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She sucked in air and screamed, and he grabbed her hair and pulled her away from him, and she stumbled and went down, and then he was standing over her, breathing hard, shaking. The dagger was still clutched tightly in his right hand, slick with blood. “You weren’t s’posed to be here,” he repeated stupidly. Catelyn gets the bloody hands symbolism when she reaches up to pull the assassin’s knife from her throat and cuts her hand. Next she bites down hard on the flesh of the assassin’s hand and gets the taste of his blood in her mouth, giving her the bloody mouth of a heart tree with a side of flesh-eating weirwood symbolism. It’s just like when the woods swallowed the last slice of sun, all that stuff we talked about last time. We are going to see that pattern throughout this episode. That would be the paw of the paw of the king lion, eaten by another cat, like some sort of macabre Russian doll trick. At least, that’s the kind of thing you’d say if you were raised on Dr. Seuss as I was. And that is what I call fractal symbolism. We saw it at the burning of the Seven on Dragonstone when Stannis pulled Lightbringer from the burning wooden chest of the Mother’s statue. And don’t forget that the catspaw assassin’s blade is Valyrian steel, spell-forged in dragonfire, and blood-soaked Valyrian steel is about as close to actual Lightbringer as we get.

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There was significant statistically difference (P radius fracture with open reduction by palm side. Secondary: Compare resident skill variation and retention related to other knowable training data. Residents were allowed 60 minutes to stabilize a standardized distal radius fracture using an assigned fixed-angle volar plate. Faculty observed and subjectively graded the residents without providing real-time feedback. Objective biomechanical evaluation (construct strength and stiffness) was compared to subjective grades. Resident-specific characteristics (sex, PGY, and ACGME case log) were also used to compare the objective data. Post-graduate year 2, 3, 4, and 5 orthopedic residents. Primary: Faculty were not successful at predicting objectively measured fixation, and their subjective scoring suggests confirmation bias as PGY increased. Grip strength at 12 months was the primary outcome measure. At 12 months, no difference was found in grip strength, which was 90% of the uninjured side in the volar plate group and 87% in the fragment-specific fixation group. NoA differences were found in range of motion and the median Quick Disabilities of the Arm,A Shoulder, and Hand score was 5 in both groups. The overall complication rate was significant, 21% in the volar locking plate group, compared with 52% in the fragment-specific group. In treatment of primarily nonreducible or secondarily redisplaced distal radius fractures, volar locking plates and fragment-specific fixation both achieve good and similar patient -reported outcomes, although more complications were recorded in the fragment-specific group.

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Mind blowingly intricate and clever and challenging and boastful and real and gritty and just LOVE LOVE LOVE. Twyla Tharp and Central Park will FOREVER have my heart. It is still a socially poignant tale even though it was made in the 1930’s. Corny costumes and all, still a paragon on the “intellegent film” genre. Mainly because I worked on the actual ASPR case that this was “loosely” based on, and it is just a damn good intellgent, scary, funny, REALTISTIC flick. NO ONE but Karloff could have ever played it better. I also like the version they redid with the Queen soundtrack. It was one of the very first make for TV movies when the SCI-FI channel DIDN’T SUCK. But Antonioni really had the last laugh, for this “adventure” film is more a solemn nod to Godot than any real outing or frolic. Of course, finding even professional actors with that kind of gravitas and measure is difficult. But there are greater things behind it all: that scene, with the never-ending stacks of sheets piled high, that scene is everything—it attests to all the tiny, hidden tragedies of the everyday that occur around us, that we ignore in our own search for life and place, that we forget in our own hunt for the bicycle thieves. We all know the deal: a group of people want to get together and do something simple—see a movie, drink some coffee, eat some dinner. Levity and seriousness, the intrusion of the surreal into the upper crust, forcing a single question at the end: would anyone portrayed in the film actually watch the film.

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