headey is always wonderful at subtly showing the weaknesses and insecurities behind the character's cold, steely demeanor, and this time was no different. You complain about a season that accomplished nothing, well how about a couple of thousand written pages of nothing but transition. And by the look of the leaked chapter of TWOW, we'll have at least 500 pages more of nothing before the book, we hope and pray, begins to move things forward. With only two remaining to go, I wonder which big character gets killed off. I can see Ramsay, Tommen and the High Sparrow not making it out of the season alive.

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They have been presented as one dimensional villains, at least that is how I interpret their scenes. They have killed likable, innocent people, and that’s it. Why do you get the sense they want us to cheer for them. The ruby at her throat throbbed slowly, and Jon saw that the smaller stone on Rattleshirt’s wrist was brightening and darkening as well. “So long as he wears the gem he is bound to me, blood and soul,” the red priestess said. “This man will serve you faithfully. I think part of the reason she let the glamor drop tonight was because she was tired of the effort after such horrible blows with Stannis and Jon. I don’t think they boarded the boat in Dorne as we saw them watch the boat leave in the distance. They must’ve either traveled by foot (and they would’ve had to have traveled very fast to beat the boat) or they took another boat and caught up with it. Well shit, now Ellaria has 2 bad batches in KL to wreak having on Lanister clan. The rest was cool too but all set up and predictable for this seasons premiere.

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It's like you guys didn't even read the freaking books. Completely do not understand cersai as a character, she is supposed to think she is smart but actually is not. It's like after season 5 it was like f it they already paid us for seasons 6-8 sam sam. Should have gone with the dragon socks and sweater gifts. I prefer Cersei than Dany Cersei is cruel and Dany is 100% Ego, which mean Dany is more cruel Lucy Enrile. It only makes sense if they were playing Littlefinger all along, but the scenes don't make that clear, and besides, the stupid deleted scene reveals that Sansa was actually planning to kill Arya based on nothing more than suspicion. He was my favorite character from Season ONE, but now I dislike him more than Daenerys (who was my least favorite from season 2). It's not even because of the incest, it can happen for all I care, but why did you make Jon bend the knee and surrender the northern crown. For real, Jon getting crowned king was one of the best scenes in the show, because the kingdom of the North was restored after 3 years in a badass ceremony, only for Jon to surrender it next season. Like, Robb at least died for the North, and didn't kneel like a little pussy. This season decidedly shows why GoT doesn't belong with the top, upper echelon of TV or even top HBO shows like the sopranos, the wire and breaking bad.

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When you are mixing sounds, it is even more important to be able to hear. Good sound designers exercise their ability to hear and then, only after that, focus on those bits worth listening to. Success comes by resolving difficult filmmaking challenges and by putting first client needs and their artistic desires. Practice expands hearing as well as refines one’s ability to listen. There are film advancements that beg the question: how do they do that. In every genre, there are examples of these black swans; outliers that beg to be seen again and again. Seeing for the first time “Alien” or “Across the Universe”, as well as “Avatar” or “Gravity” in 3D, these and others reinforce why, as filmmakers, we need to watch, listen to, and support one another; support our colleagues. I would have to admit though, seeing certain films over and over can be comforting, even joyful. How did you get into working in the film industry. I have been making and archiving recordings since I was five. I began my career as a sound editor and, in 1982, joined Lon Bender in founding Soundelux.