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Ita? like testing a raincoat by taking it on holiday to Saudi Arabia, then saying, a? stayed dry as a bone all week, it works perfectly. . Elop is setto rejoin Microsoft, his former employer. How does a team with ambitions of challenging for Champions League football and, dare we say, the Premier League title get by on a couple of days' preparation every other week? Democrats have consistently rejected a piecemeal approach, preferring instead to find agreement on a bill that would reopen the entire federal government. A video and some additional pages further detailed how users could adjust those settings. Outsourcing government functions to private companies was widely embraced as a means of seeking taxpayer relief. His administration and some in Congress floated the idea of privatizing U. . Customs inspections, electrical power utilities and, eventually, the management of federal prison systems. I suspect that this is a combination of both behavioural and biological forces at work. However, I have also reached the conclusion that it is never too late to start weight management and obviously the sooner the better. At the right stage in a person's life with the right support in place, people can go on and achieve their weight goals and literally turn their lives into something they could only have imagined - it happens all the time. Having said this, where children are concerned, society must take the responsibility of prevention rather than cure (there is no cure as there is no illness).

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LobstersUnite If there is subconscious sexism in, for example, females being assumed to be the passenger when a man is driving, and women cooking more than men, perhaps the author should conduct some ecologically valid research and have a look at how the real world works, rather than play the victim. JennaAz This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Lollipop19 Some of this is nonsense- but the phone is true. Even the standard size of most phones is too big for my little hands. Diane Abacus Considering that most engineers, designers, fabricators, tradesmen, inventors, etc, etc, then it's understandable. Push in the button and the top of your seatbelt slides up and down to accommodate your sitting height in the seat. Mollydog46 Why are some people in our society he? l bent on driving a wedge between the genders and constantly suggest women are victims and have to make do in a mans world. We are told constantly women are equals, just as capable and can be anyone they want to be and this is right but to contradict this some within society obviously with an agenda keeping trying to paint a picture that women aren? equal and this isn? true in fact in a lot of cases it? quite the opposite. This article says phones that come in every size are designed for men rubbish. It says fully adjustable car seats that cater for every size and shape known to man are designed for men rubbish. This sexist, misandrist dribble is gas lighting intended to cause division and put women down. The article conveniently ignores abusive, violent and dishonest women rarely ever go to jail and that until recently women retire early and claim pension longer.


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A different world. An enemy far more sinister than any he has faced before. Raised by his mother to respect all people and stand up for himself, he was chosen to become America's protector and the First Avenger. And yet she's still surprised every time she witnesses it first hand. Aka three times Steve Rogers surprises Natasha with his sweet words and one time he doesn't. But having Jean by her side made it better than she ever could have imagined. Sibling and Family fluffity fluff fluff-of some sort. Short first chapter but will hopefully build on in the future. Overwhelming these feelings were as everyone was consumed by this madness. Tony Stark has kept the children of the Avengers hidden away. When it becomes apparent that he cannot keep them safe for much longer, he resorts to their final option to save the world; Project: Regenerate. One of the children will be sent back in time where they will have to convince their parents of the coming apocalypse. However, defeat does not mean dead and with some help, Celestial Being starts rebuilding themselves into a larger superior organization than ever before. Alternative Universe Story based during the last two episodes of season one and into the time-skip. Kouta is killed and some mysterious force takes him back in time to re-live as a little boy vacationing in Kamakura. Now, over half a century since the Third Holy Grail War, retribution comes.


