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He went to the AFTRS in the early nineties to study cinematography and then ended up writing and directing his own short films and documentaries. He was the cinematographer on The Sapphires and more recently he's started making art - yep the stuff of art galleries folks. He popped himself on a cross in the 3D video and photographic series Stranded, he put Mother Courage in a van and took her to a posh art fair in Germany called Documenta and he created a photographic series where he put himself in the picture as a priest, a cowboy and a policeman for an exhibition called Debil Debil. Warwick's fascination with spirituality has now crossed over to the other side and he would love you to come on that journey with him through the film project of The Darkside and the online project The Otherside. Listen to Frank and Jo Davey tell the story behind the dance. Kath was a law-abiding, tee-totaling vegetarian until she started working with Warwick. Annie has designed some fabulous feature films that are listed here. Most of them are neighbourhood orphans that Liam has rescued. In his spare time he designs our sound and has done for every project since 2005, his full credits here. Warwick Thornton dreamt up this place to celebrate Indigenous spirituality and storytelling. One is a world of everyday reality and the other a world of spirits, demons and entities. We can live an ordinary life with dead ancestors and demons all vying for space. Although we might seem stoic and complacent, with the clash of these two worlds the reality is we are scared shitless. The stories I featured in The Darkside are mostly poignant stories about family connection, from both black and white Australians but there are plenty of other stories that are scary as hell. You can also share a freaky photo if you've got one - and record a short message explaining the photo. We got sent a few from our callout and I would love to see more. Choose 'unlock a poster' and hold your phone or tablet up to the poster.

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The rest of us will have to wait until April 24th to find out what’s happening in Westeros after the events of the season 5 finale. Watch this video if it’s the only thing you do today. We will likely see many others not named here as well, so be sure to tune into the live broadcast tonight. Remember that the leaks last season were from screeners and not the red carpet. I expect to see a lot of spoiler text in the next 2 weeks. That fan that won the trip by donating to charity, hopefully HBO nabs him and throws him in a dungeon for two weeks after premiere is finished. They wouldn’t even let George’s movie theatre screen it. That fan that one the trip by donating to charity, hopefully HBO nabs and throws him in a dungeon for two weeks on his way out of the premiere. I wonder if they’re gonna show only the first or first two episodes. What spoilers did we get from the premiere last season, for example. That’s why I’m convinced that they’ll hold it off just a bit longer. Hopefully spoilers are controlled well here so I’m not avoiding this website for two weeks. I know, that may seem strange given I follow filming spoilers, but once seasons begin, I don’t want to know anything beyond what we learn from the official synopses, which are usually vague enough, and episode titles, until the episode airs. My meme-side immediately went down the Daddy Daniel route. I can’t wait for it to pay off for you as the season airs. I’m really curious and want to calibrate my hypemeter for the days to come. Tomorrow will be less than 2 weeks and the countdown will be in single digits Friday.

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\r\n Jon Snow receives Dany’s raven and decides to meet with her since they need the dragonglass located at Dragonstone to fight the White Walkers. Jon realizes that the only way to prove that the White Walker threat is real is to bring one south of the Wall. \r\n The rest of the Stark clan begins assembling at Winterfell. This does not end well for him. \r\n The Lannisters make short work of the Tyrell-Martell alliance, and Euron Greyjoy smashes Theon and Asha’s Ironborn fleet. \r\n Jon Snow assembles a team that includes Davos, Gendry, the Hound, and other members of the Brotherhood without Banners to go north of the Wall and capture a White Walker. The Night King then resurrects him as his personal mount. \r\n The captured White Walker is brought to the Dragonpit in King’s Landing, where all of Game of Thrones ’ remaining major players meet to see what the undead are capable of. Jaime decides he’s had enough of Cersei and rides north himself. \r\n Samwell Tarly leaves Oldtown and joins the Starks at Winterfell. They also discover Jon\u0027s true name is Aegon Targaryen. \r\n Meanwhile, on a ship sailing back north from King’s Landing, Jon Snow and Dany have sex for the first time. \r\n The season ends with the Night King riding Viserion, who burns down the Wall by breathing blue fire, setting the stage for the climactic final season. \r\n That’s a lot of epic stuff happening in one, relatively short season. DEATH BATTLE! ? OU BE DECIDE!

