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During the past week or so there were at least 15 different shows playing within a hundred r mile radius of the Windy City. Kennedy Shows, Veal's I nited Shows, Heth Greater Shows, Majesti Exposition Shows, B iter-Irwin Shows, HANAFOURDE'S TRI-STATE EX. Jacksonville, Fla. June 21. B. K. Hanafourde, who for many years managed the Florida State Fair, held here annually, has Dr. appointed been secretary-manager Tri -State Exposition at Savannah. Mr. Fleming will go to the South Carolina State Fair at for tho Columbia, S.

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The culminating exhibition at the Ker Thiossane residency space in Dakar presented a series of wall paintings and stills projections that reflected on the interactions and engagements resulting from navigating Dakar on foot and visiting colleagues and friends of the Senegalese immigrants. The project returned to the Senegalese Immigrants as an audio-visual presentation and action-reflection session (on the comparative findings between Johannesburg and Dakar) held at Chez Ntemba night-club in Hillbrow. Knight:: The mobile phone occupies a space that is both connecting and distancing. Seemingly ubiquitous, it has become an increasingly powerful tool, functioning as a phone, PDA, browser, and camera. After choosing a color and brush size from the palette, users can use their cell phone keypads to draw directly onto the map. They are asked to speak into the phone and say why that place and drawing is meaningful to them. He has exhibited in over 40 international and regional venues, including Art Interactive, Photographic Resource Center, Mediaterra 2001, and Experimenta 02. His current areas of interest include webcams, the landscape, and text in all forms. Knight? writings have been published in Art Journal and Sandbox.

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Karnail Singh and Subedar Major Bishambar Singh Jasrotia have been nominated as State Co-Conveners of the BJP Ex-serv icemen Cell. Colonel Sain Dass Chib has been nominated as State Convener, while Captain Karnail Singh and Subedar Major Singh Jasrotia have been nominated as State Conveners. S. Varinderjeet Singh congratulated the new nominees and expressed hope that they will prove to be an asset to the party as they have a long experience of serving for the nation. He said that Narendra Modi-led NDA government has fulfilled the long pending demands of One Rank One Pension (OROP) and the Ex-Servicemen are highly appreciable of this historic decision. Colonel Sain Dass Chib, while expressing gratitude to the party for giving him an opportunity to lead the Ex-Servicemen Cell in the State, assured to work whole- heartedly for mobilizing more and more ex-servicemen and getting them associated with BJP. ROTARY CLUB JAMMU DISTRICT 3070 HONORED ITS ROTRACT SECRETARY ISHANT GUPTA FOR HIS SERVICES In a function organized for the installation of new president Sh. Former President Rotary Clu b Jammu District 3070 Sh. Sanjeev Vaid appreciated the working of Ishant and his services for the club. Gupta also congratulated newly installed president Mr.

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2015 HP-GetLucky Fest entry. Takes place after the end of the second titan war and at the scenery where Annabeth meets Percy at the Poseidon table to wish him a happy birthday and followed by the two of them eventually being thrown underwater by the other campers. When he goes to Bainbridge Island with Elliot to spend the weekend he meets Anastasia Steele. Despite the fact that Ana is a strong, independent woman, Christian will have to help her overcome the memories of her past. Set during Mark of Athena, at the bottom of page 157 when Annabeth wakes Percy up. How will their real lives interfere with the lifestyle. She is everything he ever wanted in a sub, but this woman is no SUB. Can Christian win her heart while fighting his demons. Will he break his own rules of dating his employees. Why did he do it?