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Since the wight hunt is probably (hopefully) a show only thing like Hardhome was, I see it as a possibility to eliminate some of the minor characters and tie up loose ends. Jon, Davos, Jorah and Sandor seem to make it out alive, Thoros is rumoured to be killed by an undead polar bear, but what about Beric, Gendry and Tormund. Do they return to Winterfell while Jon, Jorah and Sandor sail to King’s Landing with the wight? (By the way, how do Sandor and the BwB manage to join Jon’s team. Gendry is with Jon and he wasn’t too happy when Beric and Thoros sold him off to Melisandre in Season 3. And the Hound was famously loyal to the Lannisters the last time Jon met him. Ghost came running back with a hand in his mouth, the crew went and found the bodies and brought them across. We have yet to see one of the dead cross the wall on his own. I’d imagine capturing a wight is a much easier quest, relatively speaking. I know I’m judging prematurely, but where did “hoping that it’ll be great” ever get me these past 2 seasons. I also figured the Hound would be the muscle that controls the wight as the Kings and Queens talk. And, of course, I thought it would also be the perfect time to have the Hound see what has become of his brother. Now I don’t have to made to feel like an idiot for believing that part of the leak.

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. . of things which sometimes he didn't forget, but he wanted to put over there while he had other things to do. For two years, American soldiers had been dying all over the world -- at Bataan, Corregidor, Iran, Guadalcanal. With Churchill at his side, he would meet for the first time the other ally, the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. The Russians had been fighting the Nazis for more than two years, suffering more dead and wounded than any other country at war. Stalin pressured his western allies to launch the cross-channel invasion into Europe as soon as possible. The Russians were in desperate shape and Stalin hoped that an opening on the second front would relieve some of the pressure on his front. He thought it included Uncle Joe, which it most certainly did not. As soon as he sat down, he started whispering to Stalin in a very intimate way, in a way that Churchill would have to see what was going on. And then he started openly teasing Churchill relentlessly about his John Bull manner, about his cigars, about his habits, about his clothes. Now it was Stalin and Roosevelt against Churchill. I mean, it was -- I can't describe it better than two's company, three's none.


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Maybe this will piss off Tyrion enough so that he does become the prophesised valonqar (although my money's still on Arya). I think it could play out like dany and jon arr fighting the deads and waiting for cercei's troops but they don't turn up and dany and co lose heavily (a few major deaths) and then what next. Obviously Jon wanted everyone on board but he figured Dany and his own men would be enough. Then visit her advisers and kill them so they cannot keep pushing stupidity agenda. Looked pretty shifty when the wolf and dragon merged. nless he's a double double agent. She stormed off and somehow return with the promise of a truce; after talking to Tyrion. No explanation to why the sudden change of heart; JS is still pledged to Dany nevertheless. Someone who can throw a dagger accurately can do it. But of course her plan was gonna fall apart anyway cos of Jamie and Theon. In fact killing the advisers that would push the current cause first would be the better option. Taking on Dany's armies is actually a better prospect than that of the undead. I suppose with Jaime lending a hand that may count for something when he has to inevitably beg Dany and Jon to spare Cersei.


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Done on purpose, since it's a comedy spoofing zombie cliches and both 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead (2004) were recently released in Poland, giving a feeling of oversaturation. The Shawshank Redemption was translated as Skazani na Shawshank ( Sentenced to Shawshank ). Smokey and the Bandit became Mistrz kierownicy ucieka ( The Wheel Master Runs Away ). Sorcerer, which was sort of a cult-classic in the VHS era, was released as Cena strachu (The Price of Fear). Stranger Than Fiction is known as Przypadek Harolda Cricka ( The case of Harold Crick ), as the original idiom has no analogue in Polish. All while the celebration of the Biblical Magi is a landmark in the calendar and a national holiday in Poland. The Tooth Fiary 2006 became Bloody Fortune Teller. Trading Places is known as Nieoczekiwana zamiana miejsc ( Unexpected exchange of places ). This was done deliberately, since Korean films have usually the connotation of being high-brow auteur stuff, rather than action-packed zombie smashers. Literature Isaac Asimov 's The Caves of Steel was released as Pozytronowy detektyw ( The Positron Detective ). Due to complicated translational and publishing history, The Fellowship of the Ring was first released simply as Wyprawa ( Expedition ). Live-Action TV The Avengers (1960s) are known as Rewolwer i melonik (Revolver and Bowler Hat). Maybe for the better, as it avoids being confused with the other Avengers.


