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On the positive side, those looking for fun scares, stylish photography, relatable gore, occasional cheese and everything Stephen King might find The Mangler good enough. Ultimately, the issue with this production is that it hits all the cliched pitfalls its decade is blamed for by horror aficionados. Steve Hutchison, Tales of Terror. It’s all set design and bloody effects, and while that might have been just fine during the early to mid-Eighties splatter movie boom, it’s just plain boring now. Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle. With its clunky narrative and lack of solid scares or gory effusions until the obligatory all-stops-out climax, pic ends up with little to excite fans of Elm Street -style shockers or Hooper’s own Poltergeist. Godfrey Cheshire, Variety. With its hysterical Bible recitations and poorly choreographed battles and chases, it offers the horror-movie equivalent of visual and verbal gibberish. Stephen Holden, The New York Times. As is, he and the design team are seeking an eerily Gothic look. It stars Thomas Jane, Molly Parker and Dylan Schmid. Mike Patton, of rock band Faith No More, composed the soundtrack score. According to Movieweb, Stephen King has seen a rough cut of the movie and felt it was “super creepy” and that it “won’t leave his mind. . His wife Arlette owns adjoining land willed to her by her father. She seeks to sell her land to a livestock company for use as a pig farm and slaughterhouse. If she does so, Wilfred will be forced to sell as well.

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(A dragon might help there, but he still needed a dragon. He was effectively out-of-the-picture for centuries and it took him considerable time to raise an army big enough to do whatever it is that he wants to do. It should be part of the same coin concerning the “why” of the Night King’s disappearance (? efeat ? ithdrawal ? ruce) centuries before. Bran ultimately might see why that was (which, although well short of omnipotent, is still pretty damn powerful). Both Walkers and wights seem to sense the living in some way different from mere sight. (Given that so many of the wights have lost their eyes, yet still can target and attack people, that almost has to be the case. The Faceless Men’s tricks, which are so effective against visually oriented humans, probably would be useless against the Walkers. I imagine anyone who goes tonight will require a lengthy obit. Not sure if I’m looking forward to that, but we shall see. Blinded so much, he seems to have conveniently forgotten that his great discreet deed in life was to save KL from the transformational whims of the Mad King via wildfire. I think his reaction to Cersei (who was able to carry out what he tried to prevent! would be more than a cocked head and a concerned expression. (! I believe he is only in it (pregancy or not) to save his Lannister house from extinction.

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For best results on the Mavic Pro and similar drones, 4K resolution with D-Log as your color setting is the best bet. 4K, with proper post-processing, will look best on high-resolution displays, and D-Log provides the smoothest rolloffs in highlights after it is processed. The downsides of shooting this way is you’ll have large video files need to post-process them. If you want to have something closer to instant gratification, then 2. K resolution and D-Cinelike color is probably your best option. Especially if you’re shooting 4K, make sure and use a fast enough microSD card so that you don’t lose any frames. You’ll also get to tweak the contrast, saturation, and sharpness. If you’re using D-Log, setting your contrast and saturation to -1 gives the best raw material to work with. While auto white balance is good on the Mavic Pro, manually setting the white balance is important if you need a consistent look throughout a clip, and to allow you to process the entire clip similarly once you get to the computer. Typically, that means a fairly standard value between 5500K and 6500K for well-lit scenes, but you may want to experiment with more radical settings for sunrise or sunset shots. Finally, you’ll almost certainly want to use a filter. Since you can’t close down the camera aperture on your Mavic or most other drones, you’ll need to place a neutral density filter over the camera to accomplish that. PolarPro makes excellent ones, in 8x, 16x, and 32x (3,4 and 5 stops for those used to still camera measurements). For a little richer colors, you can use a combination filter that is both an ND filter and a polarizer. The only trick is that polarizers are sensitive to the direction of the sun, so they work best if you’re planning to fly in a consistent direction and place the filter so the scene looks best when facing in that direction. It isn’t easy to capture smooth video flying by hand, but with practice it’s possible. Fiddling with the controller settings to reduce the response of the drone and the gimbal can also be quite helpful.


