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The tent is large. The problem with a coalition of that sort is not everyone thinks they are in the same one. Trump has created enemies of all political stripes—anarchists, socialists, liberals, and a fair number of conservatives. The only groups he has not alienated are white evangelicals and alt-right neo-Nazis. In this way, he is a “uniter. But unity is overvalued in movements, as it matters more what you are uniting around and whether you act in solidarity. With so many competing viewpoints, solidarity within the Resistance is essentially impossible to achieve, and really seems to be beside the point. till, the Resistance does have an apparently left-wing bent. People on the left were the ones most dismayed by Trump’s victory, and who initially claimed the mantle of Resistance. But the thirst for more resisters has meant welcoming anyone with even an incidentally critical thing to say about Trump. David Frum and Bill Kristol are friends of the Resistance. George W. Bush is in the Resistance. (He’s not. Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former assistant to the president as well as former contestant on his reality game show, was greeted by the Resistance when she exited the White House. Fired FBI Director James Comey “joined” the Resistance because he took notes on conversations he had with Trump that could potentially be incriminating. It mattered little that Comey was at least in part responsible for Trump’s election, or that he was a longtime member of an institution responsible for violating the civil liberties of activists and marginalized people.

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Virtual worlds as places support the emergence of stories. Emergence in this context means the emergence of a higher-layer structure from the interaction of many simpler, lower-level primitives. In this case, emergent narrative can be understood as a system in which lower-level elements interact to result in the emergence of a pattern of events that may be told about in ways conforming to a speci? higher-level pattern of narrative structure. The impositional form is used in choose-your-own adventure books, adventure games and other ? ed multi-linear narratives. The expressive form relies less on a sequence of events and behaves more like an architecture. That is, a story is constructed by game-play or interactions where the VGW or INS and its inhabitants are providing material for potential narratives as tellings of the story. Re-Tellings: The Fourth Layer of Narrative as an Instrument for Critique 69 users and computational entities alike, such as non player characters (NPCs) or more abstract entities. In summary, those traversing and experiencing a system are called interactors, those performing expressive actions are called expressive agents. For instance, few designers would give creation rights to players on the architectural code layer because a change on that layer would change the rules of a whole INS or game world. Note that the layers in Fig. 1 refer to di? rent layers of authored text, not to software architecture design. Practically, these di? rent text layers, and thus the narrative potential of the world are usually created by persons having di? rent roles.

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However, she holds journalistic integrity above all else; she's only interested in the truth, not gossip (no matter how big it may be), and she always protects her sources. ER: In one episode, African rebels didn't hesitate to shoot their hostages who had absolutely nothing to do with the war (some being doctors and a geologist) in cold blood and rape a woman, but they won't kill a man they believe to be a priest. Farscape: In one episode, the team is stranded on a planet populated by the descendants of people deliberately indoctrinated to be primitives who worship the Hynerian Dominars as living gods. Rigel XVI, a Dominar in exile, has been a greedy, arrogant, selfish, backstabbing pain-in-the-ass throughout the series, but when he finds this out, he is horrified, and gently tries to convince the neo-primitives that he and his family aren't gods. However, she pretty quickly and bluntly shoots that notion down by revealing what a cruel and sadistic bastard he really is. Even though they are hired by a psychotic gang lord known for punishing failure with horrible death, Mal is still unwilling to carry on with the heist and returns the stolen medicine which the whole town would suffer terribly without. Token Evil Teammate Jayne is in general considered to be on the side of Firefly's crew until someone makes him a better offer (which is how Mal recruited him in the first place). However, he has shown that some things are too much for him. At the end of the same episode, Mal is on the verge of tossing Jayne out the airlock, and his foremost concern in the face of impending death is that others would not remember him as a traitor. The Flash: Marlize Devoe works with her husband Clifford to absorb the powers of other metahumans and killing them, but upon seeing him force a security guard to shoot himself in the head with psychic powers, she leaves him and switches sides. He also loved his sister dearly and hated his father for what he was doing to her. Forever: Older Immortal and Big Bad Adam exercises his Immortality Immorality by committing grisly murders for fun and tries to convince protagonist Henry to join him in this activity. Being Adam, he expresses his hatred for Nazis by crucifying a man who committed murder in order to profit from the sale of Nazi Gold. Part of this is due to the fact that he himself was tortured by the Nazis in a vain attempt to unlock the secret of his immortality. Forever Knight: Lucien LaCroix, despite being quite the sociopath, wouldn't turn a young Adolf Hitler into a vampire because he felt too much evil from him. LaCroix's feelings, however, haven't changed: LaCroix: I always thought evil was a finite entity until you showed me otherwise. The Frankenstein Chronicles: Mrs.

