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This is not to say that one platform cannot be supplanted, such as what Redbox kiosks did to Blockbuster. Blockbuster could likely have fared better versus Netflix because 75% of US households are not Netflix subscribers and would still have rented videos if a much cheaper and perhaps more convenient alternative had not arrived. Enabling extended digital rights to the consumer level so that consumers can access their purchased film content across multiple platforms without incurring multiple or per use fees, is certainly now on the horizon. Consumers are clearly willing to buy or subscribe to the new and emerging distribution pipes and platforms, which create enormous opportunity for those that engage, create, and control content in an innovative fashion. There are many ways to access content and many aggregators, which for the most part, are repacking film and television content already played or available elsewhere. Exhibits 69 and 70 detail projected OTT video delivery. We note that it will take most of the rest of the decade for online television viewing to obtain a 50% penetration level. A member of BMO Financial Group 98 April 2012 Perspectives on the Filmed Entertainment Industry 2012 BMO Capital Markets Consumer demand for filmed entertainment product remains relatively healthy as new distribution platforms extend the shelf life of filmed entertainment and expand the revenue cycles for content on a variety of formats. The beauty and benefit of this part of the ecosystem is that much, if not most, of the film and television libraries already have been amortized. We remain confident that the new platforms will expand the overall economic rewards for content owners, albeit creating angst with some inevitable displacement. This should further improve the financial profile of the business for the major media conglomerates, many of whom own both content and a variety of end-point distribution channels. Digital Rights Management (DRM) will capture significant management and intellectual capital to master and monetize in a manner that can both protect from piracy and provide portability. A member of BMO Financial Group 99 April 2012 Perspectives on the Filmed Entertainment Industry 2012 BMO Capital Markets Exhibit 71. VOD is finally gaining traction beyond events such as sports and concerts as consumers pushed the buy button 25% more in 2011. Every major studio is experimenting in the digital world as the secular and cyclical changes occurring with consumers evolve.


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It seems in the show verse we don’t have the other Mormont girls which is sad as I really liked Dacey Mormont even though we didn’t get a lot of her in the books and Alysane has been quite interesting too. I don’t believe we’ll ever see LS in the show but I do hope we get a good reason for why the BWB have changed so much. I’m so glad we got BF’s line about sieges being dull. Now I love to see LGBT representation as much as anyone but I loved in the book that she’s this awesome female character who couldn’t give a crap whether people think women should be allowed to do something and does whatever the hell she wants. She’s strong, fierce, a natural leader and can match any Ironborn when it comes to drinking or fighting. Changing her to a lesbian in the show feels like they’re just trying to reinforce a stereotype, a case of well if she’s all these things then she must be into women too. As I said it’s a small gripe but it did bug me a little. I’m really hoping that there’s more to what happened than was shown since none of it made sense. There’s no logical reason for her to be wandering around like that when she knows how the FM operate. Not to mention that multiple stabs to the stomach including the blade being twisted and falling into filthy water is a wound you’d barely survive yet alone be walking around with. First off, as someone above mentioned, it’s rather annoying that we haven’t seen her react at all to the massive change in her story. This is a character who for five seasons has had no interaction with the fantasy elements of the show whatsoever. In the space of four episodes she’s found out that her brother died and was brought back to life, that there’s an army of zombies being led by white walkers and that giants exist and one of them is now fighting for her brother and yet not a single reaction from her about any of it. Okay perhaps she’s been reacting and it’s all been off screen but it’d be damn nice to see at least one of them. Secondly, damn it girl just tell Jon about the army waiting at Moat Calin so he can factor it in, there is literally no reason for her not to tell Jon and it just seems beyond stupid that she hasn’t.


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With five films in six years, and another three already in development, the series has already become the second-biggest horror franchise ever, trailing just the Alien films. It all started with this expertly made, crowd-pleasing ghost story loosely based on a case from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal investigators with an almost-spiritual commitment to their craft. There’s nothing terribly new about Australian director James Wan’s sixth film—it’s just a testament to good scares. But sex had never been literalized as an evil, inescapable force force until It Follows, a quiet but tremulous vision of teenage physical discomfort and emotional distress. Venereal disease may haunt the dreams of an HPV-aware generation, but not like this. Like, say, a goat. Which might be something more than that. The summer of 2016 was a difficult moment in recent history and Fede Alvarez’s heist-movie-turned-torture-saga worked as an effective distraction—an almost operatically stomach-turning distraction—from the events of the time. But we’ll never look at a turkey baster the same ever again. Austin Collins wrote the following about Get Out: “The wildest ideas in Get Out have real-world anchors? ? hat’s their humor, and their horror. Take the frequent minority complaint that with their tans and butt implants, white people are trying to be Latino or black. A historical drama about race can’t give you that. Many of the best horror movies often feel as if they are commenting on our present moment, but few hit the bull’s-eye the way Get Out did, arriving in the immediate aftermath of a fiery presidential election, with pronounced racial tension in the country, and a sense of disenfranchisement that throttled segments of the country into a kind of despair.


