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Of the 1. 9 million absentee ballots cast, only 1,712 were rejected for deficiencies in the birthdate or address fields. Mark Storms is charged with voluntary manslaughter and reckless endangering in the April death of Robert Braxton III in North Wales. Investigators say Braxton became disruptive and Storms ordered him to leave, showing him a concealed weapons permit and a handgun. They say Braxton punched Storms and was then shot twice. An increasing number of health care companies are investing in Puerto Rico as the U. S. territory seeks to boost its manufacturing sector amid a 10-year economic slump. Kilpatrick was convicted in March 2013 following a lengthy jury trial on charges that included bribery, extortion, fraud and racketeering. We are talking about a man with multiple degrees who rose to mayor in one of the major cities in the country when he could have fled the ruins of Detroit and taken his talents to Washington or the private sector. Instead he took the rains (sic) of a sinking ship and did a better job than anyone could have expected. €ť One of the people to sign the petition is Yolanda McNab, 51, of Oak Park, who works as a data verifier for an insurance company. “I don’t justify anything that he did,” McNab said. “I think he should have been sentenced. But you have other political figures who’ve done wrong and they didn’t get nearly that amount of time. I don’t agree with it at all — 28 years is ridiculous. €ť In comments on the petition, others say Kilpatrick was sentenced so harshly because of his race. Kwame is just too smart to be in prison and it is a disservice and an atrocity to lock him away for that long. €ť Such petition requests submitted to Obama are referred to the U.

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Whatever the reasons, the film’s blatant incompetence was enough to put a nail in the franchise coffin for good. Bright color. Sassy color. Fun color. The color of your dreams. New Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon and shades of O! ega Lash Volumizing Mascara are perfect for wonderfully creative eyes. It is a waterproof, gel eye crayon that provides a bold, matte finish. It lasts for 12 hours of wear in Marc Jacobs Beauty's original award-winning Highliner Gel Eye Crayon eyeliner formula, just re-envisioned in a bold, matte finish. Each hue is glitter-free and intensified by a super-rich pigment. The intense, vivid hues are inspired by Marc Jacobs boldy bright resort 2017 collection. For maxiumum impact, pair with O! ega Lash Volumizing Mascara's colorful shades. They’re formulated to glide on smoothly for precise application, and they give you 15 seconds of play time before setting in place for wear that lasts all day, making it ideal for pulling off versatile eye looks. The waterproof gel formula makes it well-suited for lining the waterline. It’s designed with a clever sharpener, hidden in the base of the liner to allow for a precise point. These are some of the best eyeliners I have ever used. The color glides on like silk then dries to a perfect finiish that does not budge. You can have perfect eyes with these liners, the gel formula makes them great.


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One should look for the car maker’s documentation for one’s PC to ensure what type of ram is needed. A few things i would like to add is that computer system memory is required to be purchased but if your computer still can’t cope with anything you do along with it. One can deploy two RAM memory boards with 1GB each, for example, but not certainly one of 1GB and one of 2GB. One should always check the company’s documentation for the PC to ensure what type of memory it can take. One other thing I’d really like to say is the fact that newer computer system operating systems have a tendency to allow extra memory for use, but they also demand more memory space simply to perform. If someone’s computer can’t handle additional memory as well as the newest software package requires that ram increase, it may be the time to shop for a new Computer system. Thanks. The things i would like to make contributions about is that computer system memory must be purchased if your computer still can’t cope with anything you do by using it. One can deploy two random access memory boards containing 1GB each, as an illustration, but not certainly one of 1GB and one of 2GB. One should always check the manufacturer’s documentation for the PC to make certain what type of memory is essential. If the computer’s motherboard is fairly current while there are no main system issues, modernizing the memory space literally usually takes under an hour or so. It’s on the list of easiest laptop upgrade methods one can visualize. I am happy to search out numerous helpful information here in the post, we want work out extra strategies on this regard, thanks for sharing. Buyers can use the tokens to avail the company’s future services. The ban might be out of the priority for buyers as a result of growing number of fraudulent practices within the cryptocurrency world as well as its capacity to disrupt the economy of any nation the place cryptocurrencies are accepted as a way of exchange. The founders increase cash by issuing digital tokens in exchange for crypto-currency without the switch of any equity. An ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, it’s a fundraising procedure wherein a company entice capitalists who are searching for the next large factor in crypto by releasing its digital forex for bitcoin and ether in return. Each blockchain and cryptocurrency provide an thrilling prospect for brand spanking new and present traders to make high returns. Bitcoin has remained extremely priceless, however has seen its market share shrink as new alternatives have sprung up.


