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p Rafaeli Vanelli 2 anni fa I subscribed to the new Channel and look forward to watching its content. I am building a site so the channel will take time to get going. For now I am posting frequently on the Instagram account. Silver Fox 2 anni fa I preferred the book version of his death. Dany Ashley of Naath 2 anni fa I smell a trap on Olenna and Daenerys's part. A Man Has No Name 2 anni fa Ashley of Naath, sorry, misread that. Olenna hates the Lannisters, and Dany want to usurp them Doc Valiant 2 anni fa Looks like the tarlys getting lit up like what was in the leaks. But Mace Tyrell is still alive so he is currently the head of house Tyrell(in ASOIAF) but in the series every member of house Tyrell is murdered at the great Sept of Baelor. Although Lady Olenna is a Redwyne by birth she is still a Tyrell by name, wouldn't that make her the head of house Tyrell. Mo J 2 anni fa Jacques Nel Lady Olena Wasn't a Blood Member of House Tyrell, In The Books Loras Was youngest and Not Heir, So Yeah There's no reason for her to actually be in charge of high garden Jacques Nel 2 anni fa Pete Peppers ummm Lady Olena joined Danaerys, how come Highgarden would still support the Lannisters. The orange and black one not only fits Hornwood colors but appears to have two thin legs that would match with the legs of the bull moose on the Hornwood sigil (see left). How do you think the other Northern Houses will line up. Sources are confirming that it is officially pronounced “your-on” and not “ur-on” as in urine. Checkered white and blue, with yellow or golden circles inside the blue squares. The Northern storyline seriously suffered without the other Northern lords so this is excellent news. And yeah, we haven’t seen any of this epic battle yet but I know that it’ll be better than anything seen in those shitty, shitty Hobbit movies. It’ll be refreshing to see a battle with actual stakes and where I actually give a shit what happens to the characters. I think the North will count as one (except Boltons).

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What started off as a haven for Pez collectors is full of high street retailers and no-name knock-off factories, professional power sellers and the usual bunch of con artists. Browsing all of that on a watch would be absolutely horrible, which is why the eBay app doesn’t do that. What it does do is concentrate on the ways an Apple Watch app can actually be useful in online auctioning. It pings you when an item in your Watch List - as in items you’re watching, not a list on your watch - is coming to a close, it pings if you’re outbid while an auction progresses, and it lets you know when your auction purchases are en-route. It’s particularly great for those occasions when you don’t want to miss out on a great bargain but you can’t bring out your phone, such as when you’re attending the birth of your child, defusing a fiendishly complicated bomb or hiding from a jealous husband or wife. Being able to stick your watch into silent mode and surreptitiously update your auctions is an absolute godsend in any situation where poking at your phone would be considered rude. Dark Sky is the first app we put on any new Apple device, and the Apple Watch is no exception. In fact, we think Dark Sky is at its most useful when you’re wearing it on your wrist. What Dark Sky does seems very simple, but is actually very clever. It tells you what the weather’s going to do - not in a vague sense, but as in telling you that it’s going to bucket down in ten minutes and that the storm won’t stop for an hour. That means it’s the perfect app for anybody who’s thinking about going outside for any reason, or who’s already outside and really ought to be getting inside in a big hurry. In more dramatic climates it alerts of dangerous weather such as storms, and you can set it to notify you of specific kinds of weather that you select in the companion iPhone app. We use it to decide if now is a good time to walk the dog, if it’s time to get the kids back to the car or if we really shouldn’t be going out dressed like that; you might use it when you’re hiking or biking, or doing any other activity that could be affected by changes in the weather. If you used Dark Sky in the early days of the Apple Watch and found it painfully slow and unresponsive, give it another go: the current version runs on the watch, not on the phone, and the difference in performance really is dramatic. You’ve probably noticed something of a trend in our favorite apps: they tend to approach their mission by asking what useful things the watch can do rather than trying to cram an entire phone app into that tiny screen, irrespective of whether that’s sane or useful. Yelp is a great example of an app that gets it right. Tapping on the one you’re interested in then shows you a list sorted by distance, with the all-important star ratings and average cost listed on top of a photograph. Tap again and you’ll get the opening hours and a map, and of course you can read the reviews too - that’s what Yelp is all about.

