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But one of Coltrane's finest attributes is the room he gives his sidemen to find their own space - it's his attribute to a fault (cf. Live in Seattle ). Luckily with Dolphy, Tyner, Garrison, Jones, he's got a band that can carry as much weight as the great man, and as long as this group wants to play I'm willing to listen. To my ears, this is among the highest achievements that the music has produced. Like most listeners I first came to this album because it was a John Coltrane album, but I can't help feeling that in a study of Coltrane this is no more than a footnote. I know nothing about Hartman other than this album and at first I wasn't convinced: I found him a little too mannered, slightly ponderous, I compared his voice to the relaxed delivery of Sinatra and found him stiff. But then he slowly won me around: he isn't the most emotional or intense of singers, but he has a certain grace. I have read that he always favours ballads and prefers a snail pace - while this is probably a limitation, for one album it causes no problems. And the backing band are good. Elvin Jones does little, but does what is expected with professionalism. Holding the music together are McCoy Tyner's piano and Jimmy Garrison's bass: Tyner is strangely tinkly - he is usually the least tinkly pianist there is, he thunders and rumbles and cascades, but here he has the good taste of a cocktail bar pianist: no, I don't really like it, I find it annoying, but then that is how I presume he wanted to play for this album; Garrison, however, is superb, intimately entwining the bass with Hartman's voice. Then there is Coltrane - he is faultless, but it feels as though he is an eagle in a cage, admittedly one of those big containers they have in zoos where there is space for the bird to glide across and we can see how beautiful it is, but it isn't really flying, not doing what an eagle should do. Compare these performances to those on the Live at Birdland album recorded later in the year: with Hartman Coltrane might be perfect but there is no sense of risks being taken, an adventure being shared. The limitation of the album is shown on the final track: here the pace livens up from the snail pace to something like a tortoise stroll, but it is slightly too much for Hartman, it is his least convincing performance - he is like a fat man who in his own territory has a surprising grace, but put in a new environment can quickly seem clumsy (my sense of Hartman as a big man is so strong that I get confused when I see his picture on the album sleeve and see that he is a skinny bloke). But it is on this track that Coltrane takes off, begins to fly - not a great performance and it could be argued without the perfection of some of his other contributions here, but it is a performance that hints at his intensity and imagination. I don't think Coltrane at his best would mix that easily with Johhny Hartman. Look at the cross-dressing, psuedo-scab faced, meth-head junkie punk whore jumping around.

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Late Victorian, early art nouveau. GrangeMF GreetingsMF GuttenbergMF (1995). Victorian. HayStackMFWide HeeHawMF HoffmanMF InkHighlight Knockout-Regular, KnockoutMFInitials KompaktMF LavaMF (1994). LegrandMF LongEarsMF MaizeMF MamaMF MantelMF MeltdownMF MercuriusMF NewDayMFScript OceanViewMFInitials OmegaMF-Bold, OmegaMF (1994). PoloBrushMF (1993). PosturesMFInitials Primitive ProtestSignMF (1995). ReefMF (1994). SantaMonciaMF Sexy-MF SixtiesMF (1993). A psychedelic font. SophieMF (1995). Art nouveau. SpeedlineMF SpiritsMF StarshineMF StereoMF SteveMF (1997). TradingPostMFBold TumbleweedMF TuscanMFNarrow UncleBobMF-Shadow, UncleBobMF (1993). VassarMF VeronaScriptMF WaverlyMF WetPaintMF (1996). Art nouveau. WizardryMF-Contour, WizardryMF (1997).


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Oh, satu lagi. Gue suka tokoh kembar. So far. okelah film SK satu ini. Bener kata yang udah pada nonton, film ini bener-bener keren. Njir. Ini tuh film anak sekolahan dengan konflik menyontek saat ujian. Cinta Emang Bego. Meski Nggak Mapan, yang Penting Tampan. Kuberi tahu kamu soal Febri, cowok yang gantengnya bisa bikin artis Korea langsung ingin operasi plastik lagi. Aku nggak peduli status gebetanku di sekolah, nggak peduli mamaku mencak-mencak, nggak peduli brwonies buatanku hangus demi cinta. Bahkan ketika gebetanku diam-diam punya rahasia, aku juga nggak peduli. Lintang yang naksir berat sama sekuriti muda dan yang gantengnya luar biasa. Apa pun bakal dilakukannya demi mendapatkan Sang Penakluk Hati. Tapi Virna, sahabatnya yang sekaligus Viral abadinya nggak bakal diam aja. Kekonyolan Lintang berhasil bikin gur mesem-mesem sendiri. Belum lagi soal Adin, adiknya yang udah kayak orang dewasa.


