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Martin and are used here under the doctrine of fair use. Because of the copyright, I do not and cannot sell a copy of this chart as a poster but you can download an electronic version for free so long as you use it for personal use only. Any false copyright claims may be dealt with legally. I've created a playlist of all the videos used in the compilation. Rameses B - Game Of Thrones Theme Song - Dubstep Remix. The casting you down and take all you hold dear: It's all about Joffrey. Cersei loved her children, but not as much as Joffrey. (Same reason Catelyn pleaded emotionally for Robb's life: He's my son. My first son. Sansa was the sole responsible for his death. Margaery was a red herring.

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Overall 84 percent of students said they would like to have Paro at school and 80 percent said they would like to have iRobiQ at school. Overall, 83 percent of students said Paro made them more interested in science and 77 percent of students said that iRobiQ did. Girls and boys had similar answers to most questions, but on the four questions where there was a gender difference, girls were more positive than boys. Significantly more girls (91 percent) said they would like to have Paro at their school than boys (78 percent). More girls (90 percent) wanted iRobiQ at their schools compared to 72 percent of boys. Dr. Broadbent says that we need to motivate more students to go into science and technology careers, especially girls, so these results are promising. Teachers also had a favourable impression of Paro and iRobiQ, with 68 percent of teachers saying they would like to have Paro at school, 22 percent were not sure, and 9 percent did not know. Responses were similar for iRobiQ with 60 percent of teachers saying they would like to have iRobiQ at school, 20 percent were unsure and would like to see the robot improved, and 20 percent did not want iRobiQ at school. Given the prevalence of anxiety and depression in school-age children, robots may be a useful tool in school -based approaches to promote mental health. This phenomenon already has several applications such as enabling the analysis of small samples of blood.

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But based on all those wine glasses in pics, there will be drinking games. However, I noticed something that several people seemed to notice too this week about Arya’s fight scene-so watch out for one of Rickon’s legs to be injured or removed (maybe so he won’t run away like Reek? Osha is crazy enough to become Ramsay’s new bed warmer to stay alive. Would not be the first time, and he’d probably find her interesting. Yes-I’m wishing horrible things on them in the hopes that they stay alive. He could see things that don’t relate to him personally-quick vision montage for us history buffs and be ticked he still doesn’t know what’s in the tower. I love the visions, so I would be okay with anything. Kind of nervous about tonight’s episode tbh. (Rickon anxiety). I’m very much hoping we will get a version of the pink letter, but we’ll see, I’m also hoping for some Dragon action and I suspect we might see the N K tonight so maybe we will see a bit of Bran. But if it happens it has to be in the EP where Dany wins over the horde or at least the EP before she does.

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