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Film ini sangat bagus untuk kalian yang suka berlibur ke gunung di film ini juga kalian bisa menikmati indahnya bumi pertiwi indonesia. Setelah dikritik oleh bosnya, Shekhar, programmer game, menciptakan sebuah karakter virtual tak terkalahkan bernama Ra. ne. Tapi, Ra. ne tiba-tiba memasuki dunia nyata dan mengacaukan segalanya. Tidak perlu mengekang, jika dia beneran sayang dia pasti bisa jaga hati kok. After dozens of romcoms flooding our cinema, this oddball comedy is a breath of fresh air. It's more in the satirical nature as it follows a group of luckless dimwits on their journey to becoming the best thieves in their area. What makes this satirical comedy work is its commitment to its ludicrous concept. The film manages to create this alternate world where it's more acceptable to become a criminal than become an office employee (or a call center agent) for money. And it works. It fucking works. Pepe Herrera, Paolo Contis, Jerald Napoles, and Jelson Bay all gave out amazing performances in the film. All I know is that I laughed so hard with his gags (especially that final scene). To be honest, this movie is even way better than all the Vice Ganda blockbuster films we've had for the past two years. From the hideous looking Sabrina doll (which apparently looks so cute to kids and everybody else in the film) to the laughable what-the-fuck moments (imagine getting stabbed several times yet you can still run as if nothing happened). And there were some really fun and thrilling moments. Plus the third act was pretty gory and violent, just the way I like it. But this movie adaptation made the story very entertaining.


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“I was a big pro-wrestling fan back in the day,” he added, noting his childhood admiration for Hulk Hogan and Mad Dog Vachon. “Growing up in Kenosha, Wisc. being named to the Top 100 list is a pretty cool thing,” Priebus told me. At this point, I reminded him that no national party chairman would ever be named to the Top 100 except in extraordinary circumstances like these — and these were not particularly enviable ones. The White House chief of staff’s post is arguably the most grueling job in Washington. It would be a burnout caldron under even the most predictable and disciplined of presidents. The average tenure of a White House chief of staff is about two years. Chief-of-staff jobs are so synonymous with thanklessness that a whole White House mythology surrounds them. “A good chief of staff is seldom popular,” Richard Nixon wrote in his 1990 memoir. “He must see that his chief gets the credit for the administration’s successes and must take the heat for its failures, even when they are not his fault. He sometimes finds he doesn’t have many friends or supporters. Some may well call him just a prat boy. Some may call Priebus worse than that, and maybe already have. “Eat rocks” is an expression I’ve heard Priebus use a few times. It refers to being game to do what is needed: swallowing pride and taking one (or one thousand) for the team. If serving as R. N. C. chairman in 2016 has been the definition of eating rocks, Priebus’s next gig could go down even harder.


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I think it’s a testament to Peter Dinklage’s incredible acting that, in the pinning scene, he played Tyrion’s multiple emotions so subtly and deftly that one cannot say for certain. If this turns out to be the case, I’ll find it refreshing that it’s such a different relationship for him: Dany’s ambition and social standing rival his own, and although her beauty would be the proverbial icing (a lot of icing) on the cake, it wouldn’t be the chief driver of his esteem for her. As others have noted, she respects him, needs him, and has elevated him to the highest position at her side based on what he happens to value the most in himself: his mind. I do realize that the majority of the fandom seems to be waiting with bated breath for Jon and Dany to meet, but to be honest the idea of them getting it on just makes me go, Meh. As I’ve noted in earlier comments, I believe his kindness to her and protectiveness of her—both of which far predate their ill-fated marriage—will prove to be critical during negotiations with the North. Sansa has absolutely no reason to trust Dany, but every reason to trust Tyrion. I think each will be genuinely happy to see the other alive and safe, as much as anyone is “safe” on Planetos. Tyrion has always had a zesty appetite for carnal pleasures, and an appreciation for good company regardless of the class of said company. He truly enjoyed his sojourn at Castle Black, had a wonderful rapport with Bronn, and given the chance, I’m sure he would have a splendid time gallivanting about the woods with the Brotherhood and Sandor. (As an aside, I’ll note that Tyrion misses nothing and forgets nothing: He was always dismissive of the Hound, but he’ll not have forgotten that the Hound saved Sansa from the mob, nor the exchange they had afterwards. . I cannot imagine that she and Tyrion would be able to satisfy each other in the bedchamber, and I really cannot imagine them ever agreeing on vacation plans. We may yet see a second wedding night, and a joyful ascent up the stairs, and a smiling Tyrion raising a glass to Sansa and saying, “And now my watch is ended. . This being said, i didn’t and still dont care because in the end, it was a fantastic scene. The Sept explosion was undoubtedly the best executed sequence across the show, but the RLJ reveal followed by the King in the North scene was the most emotional for me. It did not help Stannis in any way, but the snows did melt, allowing Melisandre to reach the Wall in time, just before Jon’s assassination. If it really was the sacrifice that melted the snows, in a way Jon might owe his second life to this horrific incident. As for Shireen her legacy was in helping Gilly to read.


