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I have no doubt season 8 will be enjoyable, however the show lowered in quality after s4 and stopped following the books. If you disagree with me, then go ahead and respond to all those things I mentioned. You an idiot then if you think it’s just as good as season 1-4 and you haven’t read the books. Season 6 ends with dany sailing, season 7 begins with her reaching Dragonstone. Even then, the iron islands don’t have enough wood for 1000 ships so it’s unrealistic as fuck. They also took two books (AFfC and ADwD) and turned them into one season (s05), when they could have just made an additional season. Now the last season is 6 episodes, after the previous one was 7. The quality of the show has been downhill after season 4. I think they have done a great job for the most part. He also never left the show just stopped writing which was his decision. I worked in tv through my early 20's nothing special just grunt work mostly. Im suprised they have been able to last for almost 10 years now and still be crictially acclaimed and ratings rising. The TV show is impressive, nobody disagrees with that, but the writing in the last 3 seasons have been poor and often nonsensical. Can anyone explain what the Arya wolverine episode was all about. Seemed like a stylistic choice to have an episode that's a giant chase scene but made little sense. Why Littlefinger married Sansa to Ramsey wasn't explained well. If GoT was an original work, it would be the most impressive series to grace the screen, but reality is they used an existing work and later botched it when they could have handled it better. Some of my favorite dialog has been written by them. To each his own. That not all fact I have read many critics that don't agree with him.

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Which makes the scene doubly ironic, since most people would naturally assume that the insect idea came from your documentary experiences. And later, you were the writer who adapted Clouzot’s Wages of Fear, retitled Sorcerer, for William Friedkin and Roy Scheider. 134 GREEN: CLASSIC AMERICAN FILMS That’s right. Now, when Lee Marvin decided against the picture, William Holden was cast in the lead. GREEN: I was delighted, but I learned about it in a funny way. Naturally, at the beginning, I’d given a copy of my script to my boss, David Wolper, who’d recently made his first feature film, The Devil’s Brigade, a Dirty Dozen rip-off, starring William Holden. I gave it to you, but you never read it. ’ So that’s how I found out Holden was starring in The Wild Bunch. The casting of Holden as Pike looks particularly brilliant now. He was at the exact right moment in his career for that role. GREEN: He was. I knew Bill from all my trips to Africa for the documentaries, and after The Wild Bunch came out, I was in Kenya, and I ran into Holden in Nairobi, and we went out and celebrated. Until the rerelease, I’d never actually seen the film in a theater with an audience. Was there anyone in the cast that you were worried about. Peckinpah was a bit concerned about Ernest Borgnine. I’d always pictured Dutch as somebody like James Coburn—a lean western-type guy—and I’d always pictured Borgnine as being rather urban. And his rapport with Pike was crucial to the movie, especially on those occasions when they’d talk about more serious things. GREEN: I wrote the Gorch brothers for Ben Johnson and Warren Oates. Right from the beginning, Sickner and I had them in mind, and I wrote it that way. I also wrote the part of Mapache for Emilio Fernandez because I knew him from the Mexican movies.

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After one of the test bunnies is injected with a new serum, believed to cause birth defects, the Bennetts’ daughter switches it with one from the control group. After it escapes, the super-stud rabbit fathers an army of gigantic hare-lipped killers. It’s easy to figure out that domesticated rabbits were filmed against miniature models, from extreme angles, while costumed actors occasionally pop up in the attack scenes. Night of the Lepus is the perfect movie to show at parties and have guests pretend they’re crew members on MST3K’s Satellite of Love. The Blu-ray remaster of the film was struck from original film elements and adds commentaries with author Lee Gambin (“Massacred by Mother Nature: Exploring the Natural Horror Film”) and pop-culture historian Russell Dyball. Unfortunately, acid heads comprised too small a demographic to be economically feasible, and the trend was short-lived. Fortunately, the midnight-movie phenomenon was just beginning, and it proved to be a perfect way to exhibit hard-to-distribute pictures. Filmed entirely in New Mexico, Downey’s follow-up, Greaser’s Palace, re-located the Passion of Christ to a wild-and-wooly corner of the Old West. A zoot-suited drifter, Jesse (Allan Arbus), arrives from out of nowhere, entertaining the motely crew of boozehounds, over-the-hill cowboys and prostitutes, criminals and transvestites attracted to the Palace, a saloon run by the ruthless Seaweedhead Greaser (Albert Henderson). His ability to walk on water and raise the dead really slays them. All Jesse wants to do is reach Jerusalem, where he can perform his song-and-dance routine in peace. Yes, Greaser’s Palace every bit as nutso as it sounds. From a distance of nearly 50 years, however, like so many other relics of the period, it seems almost quaint. Other prominent members of the cast are Pablo Ferro, Toni Basil, Herve Villechaize, George Morgan, Don Calfa, Woody Chambliss, Jim Antonio and an uncredited Robert Downey Jr. then 7 years old. The music was supplied by Jack Nitzsche. Scorpion Releasing’s Blu-ray re-master was struck from the original camera negative, and it includes an interview with Robert Downey conducted by the late screenwriter, Rudy Wurlitzer ( Two-Lane Blacktop ), and late filmmaker Jonathan Demme. Lionheart opens with the brutal attack on the brother of a French Foreign Legionnaire, Lyon Gaultier (Van Damme), who’s stationed in a desert outpost half a world away. Before he can be thrown into a pit with a tin roof for insubordination, however, he kicks the crap out of a half-dozen guards and escapes into the desert in a stolen Jeep. Once he reaches New York, on a freighter, he needs to make enough money to reach the west coast.

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Poem with a Hole in the Middle A Starbucks cup practiced its vowels over the sidewalk. The migration of things and the mitigation of things. One man threw a lit cigarette on the sidewalk and one following pinched it up for one last inhale. A child’s bike, spokes covered with tinfoil to look like chrome rims. I couldn’t tell which part was the revolution, so I pretended to be more people. I wrote a poem titled “Poem with a Hole in the Middle,” and posted this on my list of things that happened while I was alive. His poems have recently appeared in Failbetter, Map Literary, Ninth Letter, Packingtown Review, and Typo, amongst others. Currently, he lives in a camper in rural Pennsylvania and is an instructor in the English Department at Wilson College. Her first graphic novel, In the Sounds and Seas, was collected by One Peace Press in 2016 from a Xeric Award winning series and was highlighted as a Notable Comic in The Best American Comics. First we got drunk. I had previously decided not to drink that night, but it seemed like such a cool thing to do after Sandy kept suggesting I join her. They usually don’t let guests in, but they are especially impressed by the press at these particular sort of affairs (as Sandy informed me). She grabbed my hand (and occasionally my arm) and we manouvered (sp? amongst the punks and punkettes like the seasoned pros we were. 1st stop: the men’s room (for both of us). We looked for a backstage area and settled somewhere on stage. He was the only familiar face there other than Ms. Nila. I don’t even know him that well. We were leaning against the back wall of the stage as Black Flag began their set.

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