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We've seen him. Involved in countless fights over his 5 seasons on the show, and there's only been a handful of times where he has even shown that he was being challenged. Most recently we witnessed his rampage against the rogue former members of the brotherhood. That fight was 3 on 1 and they never stood a chance. We've seen similar fights at the battle of blackwater, and the inn vs. Polliver and co. (Granted Arya provided a small assist there) His lone defeat came at the hands of Brienne, who as you can see from my list, I consider to be one of the greatest warriors also. And it's popular opinion that he only lost because of how hungry, dehydrated, and I'll from infection he was. Aside from that one fight ( which was still a brutal, evenly matched, endurance test of a fight, he has essentially dominated. Say you can objectively say Knight A is nr1 the world. Just because Knight B always loses to Knight A doesn't make him bad. So far, we've seen him accept Ned Stark's command to take out Gregor Clegane, fight, and lose, to Sandor Clegane, fail to keep Arya Stark as a hostage, and hang three outlaws. That's it. Based on that alone, he is nowhere near top 10 in my opinion.

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She just met this King Snow bloke like a month ago. Viserion is one of three dragons in all of existence born of Dany’s grief and sacrifice and personal spiritual fire and eons of birthright and he was just cut down. But his sexy stab wound scars remind you of your own sacrifices for leadership and yadda yadda yadda and get you all misty-eyed? Ugh. Really didn’t feel this reaction was weighted right. Even if Dany got visual proof of climate change, the raid seemed foolish and under-equipped. Even though he was parked right on the ground in front of The Night King; The Night King is a show-off on top of being an ice-cold asshole. I’m surprised and appreciative that we’re getting way more of the latter this season. But is the spectacle more important than the story. I enjoy a more languorous pace and more concrete motivation instead of watching pieces move on a painted table. I love me some dragons burning shit and guys in furs swinging swords, but I appreciate good conversation, too. Gendry whinges. Tormund tells the Hound he loves Brienne. Speaking of the Maid of Tarth, Littlefinger actually offered good advice about Brienne being willing to intercede between the fighting Stark girls if Arya gets too out of line against her sister.

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