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Always-open grocery, gallery, and festival venue on the fringe of 3 National Forests on the northwestern shore of the Great Basin Steppe. Carefully stewarded natural surroundings; acres of lovingly manicured lawns and grounds; unparalleled stargazing and birdwatching; vast public trails system, breathtaking long views of forested Horse Ranch Canyon and desert Fort Rock State Monument; scrupulously attended bathhouse and laundry. All-hours hot showers included; good coffee and every other essential; welcoming hosts. We have something for everyone: Relaxing for You, Fun for the Kids. Kayaking, hiking, private beach, lobsters, organic gardens, fishing, playground, campground trails, rentals, activities, dog park and a whole lot more. Experience camping like in the old days, but with the convenience of hot showers and indoor facilities. Set up your tent in our primitive area or bring a camper and hook up with water and electric service. We also have a propane refilling tank and dump station for your convenience. Join us for camping activities like swimming, fishing, biking, scenic drives, and more. With our nearby shopping malls, fun cities, and attractions like the Kalona Amish Community and University of Iowa, you’re going to love your stay in Eastern Iowa. SoggyBottom Campground and ATV Park Address: 5501 Kerr Dr. Cameron, MO 64429 Phone Number: (816) 724-0071 Website: This popular 350 acre, fun filled family campground is located in the heart of the Historic Far West Community in Caldwell County, near Cameron, Missouri. Once a working farm, now this property offers an abundance of family fun such as camping, hiking, ATV riding, fishing, and much more. We are located minutes from the surf and less than 15 miles from Astoria, in historic Seaview on the Long Beach Peninsula. Peruse local products at our grocery and deli and check our calendar for classes and workshops.


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Good to hear of some disagreements between Sansa and Arya. I am happy that Jorah and Sam will meet, but I am a bit disappointed that Jorah will find his cure at Oldtown. I don’t know why people are surprised with the news of conflict between Sansa and Arya. Arya? not so much. I know a lot of people are complaining about Arya’s arc next season (leaks), but I can’t think of a better place for her to be than in Winterfell, hopefully finally avenging her family. Is it possible for Arya to be involved in the battle scene beyond the wall. I would imagine that any Iceland filming they do would be mostly brief scene-setting shots. Oh, Jon doesn’t love his siblings anymore and he only cares to bang the blond chick Then, knowing the Arya and Sansa dynamic that has always existed in the show and books basically based on the fact that they are two opposites, you complain about future strife between them. As far as I understood, LF is manipulating Arya with the letter Sansa wrote to Robb in Season 1 or 2. Why they did this? Maybe to retaliate over the season 6 leaks by some frikidoctor or true detective. Again, this 300 wights have nothing to do with wight hunting. Certainly they’d be together even just for a few short scenes. It was the hype of actors, producers about their conflict.


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and crashed down into the sea, possibly wounded from a crossbow bolt to the eye or pulled down by a grapnel. There’s no suggestion that another dragon had any part in his death, though there were several others involved in the battle. An army actually employing dragons in pitched combat and losing. The only other times that happened, it was because the other side had dragons too. Which is to say that when you ignore all of the instances in which X has happened, X has never happened. If their new king is not the sort to seize lands from innocent heirs when their fathers and uncles commit treason, he is certainly not the sort to seize them on a pretext. By sparring with Jon in an open meeting rather than raising the point with him behind the scenes, she is telegraphing to the world that there is a gap in House Stark that can be wedged open. Littlefinger, especially, is now obviously going to try to capitalize on this to shove Jon aside (just as Sollozzo tried to whack Don Vito after Sonny spoke out of turn) and spin Northern politics in his favor. After a surprising decision by his father, Tyrion heads south to King's Landing. Meanwhile, Arya must conceal herself under a new identity in an attempt to escape King's Landing, and Sansa is terrorized by Joffrey. At Castle Black, Jon is forced to choose between the Night's Watch and his family. Across the sea, Dany pays a terrible price to save Drogo, but finds new hope when her dragon eggs hatch and three dragons are born. The great sword Ice is covered in blood, and Sandor Clegane standing next to Ser Ilyn Payne, the royal executioner, holds Lord Eddard's head up to the adulation of the baying crowd. Once he gets her out of the courtyard, he cuts her hair off with a knife. He tells her that he will get her out of King's Landing and to Winterfell as a recruit of the Night's Watch, but he warns her not to trust the other recruits, since apparently half would hand her over to Cersei for a pardon, while the other half would do the same, but only after raping her first.


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Mayhem reveals that Benny, MetalBeard, Batman and Unikitty were not brainwashed and the Systar System was not evil- and it becomes clear Rex is the bad guy. Rex manipulates Emmet into thinking Lucy is brainwashed because she tells him things Emmet thinks the real her would never say. He causes Armamageddon (they end up in a storage container while Emmet is abducted by Rex). Eventually, everyone escapes and Lucy saves Emmet from his fate on Undar in the Dryar System. Since Rex is a future Emmet who got stuck on Undar for years, and Lucy saves him, Rex ceases to exist. She reconstructs the dream house and reveals to Emmet she wasn't always dark and brooding. She was once a girly-girl with colorful hair and had the exact same personality as Emmet. He is the president of the Octan Corporation and the Lego World. When President Business is not doing his job as a president, he is a despicable villain named Lord Business who wants to freeze the Lego World with Kragle, because he finds the Master Builders' creations combined with his too confusing. In his Lord Business form, President Business wears a fire-spurting helmet, a long cape, and extending leg attachments that light up in the middle. With some persuasion from Emmet, Lord Business caps the Kragle and makes amends by spreading the antidote for Kragle. Lord Business was also present when aliens from the planet Duplo show up to destroy everyone. At the end of the movie, Batman gives Wyldstyle his blessing to be Emmet's girlfriend. In the game's first cutscene, when the two Batman(s) meet each other, they have a brief argument about who is the real Batman before the real Batman takes Lucy with him to save the universe. Jackson in The Lego Movie Videogame ) is a large, bionic makeshift robot pirate and a member of the Master Builders.


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