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PC: The first boy I loved was a friend in my childhood. We had our sexual awaken together, even before the understanding what sexuality is. When we understood what we were doing, the shame made that we put distance between each other. More than 20 years left and we met each other again. Our lives were very different, but we were able to reconnect with that feeling and friendship that had been truncated. At that time I worked in a TV company with Andi Nachon, the screenwriter of the movie, and I invited her to make a movie that tells that story. After a while, Santiago Podesta, the main producer of the film, got involved in the project. I knew him from the university but never before we had worked together. The three of us have developed the project in 2012. We submitted it to Raymundo Gleyzer, the contest of development projects of the Argentinian institute of cinematography and we won. That gave to us a little money to write the screenplay and to create HAIN CINE, our own production company with which we made Esteros. But the real problem was that I had never directed anything before, so we decided to take the first scenes of Esteros and make a short film with it. The idea was try to find an aesthetic for the feature film, work with kid and have my first experience like a director. How did the concept for doing the short film started. PC: Although I act as the director of Esteros, I can not say that I am the only mind behind it. Andi, Santiago and I are the hard core of the film which works from the very beginning. The three of us have talked a lot about which kind of film we wanted make, Andi is the screenwriter and Santiago the producer, the three of us have worked hard to create the universe of the movie. After winning the Raymundo Gleyzer, we submitted the draft to the Iberoamerican development projects contest of the Carolina Foundation and the Ibermediam Program in 2013 and we got selected. The scholarship was only for the screenwriter, but I asked them to attend and they said yes.


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The day that season 7 episode 10 airs (still a few years away at least). That’s when the show will undeniably and irrefutably spoil the books. I strongly believe that the show will closely resemble the book at the end. For now we still have diverging paths to the same destination and will do for a couple years to come (I’m still hoping for a TWOW release before season 6 though, but I’ll deal if it doesn’t). The problem for me will come in the final season with book seven still way off in the distance. Will I still enjoy the books when they come out eventually? Probably. But I won’t enjoy it as much anymore and that makes me sad. Thanks for not shoving your boobs in our faces ala Tybee style. I don’t understand how this story “got away” from him to this extent. That would mean not ever knowing what becomes of fAegon, Arianne, Euron, Manderly, etc. And yes, these characters may not have a major impact on the end game. While I can accept the logical reasons for eliminating from the show, it doesn’t lessen my desire to know what happened. But I don’t see how anyone could complain about the show doing what the show was always going to do. The problem is that Martin didn’t do what he said he was going to do, and that’s how this situation was created. So I would rather the series spent less time in King’s Landing and on plotlines related to it, and more time in the North. Largely because I don’t think there’s a chance in hell of the books will be finished in any case. Though it doesn’t matter to me even if GRRM does manage to finish, I’ve found the show better in many respects anyway, and fully expect TWOW to be an under cooked mess. I can’t help but laugh with every spoiler the show delivers, and I’m eagerly awaiting the ruination of GRRM’s name and legacy.


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For this album the two acts focused on man's dark side. All Dissecting Table hits on 2 CDs for the price of ONE CD. Pensive lyrical ambient, quite melancholic, but not that dark, rather fresh like first spring wind, flickering like first leaves on birch branches, tender like first snowdrops, lively like bird clamour. Laconic piano and folk fragments in vein of late Current 93 make the album even more bright and interesting. The title stands for their deathcamp concept - XIB was the number of the women's block in one of the nazi lagers. But neither DL nor EK did approach the subject alike so many other power electronics outfits. Their attention has turned out to the victims not mutilators. Later on, they have decided to leave this imaginery as nothing original anymore. Anyway, their recordings speak for themselves alone, as only 'alte-schule' power electronics can do. Extremely raw, grinding and obscure electronic assault that crushes your bones and boils your blood, still being soundscape rather than just noise for the sake of noise. Dmitry's music is complicated, masterly embodied, deeply philosophic, filled with a spirit of Nature and inhuman tranquility work on the edge of Drone, Dark Ambient and Industrial made with the help of natural and artificial sounds, noise, voices and different acoustic and electric instruments. The album is expanded with 2 video clips - a kind of screen version of noise pictures interpreted to the language of visual images. This release is a reissue of two previously released radio fixations. Signals From Outside was released three times (in 2001 - ltd. 4 copies, in 2002 - ltd. 23 copies, and in 2004 - again ltd. 23 copies). Unconnect was released only once in 2004 ltd. 23 copies.


