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Maybe, he speculated, jackets were once very cheap and, as he would later say onstage, “men wore seven coats out, hoping it wasn’t an eight-puddle day. He also decided that the modern equivalent was leaving the toilet seat down. All these ideas were transformed into jokes as the bit expanded. A coarse joke about chivalry during sex replaced the homeless-man line. By early January Mr. Kaplan’s rhythm became more assured and moseying, lingering on pauses, finding extra laughs between punch lines. It didn’t matter where he performed (clubs, restaurants, even a hostel), chivalry always worked. She is head of social design at the Young Foundation in London and associate fellow at Said Business School, University of Oxford. What she does these days does not look that different. I have been able to move fairly fluidly between what might seem quite distinct fields, at a time when innovation and creativity are supposedly what’s needed to address global, community and organisational challenges but when artists, designers and others are not necessarily good at explaining how or why what they do might be relevant or productive, and the effects of their work are as varied as anything else. My brief is to build up the Young Foundation’s capability, rather than building a design team. There are lots of other examples of this shift both at government level (like Mindlab in Denmark or TACSI in Australia), and other activities initiated by consultancies and by universities and corporates. The latter has dwindled although my Physical Bar Charts have been shown a few times in the past year including at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh and a show at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. It’s not a thing, it’s not other, but rather is part of being human. We’re not human without the things we currently call technologies, whether these are Google, or management fads, or pencils. But they are not just results; they also shape how things are and how they could be. More or less the same but perhaps with higher levels of anxiety. Then there are the narratives that are often outside of corporate culture, of resistance, and alternatives, and questioning of assumptions. I suppose what I see is narratives about technology being mobilised for quite distinct purposes and there are probably examples of everything.

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Jon awoke on the ship in episode 6, and must have realised that the Targ ship he was on (without ever being asked if he wanted to go on that trip instead of going to Winterfell) was headed South to the parley. So he knew that D had not abandoned the plan for an armistice with Cersei - even though her words contradicted that. If you look at actions and words, what do you believe. So, that made Jon bend the knee in the hope, that D would be committed to help him. In episode 7 D still had differing priorities to Jon - as I explained here - and Jon had to adjust his tactics one more time. You could argue that he spends the whole of season 7 to align his and D’s priorities investing more and more. Jorah points out that D would be much safer going on dragonback and Jon suggests they go by ship, so that they can arrive together and dispel doubts about D. This should tell the audience, that Jon’s agenda is political. It should also tell us that her safety is not the most important issue for him or he would have agreed with Jorah. And I suppose he suggests the ship so that he can have time with D alone, yes, to sleep with her. To get her invested, to ensure that her wishes align with his wishes, that her priorities are the North and the survival of the North. He deliberately plans on using her infatuation with him. I don’t think he plans on recalling or cancelling the allegiance he swore. He is political and sacrificial Jon at the same time. As long as there is a chance that the North survives he’ll do anything that helps - like he said in episode 2. Only parentage reveal and the political implications will reduce Jon’s plans to rubble. But I suspect that for his part, he means to go through with it, maybe even marry D. He goes about that like “shut your eyes and think of the North”. As for D not acting surprised: There is the original script that had her ordering Jon to her cabin, but there is also the fact, that she is accustomed to men fawning over her and doing her bidding.


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Meanwhile, Pakistan’s private media, which include several raucously partisan news channels, help obscure Khan’s obvious handicaps — the P. . . s lack of a political base in large provinces like Sindh, a P. . . stronghold — with extensive coverage of his made-for-television rallies. And it is not inconceivable that the army and the I. . . — or elements within — have spotted a likely winner and potential partner. Najam Sethi, the editor of a prominent English-language weekly, The Friday Times, which for years ran a satirical column titled “Im the Dim,” told me that various known sympathizers of the I. . . had asked him to support Khan. Yet the great differences between his constituencies — socially liberal, upper-middle-class Pakistanis and the deeply conservative residents of Pakistan’s tribal areas — seem irreconcilable. The only women I could see during the Sialkot rally were on the remote stage, wives of local politicians and businessmen, the sun glinting off their big sunglasses. At the rally in Mianwali, huge clouds of dust kicked up by tens of thousands of men bleached the reds and greens of the flags and banners, and the speeches alternated with earsplitting eruptions of P. .

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(Ali ne zaboravite da konfliktni ascedent moze usporiti h o d ). Kada ga prvi put sretnete, Strelac ce mozda biti na konju ili u setnji sa psom. Strelac Frenk Sinatra je j e d n o m naredio s v o m vozacu da zaustavi kola kada je video povredjenog psa kako lezi na ulici. T i p i c n o g Strelca privlaci opasnost - u sportu, na poslu ili u hobiju. Oni vole brzinu. Brza kola, avione - cak i sanke, magnetski ih privlace. To ih razveseljava. Oni reskiraju bukvalno u svemu (osim ako blazi znak u ascedentu ne slabi Jupiterovu smelost). Skorpija oseca malo grize savesti za rane koje njene izjave izazivaju. Za nju, istina je istina, a ako je ne mozete podneti, ne pitajte. To bi zaista bilo dirljivo, samo kad vas ne bi dovodilo do ludila. O n o sto je Strelcu na umu i u srcu, skoro je momentalno i na jeziku. Kej nije s a m o autenticni Strelac, ona ima i dodatne Strelceve uticaje u s v o j o j natalnoj karti. O n a je topla i velikodusna, tipicna za ovaj znak, ima m n o g o odanih prijatelja koji je vole, takodje tipicno za ovaj znak. Oni moraju biti lojalni i moraju je voleti da bi preziveli incidente kao sto je onaj pre tri godine kada je otvorila svoje veliko srce i odlucila da p o t p u n o obuce svoju sekretaricu za zimu. Mlada devojka je bila potpuno bez novca, tek sto je prezivela finansijsku katastrofu i bila je dirnuta do suza. I drugi su imali razumevanja, ali pre K e j, niko nije ponudio konkretnu p o m o c. Slepu ekstazu je momentalno zamenila ukocena sokiranost. Nema alkohola.