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First, Becker consistently seeks to convince her readers that although the Pakistani national movement was clothed in “western terminology,” it was more “indigenous” than the “humanistic doctrine of national self determination” (p. vii). She would have succeeded more if her discussions on Islamic law ( sharia ) and the ulema or traditional Islamic scholars in the first four chapters, were more rooted in Indian society. Second, Becker writes, referring to the grant of separate electorates in the Act of 1909, “these Muslim leaders now felt. She starts with the founding of the Muslim League in Dacca in 1906, a year after Lord Curzon, viceroy of India, partitioned Bengal into two provinces. Becker demonstrates well how the Muslim League’s popularity was hindered by the fact that it was deemed “too unorthodox for religious conservatives” and “too conservative for young progressives” (p. 67). What served the Muslim League well later was its insistence from its early years, to demand Muslim participation in the government, and as Becker underscores, not just Indian participation. The author also prepares for Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s entry into politics by commenting on the “significant absence” in the League’s early activities of the man “destined to be the future Qaid-e-Azam” (p. 65). In doing so, however, Becker commits a teleological blunder, one she does not correct in later chapters. This line of thought impacts the work in that the study of leadership, except for Jinnah’s, does not evolve into anything more than a recounting of key historical events that Muslim “leaders” were involved in, be it Nawab Saleemullah, Fazl-i-Hussain, or the Ali brothers of the Khilafat movement fame. It surveys the period until 1929, tracing what Becker sees as an experimental phase in the Muslim League’s history. The first experiment was the coming together of Congress and the League to sign the Lucknow Pact of 1916. This was a “personal triumph” for Jinnah (p. 89). While the Muslim League acquiesced in standing up for patriotic efforts and self-government for India, it did not compromise on its demand for greater political safeguards as a minority community. This experiment had its merits because the British were then fighting a world war and Congress and the Muslim League could hope to get their demands addressed. In yet another experiment, Hindus and Muslims came together again. Two brothers, Mohammad and Shaukat Ali, and Gandhi were the leaders of the Khilafat movement (1920-22).

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I was bored just writing that sentence, and the movie doesn't seem to care either. But hey, Hasbro got your money, so I guess they won out in a way. So we get a very silly scene where they find this dead body under Debbie's old house, and then cut off these stitches on her mouth. Because the movie doesn't seem to get that we want it to go away and stop annoying us, apparently Lin Shaye's crazy old lady character was lying, and it was the little girl ghost who was evil the whole time, and NOT the mother ghost! Wow. Maybe you shouldn't listen to a murderer who lives in an insane asylum, huh. Oh, and then she goes full on cartoon villain and starts cackling insanely about how her evil ghost sister will come save her. She gets dragged off by security, presumably to never be allowed to interact with the outside world again. Man, I really don't think THAT was a good plan. ut whatever. That's really clever if the only other movie or TV you've ever seen is Blue's Clues. They also have the gall to insult our intelligence by having him show up with his back to them, as if there's any possibility he's not going to be dead and it's not going to be a stupid jump scare. The characters, writing, plot, scary moments, atmosphere and everything else are all terrible. The script is stereotypical and shallow, with zero real meaning to anything that happens. Download it illegally, and then write scathing reviews online. I don't know if that will make a difference, but it's worth it if you really need to vent your annoyance with how bad this movie is, and how bad everything else the people who made it were involved with is. And hey, it's a better pastime then playing with a fucking Ouija board from Hasbro. Images copyright of their original owners; we own none of them. Will America's Worst Wildfire Disaster Happen in New Jersey? Blog Cabins: Movie Commentary and Reviews Made Fun.


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Your financial contribution “will be spent on principle photography, post-production, editing and distributing this film. . He kicked off a global PEACE MOVEMENT which has grown and morphed into today’s TRUTH MOVEMENT. The reason that the world is often thrown into WAR is because every time war is declared, or a drone bombing mission is announced, the value of these shares increase. JOHN LENNON inspired today’s Truth Movement with a campaign for Peace. Help us to finance this awesome movie about his life, expose who really assisted the killer, and give us a donation towards the production and marketing so that the message of JOHN LENNON lives on and we expose the WAR MACHINE and the glove-puppet politicians who perpetuate this terrible situation just so they can earn illicit riches. . I did attempt to contact him via his website and his FaceBook page so that I could ask him directly but no means of communication are available on either. He’s the guy who gave McCartney his first Acid Trip. “Tara was taking Acid on blotting-paper in the toilet. He invited me to have some,” Paul has claimed, adding that, “I’d not wanted to do it, I’d held off like a lot of people were trying to, but there was massive peer pressure. Just think what we could accomplish if we could only tap that hidden part. If the politicians would take LSD, there wouldn’t be any more war, or poverty, or famine. Tara, by then, was dead. Pepper album. A new book charting his colourful yet short life has just been released. Titled, ’I Read the News Today, Oh Boy,’ it’s written by award-winning journalist, author and comedy-writer, Paul Howard. The two Beatles had just been discussing whether or not Browne, son of Lord Oranmore and Browne, would have inherited his father’s seat in the House of Lords had he lived. His parents divorced when he was young, and Tara rarely saw the inside of a classroom, forming his personality at the feet of his mother’s coterie of writers, intellectuals and aristocratic black sheep, including the painter Lucian Freud, film director John Huston and writer Brendan Behan. One had a ravenous curiosity about the world; the other, the assured air of a privileged young man who had seen and done it all.


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