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However, there are definite benefits to using a database designed for your time series data. Scalability is one of those magical words that we hear often and is used correctly sometimes. The general problem with time series and scale outside of a time series database is this: if Skynosaur flies for 1,500 hours (the minimum number of hours for a commercial pilot's license), we've already reached over a million data points for one device. The makers of Skynosaur (Skynosaurus Rex, Inc. could have thousands of devices sending data home. Querying by timestamp would involve millions of rows of data in a relational database. People often claim that SQL databases don't scale well while NoSQL databases do, but it was easier for me to understand in terms of ACID vs. BASE. To unfairly summarize, ACID-compliant databases are concerned with guaranteeing validity — data should be atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable. The BASE model allows us to give up some of the ACID principles for the sake of speed, or scale, or whatever we want to prioritize. To decide which system works, we need to establish the main purpose of our database. If we don't care about durable data, we can write commands without flushing to disk (meaning the data probably won't survive a reboot). If we don't care about atomicity, we can shorten the duration that data sets are locked. For example, time series data is more valuable as a whole than as individual points, so the database knows it can sacrifice durability for the sake of a higher number of writes. Skynosaur sends data home every five seconds, so if we lost some data points in 1,500 hours of flight time, our overall trends would still be intact. Scalability, in this case, means that a time series database specializes in a higher number of writes with eventual consistency, even across distributed storage, and that specialty means less worry for the people that care about that data. If all of our data lived in a secure, durable black box, we could breathe easy. But how we access the data can be just as important as its storage. Every database has its query language, designed to access the contents as efficiently as possible. Keep that in mind because as we mentioned earlier, time series data is special.

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Tujuannya adalah untuk mengirim pesan kepada militan. Jika penangguhan dilakukan, maka ini menjadi parade pertama yang ditunda sejak kedua negara terlibat perang pada 1971. Menjelang sore, sedikitnya 2. 00 perempuan, laki-laki, dan anak-anak berkumpul di lokasi parade di perbatasan kedua negara. Sebagian di antara mereka meneriakkan slogan-slogan antiteroris dan jayalah Pakistan. Di India, jumlah penonton yang ikut menyaksikan parade tak sebanyak yang ada di Pakistan. Meski di tengah pengamanan ketat, parade berjalan seperti biasanya. Sedikitnya dua orang sempalan Taliban mengklaim bertanggung jawab atas serangan tersebut. Tapi, mengingat hubungan dingin Pakistan dengan India, beberapa pengamat memperkirakan serangan bisa jadi diplot oleh unsur-unsur yang mencoba untuk menyabotase hubungan antara saingan berat atau menyakiti India. Baik di India maupun Pakis- tan, upacara penurunan bendera sangat populer. Setiap hari warga memenuhi bangku-bangku yang tersedia di sepanjang pos perbatasan kedua negara yang menghadap foto masing-masing bapak pendiri bangsa, yaitu Mahatma Gandhi di sisi India dan Mohammed Ali Jinnah di sisi Pakistan. Sejumlah laporan menyebutkan, polisi menemukan bahan peledak dalam jumlah banyak di kawasan yang selalu dipadati warga tersebut. Montir listrik yang sebalumnya telah memimpin kelompok separatis itu menang dengan mudah. Pemilu hari Minggu itu digelar di tengah penolakan Kiev dan bisa dipastikan akan memperburuk kebuntuan antara Rusia dan Barat terkait masa depan Ukraina. ”KPU pusat menetapkan Alexander Zakharchenko sebagai pemimpin terpilih Republik Rakyat Donetsk,” kata Roman Lyagin, seorang pejabat pemilu, kepada wartawan di Donetsk. Zakharchenko berhasil mengantongi 765. 40 suara atau sekitar 79 persen suara. Pada Minggu malam, Presiden Ukraina Petro Poroshenko, mengecam pemilu tersebut sebagai lelucon yang dilakukan di bawah pemberontakan. Dia mengatakan pemilu yang digelar kelompok separatis itu melanggar perjanjian 5 September yang disepakati kedua belah pihak di Minsk, ibukota Belarusia. (rtr-wul-66) Kapal Imigran Karam, 24 Tewas ISTANBUL - Tim penyelamat berhasil mengangkat 24 mayat dari muara laut di selat Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turki, kemarin.