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What would you have seen through binoculars of the same magnification but much larger aperture. If the aperture of the binocs were greatly increased there would be little improvement because then the size of the exit pupil would exceed that of the eye pupil and light would be wasted. You can't increase the surface brightness (per unit area) of any extended object whatever telescope you use visually, but photgraphically that's obviously not the case. The binocs make the moon bigger and easier to study but the surface light variations are the same as with the naked eye. Both MCiOS and this place seem to have gone to sleep. I booked Monday off to use up my annual leave allowance. The toilets still need cleaning, because instead I went for a long bike ride in the still and sunny weather. We live in the countryside and there are no hills here in the Netherlands so it was lovely. Glad to see this place is still going, and that nothing's broken. I've had to do some behind-the-scenes tweaking as it turns out the venerable database library that this whole thing sits on will disappear when I come to upgrade the server OS, so perhaps things will break now. I'm a bit scared when I discover files that haven't been touched for nearly 10 years. BTW, a pilgrimage has been mooted - see the Dunxatorium for the proposed dates. Got a houseful just settling into the first of the 'Back to the Future' trilogy (I won the box set and a hoodie from the University of Lincoln Facebook page - the big imposter that I am). Hoping for volunteer potato peelers in an hour or so - they will be rewarded with garlic bread, because it's a long time until dinner. I don't think the yobbish type wear university hoodies do they. Two buildings of 17 floors and a bunch of others averaging 10 floors clad in concrete biscuit, concrete flaps and concrete-and-glass. Out of the seven drives either to or from work this week, only one has been smooth and approximately on time. I was, of course, spoiled by learning to do high speed merges on the excellently provisioned motorway entrance ramps, and vaguely remember public information commercials on how to merge on motorways. I firmly belive that whatever good road habits my generation have were inculcated by such ubiquitous repetitive TV-served indoctrination.


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Tiny humvees closing in on very fast gigantic animals firing their machineguns knowing previously how that worked out, Apache helicopters firing at close range at a giant wolfs face with his worthless cannon instead of using guided rockets from a distance, and soldiers go out of their way to be squished like bugs ala Kong Skull Island style. Its that kind of thing you would see a child playing in his sandbox and destroying his toys. Resident Evils are not great films but have been entertaining with its action. The new Tomb Raider reboot was surprisingly good but could have been more. And there are other lacklusters like Prince of Persia, Doom, Silent Hill, ect. A movie about three giant monsters of a crocodile, gorilla, and a grey wolf causing a mass destruction in a city. Yes, that is what the arcade games are about and that is exactly what you can expect in this Rampage film. So dont expect any award winning script with great dialogue, a long developing story, or logic with characters choices in the movie. If you leave all the critical thinking out before watching the film, you will find the film to be what it is. And it does its job, which is entertaining and being a lot of fun. The plot follows after a science experiment gone wrong in space leaving three canisters to fall on Earth. A primatologist Davis Dwayne Johnson notices one of his gorilla friend George is infected with and a lot bigger. The government agent Harvey Jeffrey Dean Morgan captures George and tries to take him into a more secured location. Meanwhile, a corporation that was in charge of the space station experiment of genetic editing led by Claire Malin Akerman and her brother Brett Jake Lacy tries to send a signal to bring in the giant gorilla and the other two infected beasts of a giant grey wolf and a mutated crocodile. But it is definitely a film of escapism of watching three giant beasts destroying a city. While the military are giving everything they got to stop them. And Davis and Dr. Kate Naomie Harris are trying to find a solution to get George back and to have the giant gorilla stop the other two beasts. There may be some cheesy cgi with the military jets or watching Dwayne Johnson running through falling buildings and avoiding a lot of heavy debris while the monsters are battling it out.