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Before Jon leaves, he remembers the promise he made to Jeor Mormont and decides to leave Longclaw with Sam. Jon finds Mance in a wildling camp north of the Wall and claims he wants to negotiate with him. Despite Mance expressing disappointment at Jon's betrayal, they drink a toast to some of their fallen friends, such as Grenn, Ygritte, and Mag the giant. Mance then notices that Jon is eyeing a cooking knife, and quickly deduces that Jon came to parley with Mance simply so he could assassinate him. Before anyone can make a move, they are interrupted by the sound of war horns. Outside, hundreds of mounted knights led by Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth arrives and slaughter many of the wildlings, scattering the rest. Out of respect for Ned Stark, Stannis accepts, and Jon also advises Stannis to burn the bodies of the dead in order to prevent them from returning as wights. During the funeral, Jon notices Melisandre staring at him through the flames. Later, Jon visits Tormund, who tells Jon that Ygritte truly loved him, and asks him to lay Ygritte to rest north of the Wall. With Roose Bolton ruling Winterfell, Stannis asks Jon if he wants to avenge his fallen half-brother. Jon reaffirms that he is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. Davos states that his loyalty to the Watch is considered dubious because of his time spent with the wildlings. Nevertheless, Stannis wants Jon to retake the North with the help of the wildlings, stating that he will pardon them and declare them citizens of the realm once the war is won. Stannis will give the wildlings their lives and freedom if Mance bends the knee and swears his loyalty. He gives Jon until nightfall to convince Mance, or the King-Beyond-the-Wall will be burned. As Mance is led to the pyre, Stannis gives him one last chance to save his life. Mance politely refuses and is led to the stake and Melisandre lights the pyre. Stannis shows him a letter delivered by messnger-raven from Lyanna Mormont saying she would only pledge her House to a member of House Stark. Stannis offers a simple solution: as king, he will officially legitimize Jon and make him Lord of Winterfell.


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Spencer called Trump too beholden to Israel and said his movement is not necessarily opposed to the Iran nuclear deal, according to the Times. As Spencer finished speaking, several audience members gave a Nazi-like salute. “Heil the people! Heil victory,” the people in the room shouted, according to the Times. She does not dare get too comfortable, a symptom of her years of homelessness. All of them have spent portions of their childhoods in New York City’s shelter system. What made the experience even worse, Ms. Ferrer said, was that her three youngest children — Aiden Soto, 3; Angel Soto, 7; and Justin Ferrer, 8 — are autistic. They also have attention-deficit disorder and anxiety disorders. “It’s not a good life,” she said. “It’s hard and it’s stressful and it hurts. Not only for me to live that life but to see the children living that life and to know you’re not stable. Last year, she made a successful bid for affordable housing in the Bronx. But in her haste to move, she signed the rental agreement without proper due diligence. Bugs wiggled up through broken floorboards, traumatizing Justin, who has an insect phobia. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, and I lived in shelters,” Ms. Ferrer said. “Animals were coming in and my kids, my children, are sleeping, getting bit by ants. This summer, with the help of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, one of the eight organizations supported by The New York Times’s Neediest Cases Fund, the family moved into a safer, cleaner home in the Bronx.


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And the person who’s subletting the residence has much less invested than anybody — they aren’t chargeable for the constructing itself, and so they definitely aren’t frightened about no matter stuff you’ve chosen to bring with you. Affords house listings within the 5 boroughs of New York Metropolis. Subletting furnished single room in Hackensack, NJ next to HUMC. Primary-residence standing requires that in your absence from your condominium, you pay New York City resident earnings tax, listing the condominium as your residence, and that each one information of your residence, including your driver’s license, automobile registration and voting records, reflect the apartment as your house. STAT Living, LLC is devoted to offering high quality housing within the New York Metropolis space to medical professionals together with rotating Medical and PA Students, Residents, Fellows, Externs, Nurses, etc. Final but certainly not lease, always signal a sublease and specify the phrases. For example, in New York City, it’s illegal to lease out an house for less than 30 days Your state or city might have similar restrictions. If you will be returning to reside in your apartment after the other individual leaves, that is called a sublease. We obtained fed up with among the “dangerous apple” tenants abusing Airbnb and subletting in opposition to the terms of their lease. Settled its lawsuit towards New York state over a brand new regulation restricting short-term leases, with each side agreeing that New York Metropolis, not the state, is liable for enforcing it. Landlords incessantly take every alternative to say lease violations and evict tenants in regulated items. Non-revenue buildings: Tenants in limited-revenue or non-revenue housing could also be prohibited from subletting, or these rights could also be additional restricted (check your program guidelines). And I have to say, I typically peruse the holiday rentals on Craig’s listing, and they aren’t all that reasonably priced unless you might be travelling with a substantial group of people. Ask the landlord if they paid hire on time, in the event that they left the apartment in decent situation, and if they ever obtained complaints for noise or another untoward conduct. Hire Metro Manhattan to find your NYC workplace sublet space. We’ve got furnished apartments and share accommodation rentals that are good for college students attending NYC faculties and universities, brief time period sublet listings for individuals relocating to New York, and trip leases in areas which can be good for vacationers. As you’ll essentially be performing as landlord in your subtenant (while nonetheless being in the end liable for hire to your personal landlord), it is best to take the identical precautions when subletting your residence as most property homeowners take when renting one out within the first place. Lease stabilized tenants have further tasks and obligations. You might even choose extra New York Metropolis flats through the same process.