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Marketing Internet, consultante, conferenciere, auteure. 15 ans d'experience. From Yellow Pages - Wed, 13 Feb 2019 17:26:59 GMT - View all Winnipeg, MB jobs Washington state lawmaker, open-government advocates spar in hearing over the Legislature’s transparency Cache Translate Page Wednesday's clash comes as lawmakers continued to wrestle with last year's court ruling that legislative leaders violated state law for withholding documents under the exemption that they have long claimed to Washington's transparency laws. Classical music: Madison Opera’s “A Little Night Music” proved totally satisfying as both music and theater Cache Translate Page IF YOU LIKE A CERTAIN BLOG POST, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. FORWARD A LINK TO IT OR, SHARE or TAG IT (not just “Like” it) ON FACEBOOK. Performers can use the extra exposure to draw potential audience members to an event. The data provides an inside look into how frequently the company decides to play ball with government officials, as well as how often it tells them to buzz off. More about Reddit, Tech, and Big Tech Companies Ford's clever bed stops your sleeping partner hogging the whole thing Cache Translate Page Your annoying, bed-hogging partner has met its match. And can you switch off the lane-keeping feature, if you just like to cuddle. Still kinda cool, though. Read more. More about Tech, Bed, Sleep, Ford, and Tech Tesla's main Autopilot safety stat is seriously flawed, research group finds Cache Translate Page It turns out that a heavily cited safety stat that Tesla received from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) back in 2017 isn't so accurate based on findings from a research group that got their hands on Tesla crash data. But last week a small research group finally obtained most of the data NHTSA used to reach that number and found the underlying data was severely flawed. More about Tesla, Safety, Autopilot, Nhtsa, and Tech. But Saskatchewan Government Insurance denied David Assman's request because it was “offensive, suggestive or not in good taste,” the Saksatoon Star Phoenix reports. The dust blocked out nearly all the sunlight, turning day to night. On Wednesday, NASA announced that they would no longer attempt to revive the 15-year-old machine, formally ending the legendary extraterrestrial mission.

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He said that under the present regime of PM Modi, no public representative and department can imagine to rest without completion of assigned task of achieving the desired progress with in a set time frame. He also said that the BJP is working for the development of State keeping in view the long term consequences of every policy. While interacting with the officials, he gave a message to the general public, to not to throw solid waste in the drains, as they block the normal path of liquid flow, thus choking all the drain system of the locality. Vikram Randhawa, visited the office of the Regional Transport Officer, Jammu and reviewed its functioning. peaking on the occasion Randhawa said that the Bharatiya Janta Party and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is committed to provide transparency in the administration and being MLC it is his primary duty to check whether the government offices are providing people friendly services or not. e interacted with various people who had come there to get their work done. He assured the public that there should be transparency in all the offices of the government. hile interacting with the RTO, Deep Raj, Randhawa stressed to not allow unauthorized agents in the office who are looting the gullible people and are bringing the bad name to the RTO office also. He said only authorized agents be allowed to visit the office that will bring transparency in the working. He also asked the RTO Jammu to hold an interactive session with the owners of the leading transport companies and listen to their grievances. andhawa said that following the communication gap between the RTO and the transporters these unauthorized agents are ruling the roost. He also laid stress to conduct workshops for the authorized agents also at different intervals to aware them that how and from where what sort of work can be get done. TO Jammu, Deep Raj, also raised some problems like shortage of the staff in the office to which Randhawa assured that he will take up the matter with the concerned quarter. Ch Lal Singh started plantation drive initiated by sewa Bharti NGO Hon'ble Minister For Forest Ch Lal Singh started plantation drive initiated by sewa Bharti NGO in Poni chak and nearby villages. Chander Parkash Ganga, while addressing the meeting, said that the party has entrusted all the leaders and the workers to work with the dedication keeping in view the mantra of “Nation First, Party Second and Self Last in their minds. e said that BJP leaders and activists must work on booth level in order to strengthen Party at ground level. He asked them to gear up for the ground level works to make inroads in the society.


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Although, not explicitly mentioned, Tyrion saying “Uncles” means that Vic was there. Basically, every inexplicable thing that happens in the series, can be conveniently explained by, “It happened “off screen. ”. The whole rift between them never worked for me and I was surprised initially with the whole Sansa doesn’t trust Jon thing and how LF could manipulate her against him. Guessing the Lannisters may be involved in RW2 (if that’s even a thing), but one things for sure: he won’t be valonquar this season. And overall, next week will have to give us some keys to the sorting out of all the fall-out from this week’s battle. I think Ramsey is more driven to impose his dominance over the escaped Sansa than impress the other Northern houses, but he’s only fights this battle because he’s convinced his plan for victory is full proof. Sansa needs Ramsey to believe all she has is outnumbered wildings and minor houses, if he had an inkling that a large army from the Vale is waiting in the wings there is no battle. There’s no way LF would provide his troops at the beginning of the battle. LF isn’t going to sacrifice a significant part of the army or assume any real risk. He would obviously wait until the Bolton army was significantly weakened in battle and in a vulnerable position before attacking. “Hey Jon, great news, after the RB’s army is worn down from killing most of your men LF will swoop in to destroy them! . Sansa loves and cares about Jon, their reunion is the best thing that happened to her since she left King’s Landing, but destroying Ramsey and exorcising the Boltons from Winterfell is all that truly desires. She not going to risk losing her best chance to destroy Ramsay in order help Jon keep casualties down on his side. Ramsey has given her one chance to orchestrate his destruction and that’s the only thing she’s living for at this point. She’s triumphant, having killed her tormentor, revenged her family and regained her home, yet undeniably broken.


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7. Littlefinger is up to his little tricks, as usual. I think Arya is well aware of this game he's playing with her and Sansa. Maybe. 8. So, this mixture of good, bad, complicated, resurrected and exiled men who have some type of problem, one or the other, with each other have quickly come together to go beyond the wall to bring back one, ONE, whitewalker to send to Kings Landing for proof that the Dead Army exists? Ummm. ot sure about this. Suicide Squad, for realz. Who knows what happens. 9. I can't help feeling like Tyrion has some kind of plan for himself through all of this. Not in a bad way, but in a sort of, saving his butt, kind of way. Remember that speech he gave when he was stripped of his power in Season 3. He told Shae he still loved the people that mistreated him. 10. These fast pace storylines are out of this world.


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It’s public safety division had a mission to answer every 911 call in less than 60 seconds. In the winter, streets were plowed most times before people headed off to work. Residents complained about their tax bill but loved everything the city did and would not give any of the services up. Of course, the city helps sponsor the Fourth of July parade. For our first parade, in 1987, we went to the parade’s terminus at Scotia Park (in less than a square mile, the Woods has 14 parks). There, Mr. Levin held up the winner of the most beautiful dog contest, which immediately slobbered all over Mr. Levin’s face. “I’m the first politician who was kissed by a dog,” he deadpanned. Once, he, and sometimes his wife, would walk alone with no banner or other introduction. He moved back and forth on the street, shaking hands, greeting friends and supporters. Sometimes his brother, then U. . Sen. Carl Levin, joined him in the parade. On Wednesday, there was a banner from the Levin family. The Levin moving the fastest was Andy Levin, Mr.