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According to B’Tselem, the large majority of the Palestinians (149) killed by IDF fire “did not take part in hostilities,” while 90 did and another 15 the NGO said it did not know whether they had taken part in hostilities or not. Another two Palestinians, one of them a 17 year-old, were killed after the crossed the security fence from the Hamas-run coastal enclave into southern Israel. While B’Tselem said that they had not taken part in hostilities, they did not specify when or under what circumstances they crossed the security fence. “These incidents are a direct result of Israel’s reckless open-fire policy, authorized by the government and the top military command, and backed by the judicial system. As long as Israel adheres to this policy, despite its predictable outcomes, the casualties will continue to amass,” the group said. Thousands of Gazans protest along the security fence on a weekly basis taking part in Great Return March demonstrations which began on March 30th, calling for an end of the 12 year long Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. I just saw that the person who designed their logo was an UNWRA employee from Jerusalem called Vladimir Tamari: Mona had contacts with the PFLP, and had the idea to change the Fa of the logo to the Arabic letter Jeem for Jabha i. . Front. This I implemented using the distinctive curved Jeem from AlQuds. Mona took the logo suggestion to Ghassan Kanafani, the spokesman for the PFLP. Kanafani the famed Palestinian novelist, was also a gifted amateur artist and he immediately understood the impact of the symbol and had it adopted by the group, after changing the square format to a circle.

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After that, the events of Season 6 cover at most a few months. And, again, Littlefinger was always going to invade. And that’s assuming the kid would ever have any value, which is questionable since it turns out that the North doesn’t give a fig about the Starks, unlike what everybody was assuming prior to Sansa’s escape. Ramsay’s missive certainly helped her out, but the revolt didn’t really matter since Ramsay would have put it down quite easily, but for Littlefinger. Either way, the Wildlings would know that the Boltons and their allies are bearing down on them, and be pushed into the Starks’ camp. Unless you think Littlefinger abandoned his entire scheme for Westerosi domination after 605, which is not something he would ever do. Ramsay’s brutality played no part in Littlefinger’s considerations. We needed to see Jon and Sansa as competent protagonists, rather than failures who accomplish little and nothing, respectively. And I really have no interest in catering to that kind of mind. The latter still puts a big grin on my face every time I recall it. There was no compelling reason whatsoever to change them. Not every line GRRM writes is deathless prose, and there were plenty of them changed for the show with nary a peep out of book fans.


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Was tempted to ding it. for feeling a little patchy in spots, but that third act chaos more than makes up for it. I suppose I was expecting something more - particularly, a more interesting antagonist. Funny little detail: during the whole moving cubes scene you can totally see a witch, boomer, and tank from Left 4 Dead. Apparently there are also silhouettes of the charger, hunter, and smoker, but I never noticed them myself. Word is there was supposed to be a tie-in campaign for the game. I remember hearing something about that on the extras. As you said, tie-in but it got pulled at the last minute. Super neat detail, and why I love that movie so much. My grasp of the language isn't quite where it needs to be for all of the jokes to land, but it was pretty goddamn funny anyway, and it is an enjoyable romp. 3 gold Mercedes out of 5 porno films. I don't think I can do it justice, but what is very striking about Herzog's style is that he's almost childlike (by that I don't mean infantile or silly) in his questions.


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Although they had never attended church, the one remaining brother. read more. While there, a stunning young woman came out of the apartment next to the mailboxes wearing only a robe. The boy smiled at the young woman and she started up a conversation with him. As they talked, her robe slipped open, and it was obvious. read more. He goes outside and sees a large black bear on the roof. About an hour later, the trapper rolls up in a huge pickup truck with a large metal cage in the bed. He gets out of the truck followed by a tough looking pitbull. Hundreds of guests filled his enormous abode to mingle and drink with glee. During the festivities the rich man gathered everyone to the backyard. “Come!


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’ That for some the war was one of liberation went unsaid. For 99 years the fountain was notable only as the answer to a trivia question: What is the northernmost Confederate monument. But after the Charleston shooting some saw it differently. A city council member worried about “an inaccurate perception of our city as not warm and welcoming. ’ Another suggested it be renamed “the Civil War Memorial’ ’ (despite its one-sided inscription). Ed Noonan, another council member and a film teacher, has studied the city’s reaction to Birth of a Nation and now understands the fountain’s real value: “We look at the nation’s racial problems as distant from us in Montana. But the fountain shows that we, too, played our role in Jim Crow. ’ Kentucky mayor says he wants Confederate monuments gone: report nola. om. A few of storms in Western and Southwestern Oklahoma may be strong to severe with quarter size hail and 70 mph wind gusts. Storms bring rain, flooding to parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas washingtontimes. om.


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The phone is expected to come with some basic features like calling, messaging, alarm clock so that you don’t feel completely disconnected. Light Phone 2 is in conceptualization phase and a campaign of fundraising is going on which has crossed the initial funding milestone. The phone is expected to be available in April 2019. Smartphones are, undoubtedly, becoming the center of our attention everywhere, owing to which, we tend to lose out on important moments, conversations and things that require our attention. But would you be willing to spend 400 dollars to beat that bad habit. It popped up in China in January 2017 and promptly sold out there before coming to the US and Europe later that year. This new Nokia 6 ups the price a little, but in return you get a more powerful chipset, a funkier design and a fast charger. It also enters an increasingly crowded mid-range market though, so has it done enough to stand out. It arrives alongside the other new members of the Nokia phone family, including the Nokia 1, Nokia 8 Sirocco and the 18:9 screen Nokia 7 Plus. It worked for the first Nokia 6, and it works here too. You get the hard, dense feel of a unibody phone, with none of the seams of one made of different plates of plastic and metal. There's a little strip of plastic up by the top of the rear, but you’ll see this in just about all metal phones, as it gives the antennas room to transmit.