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Sam is now Lord of the Reach for all intents and purposes and with heartsbain to go with the title as is his due. Besides, the Lord of Winterfell is somewhat higher up the rank structure than the Night's Watch, so Jon can effectively dismiss Samwell at his pleasure. I think he’s broken enough vows of the nights watch at this point. While Sam might have ill feelings towards his father, he never actively resents Dickon, just how his father upped him to push away Sam. The fact that you believe that Samwell, who cried over killing a goddamn WW, would actually rejoice at the mention that his father and his brother died with no choice, says a lot about you. Leaving the Citadel however did break his vows, and made it apparent he didn't care to be in the Nights Watch anymore. They were both A holes to him and his father was going to kill him if he didn’t take the black. They get to rape, murder, vandalize, and extort without consequence or repercussion in this universe. The other characters obvious flaws give you every reason to support the walkers. Cersie sees her brother Tyrion dwarfish traits in her new and now only child. That will make her go totally crazy. Yelp. This could end badly. Jon and Arya, Sam and Bran, Arya and Gendry, Sansa and the Hound, Jorah and Sam. A pat on the shoulder and maybe taking a knee is all that I see him doing. He'll tell Dany his opinion of what his place should be should stay the same. The leader of the North, at least, but in support of her claim to the throne. Since end of season 1 to now, Dany has had the notion of going to Westeros and winning back the Iron Throne.

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The episode finished with Daenerys landing in her ancestral home and saying 'Shall we begin? Indeed. Episode 2 Whilst the first few series of Thrones was known for its courtroom scheming and politicking, season seven has been getting through the action qiuckly. A lot happened in Episode 2: Grey Worm and Missandei got to know each other a bit more, Jon left for Dragonstone to meet Dany, Arya met her direwolf again, Sam did some ad-hoc surgery that was disgusting and Euron cemented his new status of Westeros' most daring and likable villain. Our Andrew gave the episode four stars, so for a more detailed account of the episode, click here. Episode 3. We saw Cersei extract some imaginative and cruel revenge before celebrating with some intercourse with her brother - as you do - and Arya on her return to Winterfell where Bran had just made it to. The ending of this episode had a fantastic twist, with Jaime learning from his mistakes, and quite simply the best dying words yet from a fan favourite. Putting the Battle of the Bastards, Hardhome and Blackwater Bay in the shade episode 4 gave us the best battle scene yet as Dany finally rode Drogo into battle. The resulting chaos was exciting and horrifying all at once and viewers were torn as favourite characters battled against one another. A truly fantastic episode and sure to go down in the annals of history. Daenerys has Drogon burn Randyll and Dickon alive to sticking with Cersei. Maester Wolkan alerts Jon and the Citadel about the approaching wights to the Eastwatch by the Sea. Samwell steals several books and leaves with Gilly and Little Sam. Jon, Jorah, and Gendry, joined by the Hound, the Brotherhood, and a group of the Free Folk led by Tormund, leave Eastwatch and pass the Wall. Tensions between Arya and Sansa grow following her discovery of the letter. Beyond the Wall, Jon leads a raiding party to capture a wight to bring South to show White Walkers exist. After a successful trip the group is besieged by the White Walker army.

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You're on a stealth mission and you don't think a single ranged weapon might come in handy. It is NOT EASY to pick up anchor chain and drag it, let alone shoulder it. If skeletons fall from the impact of a warhammer, then the weight of the chain alone would make the skeletons collapse. I mean, Drogon is mama's favorite and already has enough attention. Rhaegal is named after Rhaegar, who has always seemed like an asshole. And if Sansa kills Baelish and cuts off his fact, that'll prove to Arya that Sansa is ok sister and then they can hang out. It makes not damn sense, does anyone have a clue what the writers are intending there. Lumber drying would be more exciting than the final battle (just kill the Night King), imagine trying to prepare massive quantities of lumber in such an exacting way that it won't unexpectedly bend or crack. My province tried to build a replica schooner and its taken 8 years and 25 million dollars, ships of any sort are immensely complicated, and when you're building 1000 of them everything is in short supply. Especially since even in close combat, you're not going to get near enough to the Night's King to take him out hand-to-hand. Pull a quick U-turn and just torch the geriatric prog rocker-looking dudes on the horses. All the zombies will power down and then Jon and Dany can bone on a dragon. The series could end and HBO could take the leftover money to invest in a new fantasy series. Just end it. There's no way the writers can produce anything that will be even remotely faithful to the early show's potential at this point. He was just hanging out with this particular shamble at the time. Re-watched the dragon raising scene to see how the chains were attached and became fascinated by the amount of buckles on the Night King's outfit. They all have matching boots and outfits like a Eurovision group.

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In order to commit feudal treason, one must have a liege. Littlefinger certainly swore oaths of faithful service to the crown and as Lord Protector of the Vale, but those are the only contexts in which he could have acted treasonously. If they are merely putting on a show trial with no pretense of a fair hearing, why go through the trouble at all. They could merely have had Arya slip into his room and open his throat in the night. The only reason to have a trial is to delegitimize him in front of his allies, which doesn’t happen because they present no evidence and, from Royce’s actions, it appears they never supported him to begin with. She is THE LAW, until her brother but not really comes back. The treason charge stands for the murder of Lysa, if not for the plot against Ned. Did they have a scene of Bran proving his seer ability before this. I find it hard to believe that a foreign lord such as Royce, or even the other banners of the North, would accept what a crippled boy says at face value. He doesn’t even have enough social capital to press his rights as heir to Winterfell, much less be believed in so fantastic a claim. In the end, it took an omniscient clairvoyant from out of myth to best Littlefinger. Why is he spying on the wight king if he, seemingly, didn’t see the one surprise the dead had planned coming. He could have spied on jon, if only to ascertain his well being. Just stay north forever? I wrote an ebook once that sold literally tens of copies and in mapping out a sequence we thought through the logic that was very similar (how would the villain know that this thing would be here that would alter the events of a battle and allow him to do something that hasn’t ever been done before). I’m not a professional writer and it’s not a very good book. But even I saw that it makes no sense and changed it. Afterall there is magic in the wall that prevents them from crossing.