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. Rep. William Ford, DTaylor, got a warm reception from the nation's largest Close Up class Thursday at Centennial Educational Park. Overwhelmingly favored by students over opponent state Sen. Robert Geake, RNorthville, Ford addressed 500 Close Up and government students. I just don t think Geake has enough experience. Ford had good news and bad for students. A generation ago. people went to work for the Big Three and stayed with the company. My lifetime voting record ia your own life in the moatjpataQnal 94 percent. Our children deserve a higher priority on the agenda for America s future. This election year, we need to tell politicians: Kissing babies is not enough. We need specific, realistic plans for the health, education, safety and security of all American children. Join the Coalition for America s Children in asking every candidate for public office. Q What is your plan for ensuring lhat all American children have health care. E9 How will you assure lhat all children enter school ready to succeed, and lhat college is within reach for all American families. How will you make our communities, homes and schools safe for children. Meet designer Marlene Stowe t o m o r r o w and Wednesday, as we present her jewelry collection. T hese respiratory illnesses can happen to YOU at any time d u r i n g the year.

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But either way Euron is servicing her plot line and not the other way around. That would be a big change from last years script though where she miscarries just after Jaime leaves. Is Qyburn bribing Bronn on his own or by Cersei’s orders. I wonder if Tyrion truly believes Cersei or if this is part of his betrayal? Poor Sam. Seems like they changed her story a lot since the original season 7 scripts. Was “The Dance of Dragons” everything you expected. His army’s food stores go up in flames, along with weapons and a horse while Melisandre stares dumbly. (Any reason you didn’t see this coming, Red? . Alliser Thorne psychs them out for a minute with his glowering but of course he opens the gate for them. Jon is bummed out that so many died at Hardhome but Sam reminds him of the many people he’s saved. The Night’s Watch aren’t grateful though- especially Olly with another pointed dirty look. He summons Davos and sends him off a mission to deliver a message to Night’s Watch, asking for help. It’s a little fishy, because as Davos points out, anyone could deliver this, but Stannis insists he needs his Hand to do it. Davos tries to bring Shireen with him, but Stannis isn’t having it. He promises to make a doe to match it, and he says he wants to hear the story of the dance of dragons when he gets back. (Well shit- we know how these “When I get back” things always work out on Game of Thrones. .

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Different nerve points for Gorkhas and Sikhs The Sikhs are extremely sensitive to their religion. It is believed that what upset Satwant Singh and Beant Singh and the Sikh Mutiny was the attack on the Sikh holy shrine of the Akal Takht under the orders of Mrs Gandhi. The Sikhs also said that they were hurt by the alleged reports of innocent women and children killed in the operation. The Gorkha issue is about being recognised in his homeland India. Gurung, Harka both confident of winning on voting day. I am confident that we will do well not just in Kalimpong but in all the constituencies where we have fielded candidates. It is supporting BJP candidates in Kalchini, Madarihat, Nagrakata and Kumargram. MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri, who quit the Morcha in September and floated the Jana Andolan Party (JAP), is contesting against Morcha's Sarita Rai in Kalimpong. Going by the crowds that Harka attracted during his campaigns, the Kalimpong contest seems to be a close call. This could be the beginning of the end for the Morcha. People who have seen my work and those who have lost faith in the Morcha will vote for me. Despite the Morcha distributing money (to lure voters), I will win. Bimal Gurung will definitely taste defeat for the first time. News, History, literature and language, politics that relates to the community. This is how my guy taught me how to give head exactly the way he enjoys it andIt is, and if you are too shy to give feedback or ask your partner to do something, you can narrate it in the fantasy and they tend to respond by acting it out for you. This is how my guy taught me how to give head exactly the way he enjoys it and has always wanted a girl to blow him resulting in the compliment that I have given him the top blowjob of his life to date (mind you that he knows I like to top every experience and always aspire to make everything even better the next chance I get). And for my benefit, I have narrated exactly how I want to be eaten out while he is doing it. We speak in first person most of the time, but in past tense, like it already happened. This is where I met my friend and current partner when I was in high school.