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If you want it to be realistic, have the larger party all run at their enemies with swords pointed forward until those enemies are helplessly and pathetically overwhelmed, all while various fighters with throats already cut reel around on the ground gurgling horribly. Should we celebrate its realism at the expense of theatrics. Glad to see Sansa meets Littlefinger in the next episode. In drama, if a nude scene forwards a story or is shot in a way that adds insight into characters, I’m perfectly fine with it. If it’s gratuitous for gratuitous sake, then I will discuss with a director on how to make it more subtle. So I assume Littlefinger is going to team up with the Freys to wage war against Ramsay. Like, I guess the Freys (and everyone) knows that Ramsay murdered Roose's wife. Yeah it was good to see a proper villain again, though his scene was maybe a little pointless. Unless he was playing a very long game marrying Sansa off to the Boltons. I think I read that in the books or in interviews Martin made a point of stressing that the dragon-people are not fireproof, and that her birthing the baby dragons was a one off miracle. Which sounds kind of dumb compared to, yeah, fireproof. It seems all the people of this world have their distinct powers. Starks can warg,. Dragon-people are fireproof (except her brother). And I agree that her story's been stalled for the last two seasons, and I don't think Clarke is a particularly good actor. Maybe Jon's big flaw is that he's too much like Ned, too trusting of impersonal systems of power at the expense of random, emotional or personal elements (and maybe he's over that now). Dany is parallel to Jon and also seems to be on a narrative that seeks to balance these impulses.

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At the very least, receiving the character will crash whatever messaging app sees the character, forcing you to force-close the app. If you reopen the app and the character is still there, it will crash the app again, so you’ll need to use a different (non-iOS device) to access the messaging app and delete the message including the character. That’s easy enough for Facebook Messenger or iMessage (assuming you have a Mac), but harder for WhatsApp unless you already have web access enabled. The bug will only crash the entire iPhone if a notification card or banner containing the character pops up on the device. If that happens, the Springboard software, which serves as the iOS app launcher, appears to crash, forcing you to reboot or reset your device in order to make it work again. The Verge also reports that the bug is not present in the iOS 11. beta, indicating that Apple already knows the problem exists, and is preparing to patch it in the next update. iOS 11. public beta 2 is available for download already, so if you’re particularly worried about someone spamming you the character to be annoying, you can download the beta today to immunize yourself. However, rolling back to regular release firmware requires a PC and iTunes, and beta software is notorious for its bugginess and potential impact on performance. New iOS 11. . bug: Wacky Indian character will crash your iPhone and lock down the Messages app phonearena. om A single character can crash your iPhone’s messaging apps slashgear. om New iOS bug can disable iMessage and crash iPhones with a string of characters bgr. n. Well, find a problem and the peripheral market will rush with a solution: Coasters and stands are popping up to save wooden desks and tables.

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The utilities included in it depend on the exact edition you use (Microsoft Office Professional, Standard, Small Business or Home and Student) but they generally cover all major areas in your daily computer-related tasks. While this new design is aimed at making workflow quicker and smoother, it also takes a while to get used to (especially after spending so many years with the same design). Whether you like Microsoft as a brand or not, Microsoft Office 2007 is undoubtedly an industry standard in productivity suites. P ros: ms excel. Cons: link with word and excel More reviewed onMarch 15, 2015 Read all reviews Review Articles about Microsoft Office News Microsoft now allows quick removal of USB devices Read more News China cracks down on Bitcoin mining Read more News Microsoft releases its new Chromium based Edge browser on Windows 10 Read more Off Topic Complete Guide to Marvel’s Infinity Stones Read more More Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Microsoft Office Fully functional trial version of the quintessential productivity suite Download for Windows Download and installation help Softonic Your review for Microsoft Office - Submit rating Softonic Your review for Microsoft Office - Thank you for rating. In my experience, the programs inside this suite are better than the previous versions. Access is so flexible and straightforward to use, Excel became more creative, Word got a significant improvement and as well as the other programs installed on this package. Office Pro 2007 helps make business manage contacts, create presentations, supervise production spreadsheets, and increase sales. Now you can use all the information you need to handle your business. It may be quite expensive, but with this upgrade combined with Windows 7, Office 2007 is an easy and consistent program to use, it is worth every buck. Another thing that I also noticed when I downloaded this version is that the interface can be able to offer other additional features such as the inserting the images and such things and this helps you to save on time without opening other tabs. Programs may turn out to be complex for people with minimal or no knowledge of the Microsoft office programs due to the many functionality button. Will also make use of publisher for some other graphical. Microsoft Office Professional 2007 represents the evolution of the classic way of working, creating innovation with the visual aspect and then charming users with the options and features it offers. The twelfth Office edition appears after a gap of 4 years without any new releases for one of the main Microsoft franchises. With the 2007 version, the Redmond Company includes general improvements for all the included applications, as well as some new ones like Groove for the Ultimate version.