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not saying that it will come -- my goal is to make the correct career choices that will give me the opportunity to pick and choose what I want to do. And yeah, I don? want to be famous, that? not why I? doing this -- but I want to make big films. O: Would you consider doing a soap opera, or any regular television series. J: Sure, my heart and soul is in film, but I don? think, right now, I have the name, or the clout to judge any form of art. (Photo: Jonathon Trent at latest cover of IN Magazine, published in Southern California) O: What? the best compliment you? e received since Boy Culture has been showing in different festivals. J: The best compliment that I received was in New York, and a woman came up to me and said, ? ou reminded me exactly, you were identical to one of my daughter? best friends. She explained that her daughter? best friend was like a splitting image of Joey.


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Recalling the demise of grindhouse double-bill moviehouses on 42nd Street. The former editor of STARLOG’s poignant encounter with Denise Crosby. The fight to film Hammer’s 1962 opera house ghost. From Sweeney Todd to Re-Animator, a survey of more than 30 musical horrors. The sometimes tortured history of Dark Shadows conventions. The science behind synthetic flesh, alligator skin and faces of marble. Examining the earliest monster animations (Evolution and Slumber Mountain). From Dracula to censorship, puncturing long-held beliefs. A watchdog’s look at the flood of Price films on disc. How James Whale invented a new take in his sequel. How Star Wars mania pushed monsters to the back pages. Pioneers of the horror-talk genre. — Damn Dirty Geeks Hollywood pros and fans talk shop every month. — Dark Discussions Timely talk of horrors old and new. — Deadpit Radio Monster talk from bigfoot country. — Doctor of the Dead Podcast of zombies, by zombies, for zombies.


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Clinton’s campaign never reached out to me and asked me to step up. I did that on my own because I believed it needed to be done. Staunch Bernie Sanders supporters like Congressman Keith Ellison campaigned for her. Ben Jealous, the former head of the NAACP, who campaigned his heart out for Bernie, campaigned widely for Hillary. Even actors and actresses like Tim Robbins and Sarah Silverman, who campaigned for a year for Bernie, eventually came around and endorsed her. KING: We should not wait and see what a Trump administration does These men and women were all major voices in Bernie’s movement, but they all came around and did their part. But, here we are anyway, with the two groups of people the Democratic Party needs to be coming to with their hat in hand, black folk and progressives, getting weird blowback for something they didn’t cause. The Democratic Party, and many of its most dedicated supporters, are being strangely self-righteous and arrogant right now, in the moment when a little humility is certainly called for. You see, there’s a king’s ransom up for grabs as Apple’s next game-changer makes its way outside of the company’s secretive design labs in Silicon Valley. But, one stock that’s poised to benefit the most from Apple’s next game-changer IS NOT Apple. While millions of tech-hungry consumers line up to get their hands on Apple’s global sensations, a group of in-the-know investors will be licking their chops to capitalize on a backdoor way to potentially profit as Apple’s products fly off the shelves. Here’s how. Apple is set to sell millions of new Apple Watches, PLUS millions of iPhones, PLUS millions of iPads. What most people don’t know is there’s an invaluable, tiny component inside all of these devices that Apple doesn’t manufacture in-house. They don’t make it because they don’t have the technology OR the patents to do so. Translation: This tiny company essentially gets paid every time Apple sells a new device.


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This whole movie is because the god damn mother didn’t say “goodbye” when she. God dammit people just follow the god damn rules! The 3. Because of her fuck up her god damn youngest daughter. Doris gets possessed by some Marcus guy. Poor Doris. Small innocent child. You don’t. T. . her eyes turn white and her mouth opens super wide. It's frickin’ scary. She's a scary fuckin' bitch and I’ll never not think about it before I go to sleep. And. Please comment or follow or whatever you do when you read blogs. How the hell is he going to get those out?