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Though why nobody had ever had an accident with them in that tinderbox of a temple before Dany showed up is anyone's guess. Brakhage, Sunday, May 15, 2016 8:31 PM (Yesterday) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink I have some issues with this. Two main rebuttals: 1) There was only so much time allotted for this scene. It indeed flirted with Darth Maul style silliness but they admirably didn't have his foes attacking one at a time and overall was not anywhere near as choreographed looking to me. So it felt tense and dramatic and lasted exactly as long as it needed to. 2) Arthur Dayne is supposed to be one of the most skillful fighters who has ever lived in this fantasy universe. In fantasy universes, we can safely assume that the most skillful fighter that ever lived has abilities that compensate and go far beyond the restrictions and resourcefulness real life sword fighters need to rely on. I don't think that takes does his reputation any harm. I don't think that takes does his reputation any harm. ? Evan, 16. maj 2016 21:32 (7 minutes ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink I really don't think this is the first time in military history that someone wounded has turned up not dead. All that matters is that it holds a sense of risk and tension. It shouldn't be designed to satisfy fencing professionals or medieval arts experts. If you want it to be realistic, have the larger party all run at their enemies with swords pointed forward until those enemies are helplessly and pathetically overwhelmed, all while various fighters with throats already cut reel around on the ground gurgling horribly.

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Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Hey Jake, Caro, nice to meet you. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Why have you decided to speak up about what happened. Jake Roper: Just tellin' the truth and what really happened and yeah make sure it doesn't happen to any other young people. I was getting treated like an animal basically because of all the stuff they did to me. Jake Roper hasn't been able to forget his time in solitary. n Don Dale. Jake Roper: This is the size of my cell I was staying in. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Now 16, he's haunted by disturbing memories. Jake Roper: Well I get flashbacks sometimes, just couldn't believe it was this small. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: How did it feel being in a very small space. Jake Roper: It was tempting to do stuff because I had a lot of stuff on my mind. Like I felt angry at some times, I felt depressed at some times, I felt alone and yeah. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: In June 2014. ake Roper was in Don Dale for the first time in his life. or stealing a car when he was homeless.


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Results of non-isothermal crystallization showed that cold crystallization temperature, and percent of crystallinity of nanocomposites are higher than those of pure PET. The sorption of all the solvents is accompanied by a large-scale structural rearrangement, leading to the induced crystallization of the original amorphous state. The solvent induced crystallization caused an increasing of more than four times the percent of crystallinity. Burnside and Giannelis45 presented the relationship between nanostructure and properties in polysiloxane layered silicate nanocomposites. It was found that the nanocomposites show a significant decrease in swelling, even for very low filler loading (1 vol. ), compared to conventional composites, though inter- calated nanocomposites and immiscible hybrids exhibited more conventional behaviour. Burnside and Giannelis suggest that strongly interacting fillers reduce swelling, while non-reinforcing fillers result in solvent uptake which may exceed that of the unfilled polymer. Gas sorption was measured gravimetrically using an electronic high pressure microbalance placed in a temperature controlled air-bath. Pressure dependent permeation experiments revealed a significant tendency to plasticization of the pure PC film in the region above 10 bar. Corresponding diffusion coefficients also strongly increase above 10 bar. At variance the nanocomposite film containing 5wt. SiC does not exhibit this plasticization behaviour. Similarly, Chen et al. 7 found that by blending a poly(methyl methacrylate), prepared via bulk polymerization of methyl methacrylate monomer in the presence of montmorillonite intercalated with an ammonium salt of octadecylamine, with plasticized poly(vinyl chloride), the resulting composite exhibited excellent barrier property in preventing the plasticizer migration from the inner matrix to the surface of the product. A polyimide hybrid was obtained from poly(amic acid) hybrid by heat treatment at various temperatures.


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. d 1020 W Wilshire h Oklahoma Ciry. OK Send the 6740 REVERB KIT S59. 5 plusl shipping (s3) enclosed or charged. I Send Free Catalog Iname Milab's P -14 is a low priced PAdynamic microphone designed for handheld use and vocals. It is available in two standard versions: with a fixed cable either terminated by a 6. mm phone plug with switch. The P -14 may also be tailored to have either a slide or push switch, be balanced or unbalanced. The 250 series offers models with input VU metering, and others with front -panel input patchjacks and speaker auto -disconnect headphone jacks. The system components are fully plug- compatible with existing three -wire cabled intercom systems as well as the HM E 150E series wireless intercom. A unique soft - limiter allows undistorted audio performance during high -level operation, and a special presence peak in the audio frequencies provides clear voice transmission without the ear fatigue usually associated with this feature. Mfr: HM Electronics Circle 51 on Reader Service Card CABLED INTERCOM LINE STEREO CONSOLE The ESA -10 stereo console, recently added to the Audio Metrics line of studio equipment, features ten channels. Other standard features include: 30 inputs: two outputs, each with mono mixdown: three muting circuits: remote starts: internal test oscillator: cue amp: set -up meter: two auxiliary switches, and programmable cue logic. Audio specifications include:. 3 percent total IM and THD and mic noise 80 db below -50 dbv.


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om. She is known for playing Cecilia Smith on 7th Heaven and Violet Foster on Melrose Place. Rob Lowe celebrates son John's 21st birthday in Vegas -- see the pics! aol. om. Between office Secret Santa, your five cousins coming into town and your new roommate -- chances are you have a lot of shopping to do. But fear not -- you don't have to spend a fortune for the perfect Christmas present. There are tons of great finds on Amazon that'll be sure to please the crowd - and your wallet - at the same time. However well northern schools and universities perform, the productivity and skills gap will persist in northern cities due to the brain drain of skilled workers to better-paid jobs, usually service not manufacturing, in southern England. The pro-Trump US rustbelt, and much of southern and eastern Europe, face similarly intractable brain drains. Breaking the vicious circle will require, as well as devolving power to cities and regions, better focused central government intervention. First, it should prioritise improved northern transport, within and between cities, over the dubious benefits of HS2, which has been rushed through without rigorous cost-benefit examination and against the advice of most experts. Having chosen Hinkley Point and Heathrow over better-value, greener alternatives, Theresa May needs to avoid an HS2 triple whammy. Second, it should recognise that hi-tech service industries can be as productive as manufacturing, and that most of the growth will come from a march of services rather than makers. One example would be to accelerate the growing media industry hub in Manchester by persuading, if necessary cajoling, the BBC to move many more staff out of London.