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y love The shadows come. o stay fIrE420911. Khaleesi will lose 1 dragons in each 1. attle against the white walkers 2. attle against cersie Yet game of thrones is known for surprising the shit out of you so I think it won't be a happy ending and there will be a sequel Just saying Ryan Taylor. Since you are talking about season 8 do you think we will finally get to see Danys three betrayals. Of course it's possible they could bring Daario back for season 8 as a member of the GOLD company. I believe he made a deal with Cersei on account of the baby she is carrying. One for love, I believe Jon will betray her for love. All through the books it talks about how much he loves his little sister Arya. If he had to choose between saving one or the other it's possible he would save Arya. Most of what you said, I would agree with - I would expect major battles every other episode - so maybe 1,3, and 5 with 2,4,being transitions, resetting the board so to speak, final episode will be clean up. Jon reuniting with other Starks ep.

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But really, check him out, he’s farther to the right than 99% of the frogs. I’ve gotten really deep into Straussianism and it’s still a mystery to me how he’s connected to the Neocons. My conspiracy theory about this is at there is an ORAL (no, not that kind of oral) tradition that tautologically isn’t visible in his books. I haven’t read his stuff on Zionism yet but I’ve gotten a lot of hate under another mask for ennobling the name of Leo Strauss, since he’s associated with the Neo-cons. Strauss and his first generation of students are brilliant, and I mean brilliant, rightists. Is there an oral tradition, of “””Optics”””, whatever it is, I don’t want to go in to it. He too saw BGE as N’s central achievement, he too saw that GM, which is largely taken to be central by the french pomos to be a mere “polemic” in comparison. In his autobio N said that BGE was a “Schule des gentilhomme”; this is how I’ve always looked at the Antiversity. BTW, government official reading this, I want you to come to my house, and get on your knees, and suck my cock. Better today than tomorrow, it’s going to happen eventually, you’re going to help me reach climax like a good head masturbation machine. While you’re obsessed with your work of stalking right-wing trolls online we are hooking up with your wives. “He’s completely lost in his work, he doesn’t spend enough time with me, I’m so sad, I thought he loved me”. I took your wife to the aquarium the other day while you were sweating in front of a computer screen and we held hands.

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Arya tells Jon she’s going to go to the Riverlands. Gendry volunteers but Arya refuses, saying Jon needs him more. Where they meet Meera, who takes Jon to her father Howland who is dying on his bed. Ship to Dragonstone: Bran decides this is a good time to tell everyone of Jon’s parentage making him heir, Sam backs him up. Dany is shocked. Kingsroad: Jon talks to Jamie and Tyrion about his parentage. They meet with Cersei at the dragonpit and ask for her help. She refuses, Golden Company ambush to make sure no one leaves Kings Landing. Bronn arrives to help them escape but Jon is caught. Dany inspires the survivors and orders the army to sail to Kings Landing. Jamie decides to go plead with Cersei while Tyrion gets the Lannister forces, while the rest take out the Golden Company and let the people of Kings Landing escape. Gets cornered but is saved by the Tormund and Gendry. Jon is in the cells where he sees a dead rotting Ellaria and her daughter, and another cell occupied by Theon and Yara.

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If Dillinger had split the scene then and there, he might have enjoyed a happier fate, but he falls for beautiful coat-check girl Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard, whose open-hearted performance makes her the most sympathetic character in the film). In the end, though, Dillinger is the captain of his own destiny: his loyalty to his girl and his gang overpowers his desire to live free. In this case, however, the tight-lipped Purvis never develops the same sort of esteem for Dillinger--or Hoover--making him the more tragic figure. If Public Enemies is less overtly commercial than The Untouchables or Bugsy, it's still the best mainstream gangster epic in ages and ranks among Mann's finest works. --Kathleen C. Fennessy Stills from Public Enemies (Click for larger image). The killers shoot Castle himself in the chest, but he inexplicably survives and--as any moviegoer expects--sets out to even the score. Implausibly, given his sometimes curious and roundabout methods, he succeeds. Somehow all of these things come together to make one of the most enjoyable, funny and bittersweet shows to come along in a long time. Farewell to Chuck (Anna Friel), his true love, brought back to life by Ned and therefore forever untouchable by him again. Farewell to Olive (Kristin Chenoweth), the pixie who pines for our piemaker, and also to Emerson (Chi McBride), the P. . who partners with Ned (and Chuck and Olive) to solve murders with inside information from the briefly revived.

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Jon states that defending the tunnel is hopeless since the gates will not stop the giants in Mance Rayder's army. He proposes they seal the tunnel, but Alliser Thorne refuses to listen. Jon, Pypar, and Eddison Tollett try to comfort a distraught Sam, who believes that Gilly and her baby are dead. Grenn is furious that the wildlings slaughtered the inhabitants of Mole's Town, which included brothers of the Night's Watch. Sam attempts to interrogate Jon about what it was like to be with a woman, stating that as their deaths are likely imminent, it may be his last chance to find out. Jon replies glumly that Ser Alliser most likely does not care about their interpretations. While they start to prepare for the massive wildling army that is emerging from the woods, another horn blows from down below at Castle Black, signaling the unanticipated appearance of Tormund's band of wildlings at Castle Black. Alliser decides to go down and defend the keep, leaving Janos Slynt in charge of the Wall's defenses. Even though a wildling strike force led by two giants, one of which is riding a mammoth, charge towards Castle Black's outer gate, Janos Slynt does nothing and breaks down, demoralizing the troops. The black brothers continue to rain down arrows on the advancing wildlings, even killing ones that are attempting to scale the Wall. One giant, armed with a massive bow, manages to fire a huge arrow at one of the bunkers atop the Wall, and Jon is unable to warn his brothers fast enough before the giant fires again, violently killing one of his black brothers. Although Jon manages to repel most of the wildlings attacking the outer gate, including the mammoth, one giant manages to single-handedly lift the gate. Jon, knowing the inner gate won't hold against him, sends a group of black brothers lead by Grenn to hold it at any cost.


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