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In support of waste simulant development, the following two objectives are the focus of this report: (1) Assess physical and chemical properties important to the testing and development of mixing scaling relationships; (2) Identify the governing properties and associated ranges for LSIT to achieve the Newtonian and non-Newtonian test objectives. The slurry properties that are most important to Performance Testing and Scaling depend on the test objective and rheological classification of the slurry (i. These tests have provided a well documented set of high fidelity acoustic measurements useful for validation including data taken over a range of test conditions and containing phenomena like Ignition Over-Pressure and water suppression of acoustics. Results from ASMAT simulations with the rocket in both held down and elevated configurations, as well as with and without water suppression have been compared to acoustic data collected from similar live-fire tests. Results of acoustic comparisons have shown good correlation with the amplitude and temporal shape of pressure features and reasonable spectral accuracy up to approximately 1000 Hz. Major plume and acoustic features have been well captured including the plume shock structure, the igniter pulse transient, and the ignition overpressure. These interactions of the external flowfield and the various rocket plumes can cause localized aerodynamic disturbances yielding significant and highly non-linear control amplifications and attenuations. This paper discusses the scaling methodologies used to model the flight plumes in the wind tunnel using cold air as the simulant gas. Comparisons of predicted flight, predicted wind tunnel, and measured wind tunnel forces-and-moments and plume flowfields are made to assess the effectiveness of the selected scaling methodologies. As thermal environments change, a freezable radiator will effectively scale the total heat rejection it is capable of as a function of the thermal environment and flow rate through the radiator. Scalable thermal control systems are a critical technology for spacecraft that will endure missions with widely varying thermal requirements. These changing requirements are a result of the space craft s surroundings and because of different thermal loads during different mission phases. However, freezing and thawing (recovering) a radiator is a process that has historically proven very difficult to predict through modeling, resulting in highly inaccurate predictions of recovery time. This paper summarizes tests on three test articles that were performed to further empirically quantify the behavior of a simple freezable radiator, and the culmination of those tests into a full scale design. Each test article explored the bounds of freezing and recovery behavior, as well as providing thermo-physical data of the working fluid, a 50-50 mixture of DowFrost HD and water. These results were then used as a tool for developing correlated thermal model in Thermal Desktop which could be used for modeling the behavior of a full scale thermal control system for a lunar mission. The final design of a thermal control system for a lunar mission is also documented in this paper.


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Somerset Case (in Great Britain) A slave named James Somerset was purchased in Virginia, then taken to London by his master. Judge Mansfield ruled that a slave who escaped in England couldn't be extradited to the colonies for trial. Quock Walker case, Massachusetts 1783 - Helped end slavery in Massachusetts. Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams. During the Revolutionary War, she wrote letters to her husband describing life on the homefront. She urged her husband to remember America's women in the new government he was helping to create. Mercy Otis Warren A 19th century American historian who wrote a 3-volume history of the American Revolution. Edmund Burke (1729-1797) A conservative British politician who was generally sympathetic to the colonists' greivances, and who felt that Britain's colonial policies were misguided. George Rogers Clark (1752-1818) Frontiersman who helped remove the Indians from the Illinois territory in May, 1798. Benedict Arnold He had been a Colonel in the Connecticut militia at the outbreak of the Revolution and soon became a General in the Continental Army. He won key victories for the colonies in the battles in upstate New York in 1777, and was instrumental in General Gates victory over the British at Saratoga. After becoming Commander of Philadelphia in 1778, he went heavily into debt, and in 1780, he was caught plotting to surrender the key Hudson River fortress of West Point to the British in exchange for a commission in the royal army. Robert Morris (1734-1806) A delegate to the Second Continental Congress. He agreed that Britain had treated the colonies unfairly, but he didn't believe that the colonies should dissolve ties with Britain. John Paul Jones (1747-1792) Revolutionary War naval officer. His ship, the Bonhomme Richard, was sunk in a battle with the British ship Serapis, but he managed to board and gain control of the Serapis. Bonhomme Richard and the Serapis The Bonhomme Richard was John Paul Jones' ship, which was named for Benjamin Franklin's pseudonym, Poor Richard.


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Khaparde, both allies of Tilak. Liquat Ali Khan (second left, first row) and wife, Sheila Irene Pant (far right, first row), meeting with the Nawab of Amb in 1948. Prime minister Ali Khan meeting with President and faculty of the MIT. The historical photo of family of L. . Khan his wife and children, 1949 circa. Countess Mountbatten pictured in the Uniform of the St John Ambulance Brigade with the Officer Commanding 78 Wing RAAF, Group Captain Brian A Eaton DSO, DFC of Canterbury, Vic, after the Anzac Day service in Malta. World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. The vast majority of the world's countries—including all the great powers—eventually formed two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. The League of Nations assembly, held in Geneva, Switzerland, 1930. The bombing of Guernica in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, sparked fears abroad Europe that the next war would be based on bombing of cities with very high civilian casualties. Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk,(left) who organised the Simla deputation, with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (Centre), Sir Syed's son Justice Syed Mahmood (extreme right). Syed Mahmood was the first Muslim to serve as a High Court judge in the British Raj. The Provinces of India, earlier Presidencies of British India and still earlier, Presidency towns, were the administrative divisions of British governance in India. A mezzotint engraving of Fort William, Calcutta, the capital of the Bengal Presidency in British India 1735. India was an independent dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations with King George VI as the head of state between gaining independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August 1947 and the proclamation of a republic on 26 January 1950. Image: King George VI of England, formal photo portrait, circa 1940 1946.


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Since I never had any doubt that the good guys would win, the last hundred pages were pretty dull. I don't remember Pillars as turning tedious, and memory says that Follett kept piling on unexpected-but-believable events until the last few pages. I will give him one scene in Twin where he presented the essence of a few characters in an extremely clever way? MHO. One of the point-of-view characters introduces herself to a guard at a prison. Never been there. Has anyone? How much of an exaggeration is it. Bottom line is now that I've sampled one of Follett's older books, I'm happy forget about him and wait for the sequel to Pillars to come out in paperback. I'm leery that I'm going to start it with the phrase book-without-end firmly embedded in my mind. A classic in the area is Characters Make Your Story. Proposal: you buy the one Carolyn recommends, read it, then we'll swap and compare. Kathy Except for To Kill a Mockingbird, movies usually sell the books on which they're based short. And I'm sure that at rush hour the population far outnumbers the 140 people who still live in that village! If you haven't gotten a copy by the time I return, I'll bring it over. I think it is the only time I was stopped by a traffic cop in a parking lot. I am sorry you didn't choose as your second Follet, The Key to Rebecca.