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The second is Moqorro, who is pretty blatantly puffing Victarion up with grand visions of the glory he will win, in a manner that just as clearly suggests he’s playing Vic for a chump. On the other hand, it may succeed, only for Victarion to get felled by Euron or Moqorro’s machinations. I never said that no version of Varys killing him would work; indeed, I explicitly said they might change it. If I could hook you up, I would, your brave majesty. But I also think you-all are really on to something with the sorceress’ involvement with the dragons. The scene wasn’t really that memorable except that look she gave Tyrion. Wonder if they planned on bringing her back in this current role that Miss Liburd has occupied but changed it for some reason. Could lend more weight to Kinarva being a version of Moqorro too as he had a similarly brief interaction with Tyrion as he was travelling to Mereen. Although come to think of it, Benerro had a similar role to the nameless Red Priestess in Season 5. And then it’s B-A-B-A-B-A, and not like a cute little lamb. Sheep would be so much more endearing, as long as Drogon wasn’t around. That written, something about the way the scene was setup sort of screamed “Major Gun Hanging! to me. Obviously, there was the “here-and-now” hanging of providing Tyrion with still more reason to think that Daenerys was worth seeking. However, I think that the scene might be the sort to stick in the very back of peoples’ minds: it is not so much that they will be expecting things because of it as it is that they will be quickly reminded of it next year, and thus quickly reminded that Daeny actually has a potential groundswell of support throughout Essos. Her speech to the slaves showed there is support for Daenerys, but it also showed something else. It was, to me, a very direct parallel to the look Mel gave Jon when Stannis first arrived at the Wall.

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Max starred Lee J. Cobb as an inner-city physician, Journey from Darkness featured Marc Singer as a blind student, and Eric was about an athlete (John Savage) with terminal illness. Goldstone’s two literary miniseries featured Harry Hamlin as James T. Farrell’s Studs Lonigan, and Hart Bochner as Jake Barnes and Jane Seymour as Brett Ashley in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Of Goldstone’s biographical dramas, Lynda Carter might as well have been this script’s Rita Hayworth, Jane Alexander enlivened Calamity Jane, and Cliff Robertson was in his element as Mel Fisher, who spent his life looking for gold in sunken galleons off the Florida coast. His busy series work includes episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street, The Sopranos, Crossing Jordan, and Veronica Mars. Dana Delaney stars in Final Jeopardy, about the murder of an actress at a country estate, playing the district attorney who wants 203 to understand if the victim was indeed the intended target. Most of Goodell’s films as a writer have plumbed the darker genres, including Shattered Spirits (1986), Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive (1992), My Brother’s Keeper (1995), and the fact-based miniseries about Florida crimes, When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn (1993). Murderous Intent is another fact-based Florida case, and Terror in the Family is of primary interest mostly because it stars two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank in her salad days as a parents-beating teen who moves in with her aunt. Down Will Come Baby starred Evan Rachel Wood as a teen whose mom (Meredith Baxter) takes an out-of-town job and whose father (Tom Amandes) and her become cozy with the at-first helpful new neighbor (Diana Scarwid). In Cruel Justice, A Martinez stars as a father whose daughter’s rapist is acquitted. A Father’s Homecoming, filmed in Covington, Georgia, features Michael McKean and Cynthia Stevenson. STUART GORDON b. August 7, 1947, Chicago, Illinois Special: Bleacher Bums (1979, co-directed with Pat Denny) Movie: Daughter of Darkness (1990) A writer and producer, Gordon directed the cult horror favorite Re-Animator (1985). His films as a director include From Beyond (1986), Robot Jox (1990), Castle Freak (1995), Space Truckers (1996), the Latino comedy The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit with Joe Mantegna, and King of the Ants (2003). Bleacher Bums was PBS’s adaptation of the play about Chicago baseball fans, written by and starring Mantegna and Dennis Franz. Daughter of Darkness was an extremely atmospheric plunge into a dark underground of brooding lost-soul types starring Mia Sara and Anthony Perkins.