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It’s a fun idea, but nailing a great episode, if we’re only doing it once, is difficult. I’m also a documentarian and I used to do an all-documentary podcast, so my standard is very high, here. You start off with a frankly pathetic depiction of a woman who is literally incapable of doing anything other than be in shock in Night of the Living Dead. In Dawn, the woman still needs saving, but now she’s wanting to play a bigger role in staying alive. In Day, she’s one of the main heroes and one who has a good head on her shoulders. Finally, the ’90 Night of the Living Dead remake comes and Barbara is now the complete antithesis of the original Barbara to the point where they seem like entirely different characters. Not only is she a badass, but she’s THE hero of the film. It’s a pretty rewarding series if you watch those Dead films from just the perspective of the lead female characters as they gradually become equals to their male counterparts. On one hand, they’re films that highlight the brutal rape of women, sometimes multiple times. However, it was a sign of the then-changing times that the victim could then regroup and get her own revenge rather than needing help from some man. I’m so glad y’all are bringing back some regular segments. Jay, I would definitely call myself a Beastly Freaks freak so please keep them coming. There are a horror film moments that really affected me as I grew in horror interest when I was younger. One of this is my first experience watching The Descent. I just couldnt believe that they wouldn’t show the monsters until so late in the movie. As Obi-Wan would say it was one of my first steps into a larger world.


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The miniseries and Fawcett both received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. In the Best Interests of the Child starred Meg Tilly as a mother whose interpretations of her little girl’s restless sleeping and increasingly violent behaviors might be related to sexual abuse by the father (Ed Begley Jr. . Greene’s cast included Michael O’Keefe and Angela Bassett. Back-to-back remakes of time-honored classics consumed Greene’s 1991, as the gimmick for retooling Robert Aldrich’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) was the pairing of celebrated sisters Vanessa Redgrave and Lynn Redgrave as the battleaxes portrayed by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in the original. Then Greene remade Charles Laughton’s Night of the Hunter (1955) with its story of a murderous preacher stalking two children across the West Virginia hills to collect loot hidden in a doll. Richard Chamberlain and Diana Scarwid filled in for the original’s Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters, and the results were so-so. Robert Urich was a good Samaritan who pays for it in. And Then She Was Gone. Sharon Gless played an actual North Carolina survivor of a plot by her son and his accomplices to kill both parents in Honor Thy Mother. Greene was the first to complete and have aired a movie about the Texas mother who conspired to have her daughter’s cheerleading team rival killed. Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story starred Lesley Ann Warren as the murderous mom, with Tess Harper, Olivia Burnette, Dennis Christopher, and Arlen Dean Snyder. (Michael Ritchie’s The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom starring Holly Hunter would arrive the following year. Frostfire was another drama of Native Americans, this time Inuits of Northern Canada, intertwined with a government conspiracy caper, mixing two of Greene’s favorite subjects. Beyond Obsession was the fictionalization of events surrounding an incident in Glastonbury, Connecticut, in which a daughter conspired with her boyfriend to kill her domineering mom.


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I'm continually coming around on the Sansa-Arya interplay in retrospect. Sansa was on to Littlefinger for some time; she couldn't get rid of him just yet, though, as she needed the Vale to take Winterfell, and wasn't quite sure how to navigate re-asserting Stark control over the North afterward. Nonetheless, she'd been ready to jettison him for awhile but was awaiting the opportunity to do so in a way that would retain the Vale's fragile alliance with the North. So she kept her enemy close, playing the endlessly innocent lamb to keep him believing she was still under his thumb, and potentially. vailable. For her part, Arya distrusted Littlefinger from past experience and immediately upon returning home saw him as a threat. So the sisters were on the same page, but for different reasons and with different tactical views; Arya would have just offed him ASAP. Sansa's behavior around him just confirmed and fed her suspicions, and also made her wary of Sansa, leading to the tension. This was further fed by their fraught past from Season 1. That's kind of the only way to explain why two teenaged sisters wouldn't have hugged it out and gotten on the same page the night Arya arrived. Anyhoo, Sansa reaches an inflection point when Littlefinger gets too obvious in trying to get her to murder her sister the minute she sends Brienne away. It was one thing with the undermining of Jon attempts, but this is too much. Possibly this is the point at which she finally goes and downloads from Bran, but even if that happened previously, this is the moment at which it's clear he's become too much of a danger to keep around, and at the same time she's got him right where she wants him. My thought is that they wouldn't wack Tormund off-screen. I would say the odds are truly excellent that Tyrion knew that Cersei was going to lie and was helping her with her deception. What's more, his less than pleased look when Jon went into Dany's room tells me he is not exactly on board with the whole merging of the Dragon and the Wolf.