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Raina, Ashish Gupta, Swati Gupta, Sunil Dogra, Gurcharan Singh and Sushil Kumar. Jammu fast emerging as Educational Hub: Dr. Narinder BJP State General Secretary, Dr. Narinder Singh, in a press statement, said that after the formation of government at the Centre, Jammu has been gifted with a number of prestigious educational institutions by Narendra Modi government and the establishment of Government Medical College of Ayurveda in Jammu after a gap of 42 years is one more success in the field of education. It was first Ayurvedic College, which was established in Jammu in 1962 but was closed down in 1975 during the rule of Sheikh Abdullah. Dr. Narinder Singh said that the previous Congress and National Conference Governments had adopted a total indifferent attitude towards the vast region of Jammu and turned down every opportunity for the Jammuites. Be it Health, Technology, Education or anything else, Jammu had no place in the scheme of things of the successive governments, particularly NC, which always gave step motherly treatment to Jammu. These political parties kept befooling people of Jammu by buying the conscience of certain shrewd people showcasing themselves as public leaders but having their own vested interests and kept playing with the sentiments of the Jammu people. He maintained that it was due to the apathetic approach of these political parties, the people of Jammu suffered in the fields of best healthcare facilities, and now when BJP has formed a coalition government in the state with PDP as its alliance partner, it has fulfilled the long pending demand of the Jammuites for an Ayurvedic College and Hospital, which is going to be established in Akhnoor town of the Jammu region. He also appreciated the role of Health Minister of the State, Bali Bhagat, who worked hard for the feast and now the 50 BAMS seats have been allotted from the current session with the help of BOPEE. Dr. Narinder Singh said that most of the population is now preferring the AYUSH system of treatment for the ailments they are sufferings and this will go a long way in boosting their health status. He said that the traditional system of medicines “Ayurveda” is being followed in India and almost in all the parts of the world through times immemorial and even continuing researches in the field are adding to its credentials. BJP is committed to bring in all the best health and education facilities to Jammu, citing the examples of IIT, IIM and others, he added and said that Jammu is fast emerging as Educational Hub. Prof. Virender ridiculed Omar’s boasting BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta in response to Omar’s boasting that NC won’t have allowed attack on Article 35A and BJP led government would have not have dared to talk about this provision or the Article 370, had his party, NC been in power in the state, said that at the first instance it is not BJP or government at the Centre that has filed writ petition in the Supreme Court. The Spokesperson while replying to his attempt to blow self trumpet, reminded him that during the period when NC was in power in the state from 1996 to 2002 and 2008-2014 it failed to get revoked AFSPA, in spite of having support of than Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram.

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Another one I somehow missed (! so I don't know if you'll get this comment. But whether or not you do, I still wanted to say I really enjoyed this particular story. Another awesome read CGS, you never disappoint papa. Love this channel but I’m not really digging the aggressive narration as of late. I am biased with creepen coz I'm from Northern England Creepy Ghost Stories 7. And he has a crazy good voice. ? Saxon-Actual 7. Stand up for what you know is right and don’t allow others to pull you into bad situations. Calthrow N. 7 ? Had to listen to this one twice the first time I fell asleep in the middle of it your voice is vary calming and despite me not sleeping well as of late you put me to sleep no problem Annie Charles 7. I'm Sure Tasha that he's not my Adopted Grandson. ol XD much love Sexy Grandma Darkness. Hey, CGS I miss you Monday:( I hope that you are doing okay. I hope that you and everyone else is having a Humpalious Night too. Don't usually like ouijaboard stories, but this took a slightly different turn. Who leaves their 8yr old home alone in the first place. Just asking for trouble!


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But he didn't want to reset and wipe everything down for every take, so all the murder sequences are done with CG blood. CG was also used to recreate the San Francisco neighborhood at Washington and Cherry where cab driver Paul Stine was killed. The area had changed significantly over the years and so Fincher shot the six-minute sequence on a bluescreen stage. Production designer Donald Burt gave the visual effects team detailed drawings of the intersection as it was in 1969 and photographs of every possible angle of the area with a high-resolution digital camera which allowed the effects artists to build computer-based geometric models of homes and textured them with period facades. Then, 3-D vintage police motorcycles, squad cars, a firetruck and streets lights were added. Everyone has a different idea about marketing, but my philosophy is that if you market a movie to 16-year-old boys and don't deliver Saw or Se7en, they're going to be the most vociferous ones coming out of the screening saying 'This movie sucks. And you're saying goodbye to the audience who would get it because they're going to look at the ads and say, 'I don't want to see some slasher movie. As a crime saga, newspaper drama, and period piece, it works just fine. As an allegory of life in the information age, it blew my mind. Forget the distorted emphasis on hippies and flower-power that many such films indulge in; this is the city as it was experienced by most people who lived and worked there. Still, the movie holds you in its grip from start to finish. Fincher boldly (and some may think perversely) withholds the emotional and forensic payoff we're conditioned to expect from a big studio movie. I keep saying 'curiously' with regard to Mr. Fincher, because I can’t really figure out what he is up to in Zodiac — with its two-hour-and-37-minute running time for what struck me as a shaggy-dog narrative. We are told repeatedly that the former Eagle Scout is just a genuinely good guy, but that's not enough. As such, Zodiac is considerably more adult than both Se7en, which salivates over the macabre cat-and-mouse game it plays with the audience, and the macho brinkmanship of Fight Club. Not all U. . critics liked the film. Zodiac was screened in competition at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2007 with Fincher and Gyllenhaal participating in a press conference afterwards.