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om Missing 72-year-old with early stage dementia found abc7news. om Columbus Police look for woman missing from east side nbc4i. om Police: 10-year-old strangled while playing on swing set:: WRAL. om wral. om. The Terriers cut the lead to four in the second half, but USC scored the final 17 points to put it away. 2. Although he was mostly taking what the defense was giving him, Jake Bentley had one of his better days, connecting on 22-of-28 passes for 194 yards. Of those incompletions, four were dropped, another hit the receiver in the hands and the final one came under heavy pressure. 3. The game was played at a glacial pace, with USC only getting eight possessions, including the five-minute one to kill the clock at the game’s end, and seven for Wofford (excluding a few seconds at the end of the first half). Chris Lammons got wistful thanking the fans, young players thanked their seniors and Skai Moore looked back on his decorated South Carolina career. 7. Moore also picked off the 14th pass of his career, tying the school mark set by Bo Davies. 8. Muschamp was optimistic about his team’s health coming out of the game. Shi Smith, who got his first work as top kick returner, hurt his ankle and linebacker Antoine Wilder hurt his elbow, but Muschamp expected both back this week. The Gamecocks drove 40 yards on the opening possession but were forced to punt after a sack knocked them off schedule. 13. Announced attendance was 74,742.

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The artist may ask you to call your friends and allow him to converse. The content of the conversations varies; it's basically about politics and people's relationship to it. Miss Mobile will also be featured at Highways Performance Space, 1651 18th St. Santa Monica. Then, these measurements are captured in real-time during a performance and projected via colorful 3D renderings on a screen for the audience to watch. ou can read the main write-up about the cyberPRINT project, which includes a good overview, descriptions of the technologies and images. Although the use of the body to electronically drive media events is not new, most of the existing works have paid little or no attention to the potential of interactive 3D and aural virtual environments. Nor have they been so technologically advanced, interdisciplinary involved, or spatially focused as the cyberPRINT. The sequence is then reconstructed and played back using shots initiated by the users. A unique network driven algorithm creates a new space and a new language of cinema. Edited in real time, the film sequence can only be reconstructed as a result of audience participation. It depends on the network traffic volume thus creating potentially endless variations. As a contributor to the cinematic structure, but a passive viewer of the result, an audience member is challenged to re-think the role digital technology plays in how we experience our culture. MediaNoche is on the north side of the street in the middle of the block. HOURS: The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 3PM to 7PM. Call for ideas and proposals: Our skin is our vulnerable shell. It protects us and characterizes each one of us as an individual. Besides its physical attributes, our skin conveys differences between people; it takes on ancestral, historical, cultural and political implications. As time flows on, it carves more signs and meanings on our skin. SyS wants to explore this territory from different points of view.

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Sad that we've only got 13 episodes left in the tank. Hopefully something comes from their new best-buddy status. It seems too obvious that Jamie would Kill Cersei, so something else will probably happen regarding her death, but it's almost like he would need to kill her for his arch to mean something at this point. I assumed he can't have kids now but I don't remember that being stated. Not that it would be out of place on a show like this, but eww, no. They really don't know what they are doing with Jaime. After he killed the Mad King for giving him orders to kill his father, after he burned Ned's brother and father, after he wanted to burn all of King's Landing. When we last saw him, we assumed he was left for dead. Game of Thrones season 8 premiere date, theories, spoilers, leaks, trailer, news and everything you need to know. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Game of Thrones season 8 premiere date: When will it start. And now, as of Tuesday, November 13, 2018, we can narrow it down even further, with HBO confirming that the final season will return in April 2019. UK broadcaster Sky Atlantic has also confirmed that the final series will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV alongside the US's HBO airing. Related: Here's why Game of Thrones isn't returning until 2019, according to HBO HBO. Related: Game of Thrones: 10 fan theories that could actually still happen in season 8 Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Marc Rissman ( The Last Kingdom ) confirmed via his Spotlight CV that he'd be playing Harry Strickland, leader of the Golden Company, in season 8, though the credit was later deleted. Whoops! BBC Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. In June, Benioff and Weiss appeared to confirm that the show would wrap up with two shorter seasons. We've had our theories on what it could mean here. Related: 7 big hints about Game of Thrones season 8 that appeared in season 7's finale Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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The show ran for five seasons until 2015, and was never officially canceled but has been on an extended hiatus (and presumably will not return). And I can hardly wrap my head around the scope of hurt I brought on them. . Netflix canceled an upcoming planned stand-up special (but will keep his previous specials on its service), HBO pulled all Louis C. . s content from its On Demand library, and production company The Orchard has scrapped its plan to distribute his new film, I Love You, Daddy. Universal Pictures and Illumination also announced that they’d “terminated their relationship with Louis C. . on The Secret Life of Pets 2. . He is a writer and producer, known for Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993), Louie (2010) and Down to Earth (2001). The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here. Loading Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy Louis CK Stand Up. As far as licensed content goes, however, Amazon Prime may hold a slight edge, thanks to owning exclusive rights to HBO’s back catalog. Well-crafted, engrossing, and hypnotic, The Americans is one of best TV shows — if not the best TV show — right now, and its phenomenal recently completed fourth season finally gained the series the Emmy recognition it so richly deserves. The series has unfortunately finally reached its end, but that means there’s no better time to start binge-watching The Americans than now. When it does return, a recently introduced new character will up his game and we’ll see his screen time expanded. Former winner Reba McEntire hosts the big event from Las Vegas, Nevada. It was far from perfect, but I had a great time running around with friends in co-op and exploring the Dark Zone for better loot.