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Our pick: Viair 78P Photo: Rik Paul Our pick Viair 78P The best tire inflator for most drivers This portable air compressor is quick, accurate, and well built, and it’s the quietest of all the inflators we tested. The Viair 78P (like its nearly identical cousin, the 77P, our previous top pick) stood out from the rest of the models we tested thanks to its combination of performance, solid construction, handy features, and good value. It was one of the quickest at inflating tires among the 12-volt models. Its illuminated gauge is very easy to read and more accurate than most. It was easily the quietest of the models we tested at just 65 dB. It has a high-quality metal construction (most portable compressors have all-plastic cases). It can operate for up to 30 minutes at a time; most are limited to 10 to 15 minutes. And it comes with a handy carrying case, unlike most models in this price range. The Viair 78P has an illuminated gauge on top that’s divided into 2 psi increments and is easy to read. It goes up to 80 psi, which is fine for passenger cars, but will limit it for some other uses. Photo: Rik Paul In our tests, the 78P’s illuminated pressure gauge, integrated into the thick top handle, was one of the more accurate ones; when we tested its readings of 32 and 41 psi using our digital gauge, it was spot on. Moreover, the 78P’s gauge gave us the same reading whether the compressor was running or not, which is a refreshing change from the many models that show one reading when running and another when stopped. The gauge also has large numbers and 2 psi increments (many others show only 5 or 10 psi increments), which makes it one of the easiest to read, even when standing up. The Viair 78P provided some of the quickest inflation times among all of the 12-volt models. This sped-up video shows how easy it is to read the gauge. The 78P, which plugs into your car’s 12-volt power outlet, achieved the same quick inflation times as our previous pick, the 77P—a little less than 3 minutes to inflate a completely flat tire to 32 psi. This was about half the time of most of the other 12 V models. In our “underinflated” tire test (reflecting the pressure at which you’d see a tire-pressure warning light on the dash), it took less than 1. The 78P is powered through a car’s 12 V outlet (aka cigarette lighter) and requires at least 15 amps, which modern vehicles typically provide.


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Marvel has FOUR shows going to Netflix that are centered around Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Thor the Dark World is crushing the International Box Office already and it's coming out this week in the US. The Pundits talk all this and much much more on this weeks show. The NSA just can't stop spying on people and this includes our allies. The Pundits discuss all of this and also pose the question, when is it ever okay to wear black face as a Halloween Costume. There's lots and lots of Marvel movie news including the first trailer for Captain America The Winter Soldier, which looks fantastic by the way. There's also Ant Man casting updates, a Black Panter confirmation, and hints at the overall end game that Marvel's building towards for the Avengers 3. In Music news Kanye West had a surprise guest join him on stage for the 1st stop on his Yeezus tour. Kim K instagrammed a photo that would make Six Mix A Lot real happy. Cody saw it, and loved it just as much as Mark did and can't recommend it enough. Mark got harassed by one of SLC's finest over wearing a hoodie. MIT is developing self modulating (transforming) robots and Iron Man like exo skeleton's that will put super soldiers in the battle field. The Pop Pundits discuss all this and much much more on this week's show. The NSA's data center in Utah is ready to explode, a London man stuck his penis in a toaster oven begging the question, is that the most uncomfortable place a penis can go. We touch on all these topics plus many, many more on this weeks Pop Pundits. The Pundits give their takes on Don Jon, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2, This is the End, and Metallica Into the Never. Tune in for all this plus much much more on this week's Pop Pundits. We waste our time with this stuff so you don't have to. We also delve into Kanye's recent twitter tirade directed at Jimmy Kimmel.

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As a purely practical matter, the laundry situation probably makes keeping white camo stuff clean enough to be viable as camo untenable anyway. The difference, of course, is that you have hard deadlines on a TV show so instead of just not finishing it they throw what they've got on the page up onto the screen and pray. I agree. Up until this episode in my head I could make the timelines work. I grumbled that it would be so easy to just show some sort of red line type scene but whatever. Over the past few days, I just re-wrote the episode in my head. They did not end up in the middle of a lake on a low rock. They ran and ended up trapped in alcove in a rock face on the other side of the lake where it was harder for the army to reach them. Then there were some scenes where they debated what to do. Jon said, ' I've sent a raven we must hunker down, survive until help comes. They had some awesome preparing for the end relationship talks. They cuddled and pondered wondered why the army just stood there and waited. (To foreshadow the idea that the Knight King was waiting for something on purpose) Why. All seemed lost. Then guy got frustrated, help is not coming and threw a rock. Army starts attacking and trying to get up the walls. They start piling on each other and finding a way up. And then then it became clear why the Knight King waited. In the scenario it is at least somewhat plausible that they could have been there for the required amount of days.