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Think of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, and how cannibalism and zombies become metaphors for a number of social and political anxieties raging in the late 60s. And what about True Blood, which is a (frankly pretty unsubtle) take on race relations in contemporary America. To lock violent fiction away, or to close our eyes to it, is to give our monsters and our fears undeserved power and richer hunting grounds. Recent films Berberian Sound Studio and Strange Colour of My Body's Tears are both exemplary of the kind of swoon-inducing aesthetics than horror can do so well. The filmic villain is often painted as an alluring, misunderstood or elusive anti-hero, with strangely seductive qualities (Hannibal Lector, anyone? What roboticist Masahiro Mori called the 'uncanny valley' is also relevant. In the 1970s Mori observed that as robots became more realistic and started to resemble the human form more convincingly, people seemed to warm to them. When they became too human-like, people turned away, experiencing eerie feelings. For Mori, these ultra-realistic creatures remind us of death, of rotting corpses and the inevitability of our demise. The summer is over, and lots of horror movies made lots of money! While would-be four-quadrant releases like Independence Day: Resurgence and Alice Through The Looking Glass (just to name two; there were many more) flopped hard, the studios' horror offerings just kept racking up big numbers on very low budgets; the grosses for Purge 3 alone were enough to cover the combined production costs of just about every other genre film released since May. Not bad for a genre that's traditionally had trouble finding much success among all of the superheroes and animated flicks that dominate Hollywood's most lucrative period.


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As long as fans stay patient they will get to see as Danny Rand grows as a character, and really works at becoming the Iron Fist that people have been waiting for. Audiences will get to see more of Danny Rand’s journey as the Iron Fist when The Defenders begins streaming on August 18. The Tacoma woman was a passenger in a 2003 Honda Civic driven by another Tacoma woman. The driver was arrested for DUI vehicular assault, according to the Washington State Patrol. That driver, her two passengers and two other women in the other vehicle were all transported to St. The crash on state Route 302 shut the road down for five hours. The Raw brand pro wrestler — aka The Legit Boss — enlisted the help of makeup artist Jason Baker and special effects pioneer, “Godfather of Gore” Tom Savini to transform her into a life-sized, flesh-and-blood recreation of her Mattel WWE Zombie action figure. Using the Mattel miniature as a guide, Savini and Baker applied a prosthetic piece to cover her forehead, nose, checks and jaw, and foam latex to emphasize her skull. Then came the gray body makeup, really gross fake teeth and creepy contact lens. Savini, best known for creating Jason for “Friday the 13th, ” along with the gruesome creations for “Dawn of the Dead, ” “Creepshow” and “Night of the Living Dead, ” began working with WWE in 2011. Since then, he has made the sheep mask that the bearded Rowan wore during a WWE SmackDown Live in April and the “Skull King” gold crown and armor for HHH in 2011. Check out the video below for Sasha Banks’ complete transformation. Read original story Watch WWE’s Sasha Banks Transform Into a Flesh-Craving Ghoul (Video) At TheWrap.


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We’re told what’s on the (real or imaginary) JLG shelf right now, which is to say: what’s on his mind. The great riddle of the quotations in Godard’s films is the way that they are taken out of context, used as free-floating emblems, without clear indications of where they’re from, or how they relate to the new text in which they are embedded. The way a phrase will appear enigmatically isolated on screen has the autonomously provocative force of an unexplained slogan on a T-shirt; if Godard had turned up in Cannes this year, he could well have worn one emblazoned with the closing caption of his last feature Film Socialisme: “NO COMMENT. . A young woman’s off-screen voice asks: “Monsieur, is it possible to produce a concept of Africa? Fendt attributes the line to philosopher Jocelyn Benoist, but without knowing the original context, it’s hard to say what it means—nor why producing a concept of Africa is the most urgent of priorities, when the continent’s current woes perhaps demand more pragmatic solutions. But the line prods us violently, given its cryptic nature, and given the urgent, even militant tone that it’s given by the voice of the young woman who may be one of the several women seen in the film. The “Monsieur” so urgently addressed may be a teacher—which an older, raincoated man named Davidson (Christian Gregori) who is seen reading, appears to be. Or it may be Godard himself—or the Academy, as it were, Western knowledge embodied and (to judge by the woman’s delivery) found wanting. For example, a voice (possibly Davidson’s, but I could be wrong) points out that television was invented in 1933 by the Russian inventor Vladimir Zvorykin, then says, “1933— ca vous dit quelque chose ? (“That mean anything to you? ), before pointing out that 1933 was the year that Hitler came to power. We’re free to object that, so what, this tells us nothing, that nothing is proved or really revealed.