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That wasn’t a tease, it was a reminder. In the dark with everything and be totally captivated watching it. Imo if you do something like that, then put a little tease in it, like Daredevil did for example (who ever can spot it gets some internet cred from me. ? ). That wasn’t a tease, it was a reminder. So grow up and keep your negative comments about other people to yourself. The long night is coming, and the dead are coming with it. This totally turns the tables, what if ALL the dead will rise during the long night. Now I have to see what the time difference between here and Moscow is. Everyone wants to know for sure what happened to Jon- they don’t even need to release a trailer, really. They know everyone will be back because of that cliffhanger. They got their whole “here’s a big show so we will advertise a GoT teaser before it” out of the way, I am thinking a trailer will pop up shortly after.

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Ask yourself would it really have mattered to the plot if that had been missed out. I don’t think it would have made one jot of a difference. Doesn’t need to have that much detail as long as the essence is gotten across. If they want to explore these characters more then do a prequel series where they can be done justice. A couple of flashbacks won’t cut it plus a lot of viewers are put off by them ( see Lost) as they distract from the present. With such a large universe the show is set in then to be distracted by things that can lead onto a much wider picture can be a dangerous route to go down. Do them in full seperately or don’t do them at all I say. I would rather have had Dorne done properly. hope they keep the flashbacks to a minimum. This universe is rich, but you feel that as a book reader. For show watchers scenes like that, or Valyria, or whatever, make this story rich. If they want to explore these characters more then doa prequel series where they can be done justice. For one thing, most of the audience has not watched prior episodes in many months and even years.

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It does eventually catch up, however this can and these issues don't occur. So I have libflashplayer. o and flashplayer. pt right in folders are located in the Firefox installation directory, e. . C:\Program Files\Mozilla Player 7. . 2. I cannot find a mozilla installing the plugin in firefox for linux: 1. Decompress it, then copy libflashplayer. o to your Mozilla front of me, but where do they go. Here's what the plugin doc says about plugin directory or components directory. Tambien en adultswim (cartoonnetworks tarde programacion nocturna NO porno), es una pantalla en negro.

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If we go back to Christianity will our grandsons not have to repeat what we’re doing now. That is the MAIN thing that is driving me with this. If we go with Christianity will our future descendants have to trudge through the same problems that we face now. I would like to nip it in the bud and be done with it, not only for our sake but for their sake. I only advocate occultism for the few for now until we figure out how to formulate a religion on a mass-scale. We’ll probably find more answers dabbling with occultism than we will shitposting is my hunch. I have worked with a lot of mid and low cogs and frankly they dont give a shit about anything but being left to work and raise families mostly, its like they knows theres all sorts of things they dont know and that some of it will be very surprising so they not ever surprised. First of all Im at that age where im looking back and wondering what i spent my life on and like most post modernity humans am a bit bitter and I actually did a lot of adventurous stuff what its made me wonder is similar to my capitalism questions is what exactly is it i want my civilization to be efficent at. I think the answer is i want a life i enjoy living that should be the point of my civilization after survival. The japanese have a culture like this oddly for a primitive warrior people though i think celts also. I think if we had full information we would act rationally enough. I hesitate to speak of whites as such and I tend to speak of millennials because they’re the ones I know best: millennials in general are a cross between herd and priest and they suck at both. That is largely why I’ve turned my back on them and have given my funeral oration to them a few times on here now.

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Fox, Kathy Bates, and Jeremy Renner all suited up in very different styles for the female-centric event. UnREAL's Constance Zimmer went for a metallic navy gown while Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell wrapped things up in plum velvet. Other attendees included Felicity Jones, Amber Valletta, and Ashley Benson in not-so-basic black attire. The mind-bending puzzle features dozens of the brightly-coloured birds against a green background but the figure hidden among them is deceptively difficult to spot. Internet users are claiming to spend anything from 30 seconds to five minutes trying to locate the dancer, which is well hidden due to her bright pink dress. The puzzle, designed by Dancewear Central, was created to raise awareness of ballet and dance. It is just the latest of a series of brainteasers sweeping the web. Another puzzler was a creepy photo of something lurking in a dark basement caused more than a few people to jump out of their skin after being shared on Imgur. The sinister black and white photo features a red circle and viewers are urged to zoom in on the photo to find out what's in it. However, the image - which has been viewed more than 120,000 times - left people baffled when they can't see anything untoward within the circle. However, others admitted to feeling scared once they finally spotted what was wrong with the image. In fact, there is nothing troubling within the red circle, but if you look to the left of the photo you will see a creepy face peering around the corner. The optical illusion snap has been shared before but has recently resurfaced online.