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Don't assume that more measurements always means a better profile in the endin our expe-rience, it depends very much on the profiling software and the device beingprofiled. In some cases you can end up introducing noise when profiling very linear devices ifyoumeasure too many patches. If you use a handheld instrument, you probably want to measure the smallest number of patches possiblethe difference between three hun-dred and eight hundred patches translates to a lot of time and a lot of stress on your vmsts! hen you have to measure a large number ofpatches with ahandheld instrument, you also run a greater risk ofmismeasurement, which vdll produce a bad profile. With an automated instrument, the number of patches is obviously less of an issue, and it's common for packages to pro-vide feedback in the form of an error message if mismeasurement occurs. Some profiling tools also let you generate your own custom targets. Some profiling tools will do this for you. ou can always open the measurement files in a spreadsheet programsuch as Microsoft Excel and average them there, but having the profilingtool do it for you is much more convenient. Tip: Download GretagMacbeth's MeasureTool 4. . . ProfilerPro 4. . isstill available as a demo download from GretagMacbeth'sWeb site. ou needto buy a license to unlock the ProfileMaker and ProfileEditor applications,but the MeasureTool application offers two very useful capabilities even when the package is running as a demoit lets you compare measurementfiles, and it lets you average measurement files. The profiler then uses the measurements to generate a profiling targetthat's optimized for the specific device. In some cases, you need to build the original profile using the linearization step to be able to re-linearize and updatethe profile. Do these packages work any better than those that don't offer linear- ization.

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It’s kind of nonsense but I think it’s intentionally showing that Jon simply has no confidence in himself and he needs yanked back by Sansa over and over again. And here she literally yanks him back form this self-destructive mindset. Look, when I said earlier that Sansa gets Jon, I meant it. She is SO GOOD at jogging his mind back to the important things that need to be talked about. She knows how to get him snapped back when he’s practicing avoidance. “He hardly talks” is what Ygritte said. Dany so often was met with uncomfortable silences and non-answers from Jon when she wanted to know something that he wasn’t willing to discuss. It’s all to avoid talking about the types of things that make him feel small and unworthy. And I think the last exchange is the most important. Because Jon really has said to this point “I’m worried I’m not good enough for this job. Internally he knows he needs Sansa but he just doesn’t want to admit as she is the biggest source of confusion and self-doubt Jon has at this point. What’s making him so reluctant to fully rely on Sansa. He just had a near meltdown because she compared him to Joffrey. Then he was soothed when she expressed otherwise and affirmed for him that he’s a good ruler. S6, at it’s conclusion was the Season Sansa Was Right and Jon felt horribly guilty for not listening to her. So again, on the surface, his words fly in the face of that. She’s proven it over and over again - and it’s something Jon has outright acknowledged. So why in the heck is he struggling so much with this.

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Some lovely cinematography! - Bad Day For The Cut - Again another strong showing from the Irish Film Board. Nothing new in terms of plot a man seeming vengance for the killing of a loved one but still a good film none the less. Bad Day for the Cut is a Northern Irish thriller, and it could be a little gem. Legendary will be bringing a superhero heist film to the big screen. Grande cast con Nigel O'Neill, Susan Lynch e Stuart Graham. Cresce a tensao prevista, aparece Susan e fica tosco. Tanto per non guardare sempre gli stessi, famosissimi, spammatissimi, banalissimi. I heard about this movie around the time it released and had all intentions of picking up the bluray but it was just one of those that fell through the cracks. I’ve been seeing that it was on netflix and finally got around to putting it on tonight. It had the perfect amount of grit but wasn’t overly done and everything was well acted. The whole movie just felt natural and believable and it had a great little twist. By the end i was so pulled into it and i felt like i was right there with the character and took their journey with them. Nothing beats that when it comes to movie watching. Sao homens ordinarios, caminhando, sem saber, a espiral descendente do justicamento. Hvezda Harryho Pottera a Smrtonosne pasti podlehla rakovine, zanechala po sobe vsak bohatou karieru s desitkami skvelych roli. Ochotne pritom menil svoji vizaz i zanry a zazaril treba v Rozumu a citu, Robinu Hoodovi nebo Lasce nebeske. Jeho posledni role pak bude jen daberska, v kvetnu ho totiz uslysime ve druhe Alence v risi divu.