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Its trajectory in that regard is largely unwritten to this point, but can be predicted with a fair amount of certainty: near-universal praise will come first, followed by the inevitable backlash, followed by an almost apologetic, “ya know, maybe we were too hard on this thing that we loved at first” sort of acceptance. If we could just skip all that, and take it as a given, it would save us all a lot of time and effort — but it’s on the way, so tune in or out of all that as you see fit. My concerns here are considerably more prosaic: to talk about the movie as what it began “life” as, to wit — “just” a movie. If, then, shelling out ten or fifteen bucks to watch Black Panther is an inherently defiant or dissident act (and I’m not saying it is ), then it’s a highly commodified and co-opted one. So while Black Panther may not be a radical (or even a particularly political ) work in and of itself, it may inspire some radicalism in the future — one can only hope, at any rate. Unlike, apparently, most people, I find the overwhelming majority of Marvel flicks to be hopelessly redundant, formulaic, lowest-common denominator fare directed in a flat and lifeless “house style” with no particular visual flair, no particularly standout performances, no particular vision to do anything but get audiences keyed up for the next one. They exist as a self-perpetuating celluloid organism, one with no distinct personality but a lot of business sense and promotional muscle. This has been going on for so long, and with so much box office success, that I went into flick essentially expecting more of the same — sure, I knew it had a predominantly-black cast, and was set in Africa (albeit in a fictitious country), but that doesn’t mean that director Ryan Coogler was going to break the mold in any appreciable way. Hell, it doesn’t even mean that he would be allowed to do so. Happily, my pessimism was turned on its ear almost from word the word “go” here. This is blockbuster fare not only in name, but in execution, with visual effects that amaze, sets that inspire awe, cinematography that commands attention, action that sizzles, a script that charges forward, and music that slicks that trajectory along. This is arresting cinema that doesn’t even give you the option to leave your seat. It ranges from good to great, and thankfully the great includes the key players: Chadwick Boseman is regal yet human, fallible, relatable in the film’s central role: Forest Whitaker embodies aged wisdom tinged with regret as high priest Zuri; Michael B. Jordan is the first truly formidable villain, crucially one with a compelling backstory and some entirely valid philosophical viewpoints, as Killmonger; Martin Freeman not only reprises, but considerably expands, his already-extant “MCU” role of CIA agent Everett K. Brown makes the most of limited but significant screen time as T’Challa’s late uncle, N’Jobu; Andy Serkis — as a human this time! — chews up the screen with dangerous charm as Ulysses Klaue (or “Klaw,” as the comics would have it). African history is far less patriarchal than is commonly believed, and in Wakanda that proud matriarchal lineage is exemplified, modernized, magnified — and honored. Black Panther goes one further by creating the moment. It’s as near to flawless as big-budget blockbusters get and eschews the too-common-flaw that movies made on this scale have of dumbing things down to appeal to the masses. Coogler and company instead trust those same masses to be intelligent enough to meet them on their level, and to respond to being talked “up,” rather than “down,” to.

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he reaction of the crowd is completely in character. uring those time this was seen as entertainment no matter who was being paraded or who the monarch was. ot to mention Cersei must have already done some pr. uron and Cersei together are stuff nightmares are made of but I’m gonna enjoy watching it. And as the women aren’t naked- it’s clearly not gonna happen. Obara or Nymeria may see the same fate as Falia Flowers in TWOW Meh, with Yara gone the Ironborn will probably get rid of Theon, he’s not leader material. I think some of the first comments I saw in episode review articles last season about Gemma’s ass in those leather pants came from female writers. Mods: spoiler codes aren’t working again Maybe Ellaria will come down with pneumonia after parading around in the cold wintry rain with her belly sticking out. I am afraid Cersei will try to give them to Qyburn, but Jaime will make sure they stay in the dungeons so they can be traded as hostages. Dragonpit- I guess Cersei could actually bring them to the parlay to show good faith. Priscila: Dragonpit- I guess Cersei could actually bring them to the parlay to show good faith. The only problem with that idea is that those three actresses weren’t part of the 17 filming that scene. Exactly but most of the plot has been a series of poor decisions. Tyene lookin’ cute with her hair down. Mmm-hmmm. Mio: Do the smallfolks think Ellaria, Yara and co blew up the sept or something. Cersei doesn’t care about other women, especially those who killed her daughter. I love it! The Sand Snakes killed an innocent 15 year old girl and Yara and the ironborn killed and plundered in the North. I had already said this on the other thread, but I’m going to say it again here.