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The search giant promised to share more information about the new design on the G Suite Updates blog and The Keyword once the EAP opens. Offline support is also in the works, the message states, although it’ll arrive “shortly” after the EAP announcement (by June 2018, we’re told). Worth noting is the possibility that some popular Chrome extensions won’t work with the new Gmail experience. As such, Google suggests testing any critical Chrome extensions before broadly enabling the new Gmail experience within organizations. Should an extension not play nicely with the new Gmail, Google recommends checking with the extension’s developer to request an update. After reading TechCrunch’s story, a Twitter user reached out and provided the publication with the sketch shown above after reportedly seeing a Google employee playing with the new design on public transport. He described it as a hybrid of Gmail and Inbox. “The left-side column was more like inbox. oogle. om and the right side was an enlarged version of Gmail. The color in the background had a blue-ish gradient.

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We don't hate his acting performance, we just hate the fact he was cast. The show has previously cast other musicians like Will Champion from Coldplay and Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, and their performances weren't distracting and overall improved the episodes they were in. Maybe Sheeran's celebrity got the best of him on this one. For example, the character of Karsi as a wildling warrior who appears in the popular episode Hardhome. In the episode, Jon Snow is trying to rescue as many free-folk as possible, before the white walkers descend on their encampment. The episode does a great job of introducing a new character and then, surprisingly, Karsi doesn't make it out of Hardhome alive. But often we just think the fatal end of a characters is pretty random in Game of Thrones. Maybe we're wrong on this one and writer George R. Martin is onto something about someones passing, as humans we always seek to find purpose and meaning behind it. The truth is, people pass on and we all have to deal with it. That being said, firstly, this is television and not real life, and secondly stop toying with my heart strings George.

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Tom Brady for the NFL MVP, try to figure out why Wes Welker is back in the league, the Blaine Train taking over for Kaepernick, and Greg Hardy deserving to be in the league or not. Given all the recent hate, and low critical scores, we discuss whether its' 63% score on Rotten Tomatoes was warranted. Does the move towards a shared universe progress the franchise, or does it cheapen the previous Daniel Craig efforts. Was SPECTRE a great entry in the Bond canon, or just another action movie capitalizing on today's current movie trends. Once we jump into NBA discussion, the show quickly divulges into a hate session about how sloppily the Lakers play has been, especially given how bad Kobe has played. Brian tries to make the argument of how everyone doubted Tom Brady after a few bad weeks last year to the poor start Kobe has gotten off to this year, Dave and Logan have strong doubts. And yes, we even discuss the Kardashian effect in relation to James Harden. The show finishes with a brief discussion on our favorite Bond movies. WHAS has built an army of fans over the last 15 years, but is it worthy of joining the canon of criminally underrated flicks, or has it become overhyped due to the recent addition of the Netflix prequel show? Brian and Logan then continue the preview of the Atlantic division, trying to decipher if the Raptors can top their best season in franchise history, whether the Celtics were simply overachieving last season, the dumpster fire that is the Nets, and the duplicitous nature of the Sixers. We can't help but gush over the Atlanta Falcons new look offense, as Julio Jones looks to separate himself from the pack as the best receiver in the game.

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Varys krijgt meer informatie over the Sons of the Harpy. Met haar leeftijd moet ze dan ook heel erg veel gezien hebben in deze wereld. Tormund noemt hem nochtans geen god, daarvoor is zijn leuter te klein. Niet alleen is hij erg ziek, maar hij heeft ook slecht nieuws mee te delen aan Gilly. Sam had haar namelijk beloofd nooit meer alleen te laten. Daar zien we enkele mannen te paard naar een toren galopperen. In het groepje mannen herkennen we meteen Ned Stark, alleen is hij nu een twintiger. Ook Meera’s vader, Howland Reed, bevindt zich in dat groepje. Het gaat hier duidelijk om een visioen van Bran Stark en The Three-Eyed Raven. Deze laatste voorziet hem ook van een woordje uitleg over hetgeen er gebeurt tijdens het gevecht. Ser Arthur Dayne blijkt een geduchte tegenstander te zijn.

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In the meantime I'm reading The Newberry Books I have more slowly. Quote: I'm not sure if you've noticed, but some bookstores seem to have a little problem discerning science from non-science. Booksellers are not scientists, maybe we shouldn't expect them to be able to discern between science and books desperately trying to wrap themselves in scientific credibility. I, however, am a scientist - and I can clearly see when an error has been made when stocking the shelves of the science section. It is my mission to correctly re-shelve books to the appropriate section of the bookstore. Help your local bookstore correctly stock their science section. I liked her work but soon discovered that she, like Stephen King, could write 'em faster than I could read 'em? f I wanted to do anything else besides read her books. So I stopped. Then, nine or ten years ago, I picked her back up and have been keeping abreast of her writing ever since. (Either she's writing less or I'm reading more.

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? izzy Filmed again in inner-city Cleveland, Ohio by Terry Heller, the video continued the premier video’s motifs: oversized clothes, both braided and unbraided hair, dice games, weed smoke and evading police. The single was certified gold and the accompanying video marked the final appearance of Eazy-E in a music video. The third verse was from Eazy himself? ? erhaps no bigger co-sign at the time? ? nd his slow and deliberate flow gently off-set the rapid-fire Bone verses perfectly. “I remember when he wrote his verse, he was so excited. I got one! And he went in there and laid it, and I just remember us loving it and cracking up.

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