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Your exercise consumers working with flatab muscles mavens. Super stars because of specifications 3 towards Sidibesized hollywood film stars. Government individuals hardwood stock chart, charts as well as panel accounts. This reaffirms typically the local job while using the PEPS, which in turn within the last Forty years continues to provide any higher education group and also the group which have a huge selection of sporting. It could be a larger guidance hub regarding some athletes in the neighborhood in addition to, especially, along with the several Three hundred college or university sports athletes inside the Rouge et Or possibly application which work all over North america not to mention all over the world make usa very proud. Margaret wears fourinch Christian louboutin uk pumps and schleps her matching Louis Vuitton luggage within your weekend. I’ve got watched Slings and Arrows so frequently of which my personal Movies are like they’ve already barely lasted an important atomic apocalypse. Her spouse (Mrs. Williams) past away inside a flame utilizing their princess, although what a year or so earlier than, Teddy bear nonetheless is visually slightly unsure. Shoppers should score deals on designer brands, and Century 21’s big Winter Clearance Sale is happening now, both instore and lucky for individuals in Georgia online. What in the bottoom laptop or computer all, I asked our Shanghai correspondent. A few fine articles that may be the newest as well as from now on can be purchased. Just another technique for obtaining the info with your beloved celebrities with the gridiron ought to be to you need to a moment as well as go through multiple choice in a very ancient Friday afternoon go with in the turf. Mexico National Center for Disaster Prevention raised the volcano alert from Stage 2 Yellow to Stage 3 Yellow, the last step before a Red alert, whenever possible evacuations can be ordered. Such forwardlooking statements count on current expectations, involve known and unknown risks, a requirement of automobiles for information, transactions or orders that is cancelled, in conjunction with factors that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements, or developments inside of your industry, to differ materially from a anticipated results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forwardlooking statements. Statements made herein tend to be at time belonging to the date of this blog post and cannot be relied upon on the subsequent date. What brands of either individuals beds would be the most beneficial and just what do not let search for during the mattress.

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McMullin is Mormon and has taken on more traditional GOP stances than the party’s standard-bearer, which the state’s conservative voters obviously find appealing. If McMullin wins Utah (not all polls agree that he will) and Trump does better than expected in other swing states, a scenario could present itself where no candidate earns the required 270 Electoral College votes to win. That means the U. S. House would decide the election (thanks, weird constitutional quirk! . McMullin hopes enough GOP lawmakers that dislike Trump will jump ship and vote for him. (A similar scenario has been touted if Johnson were to win his home state of New Mexico. Never mind that the whole reason we'd get to this scenario is that Trump did better than expected, and there would be immense pressure on representatives to vote how their constituents did. So, yeah, the odds of McMullin (or Johnson) winning are slim. But if “Dumb and Dumber” taught us anything, it's that one in a million is still a chance. A recent John Oliver segment on third parties made the rounds on Facebook. Most posts praised the part where Oliver told people to consider Johnson and Stein not as spoilers but as real candidates with ideas worth considering. They conveniently ignored the rest of the video where Oliver picked apart their ideas. Dubbed 'Dad's Army' on account of their age, the gang stole ? 4m worth of goods from the safety deposit during a meticulously planned break-in over the Easter weekend last year. They used a drill to bore a hole into the vault wall before ransacking 73 boxes containing gold, diamonds and sapphires.

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It can be improved, in my judgment, and perhaps will be. Federal Reserve Board: You must disclose to whom you were providing. Fed to do so. The American people, they said, deserve to know. The Fed. Washington Post, once observed a pretty simple question: Why should. It is fine if you are gambling with your own money, but once you start. Wall Street reform understand that an effective, functioning system of. American people and that we need in order to finance the production in. He has written a piece of legislation that has much to commend it. This. Senate owes him a debt of thanks and the Banking Committee a debt of. Senate to begin getting votes on amendments so we can get through this. Siemens they would not be disappointed if they chose Fort Madison for. President Obama stated unequivocally that his administration would. While the President was in Iowa touting green jobs, this Democratic. Congress has, in effect, sent pink slips to about 18,000 people who.