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Originally I thought while defeating the white walkers the night king tries to convince jon nature needs balance and all that jazz and after defeating ice jon realizes fire needs to be defeated as well. So he defeats Dany. Well based on Tyrions reactions he may actually be the one to convince Jon Dany needs to be stopped. Maybe after the walkers are defeated Tyrion realizes neither his sister nor Dany are worthy to sit on the throne and convinces Jon to take the throne. Who knows but I absolutely loved how the show made a moment we've been waiting for years to happen suddenly make us question if we wanted this. We wanted to see Dany roasting Lannisters since season 3 at the least. Yep I'm going to stand by my assessment Dany is going to be the main villain at the end. I hope she won't be the main villain at the end, alltough it seems possible. Is it wrong that I didn't really feel a lot of sympathy for the Lennister soldiers. I mean, we all knew roasting soldiers and having Dothraki “Barbarians“ cut them down wouldn't be a pleasant business and luckily it is portrayed as such with Dany possibly paying a high price for this victory. I almost wish they had killed off Bronn, not that I dislike the character, but why keep him around. I liked how Dickon rescued him after they made fun of his inexperience. Cersei really is lucky to have the Tarly's on her side. We've assumed he'd be like Randyll hence why he's favored over Sam but it showed he's actually got more layers to him, expressing conflict and remorse going against people he once considered friends. Dany was ruthless. Not only burning everyone but she burnt all the food carts.

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After she sent it off, Heat assembled her squad for a midday update around the Murder Boards beginning with the news from Lauren. “I just got word from the ME that our Jane Doe now has a preliminary time of death, which would have been the night before last, in a window of ten P. . to two A. . ” She paused to let them keep up with their notes, then continued, “They were also able to lift some clean prints that Detective Ochoa has already circulated on the database. Forensics news. They found residue on her skin of a cleaning solvent generally used in labs. Nikki used a capped marker to point to the grime smudge on the knee of the victim’s pants. “Also, early results of this dirt, as well as similar material on her shoes, contained elements linked to train environments. . Why don’t you get a head start running a check for missing pharmacists, lab techs, medical professionals, and so forth. Any other profession you can think of that would need to use industrial strength lab solvent, hit them, too. . Going to put you two right to work checking out the rails and subways to see if she worked for any of them. So, flash her picture around the MTA offices, the Long Island Rail Road, PATH, and MetroNorth.

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She calls some friends over, but their Ouija board session causes a blackout. This site is a good place to watch free movies online without downloading an no sign up. This site is a good place to watch free movies online without downloading an no sign up 2019. Enjoy to Download Full Movies And Watch Online HD For Free. Enjoy to Download Full Movies And Watch Online HD For Free. 2019. Dr. Robert Chase explores the abandoned meeting place of the boys' secret society and the suspicious substances found there. Gabe's scary mix of suddenly-appearing symptoms suggest anthrax and a rare, infectious tropical disease. Meanwhile, Chase refuses to have any personal contact with his visiting father, rheumatologist Rowan Chase, a world authority on auto-immune diseases who suddenly turns up and joins the diagnostic joust. House takes a stubborn interest in Rowan's reason to visit his estranged son, as well as in the past of Gabe's admired, separated father, Jeffrey Reilich. Victor and Caroline disagree there whether to become lovers. In Salem, the parents learn about Sami and confer about the daring rescue quartet, now Roman can take charge. Tony enjoys watching the gas-influenced Georgia-chasers make love, while Patrick and Hope are on their trace. Just before Stan's execution, (s)he's saved by Tony, who now reveals his identity too and promises her loved-ones alive for collaboration. Masami has a boyfriend, Akira; Hiroko, who is nervous about the seance, wonders if she should take the plunge into sex; Mio is haunted by her mother's suicide.

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After drinking it, she confesses to poisoning Joffrey. Arya returns to Winterfell, where she reunites with Sansa and spars with Brienne, both of whom are unnerved by her exceptional fighting skills. Bran unemotionally bids farewell to Meera, divulging that he is no longer the boy she accompanied through the North. Littlefinger presents Bran with the dagger that was previously used in his attempted assassination. Cersei assures the Iron Bank a full return on their investment, as a train carrying gold from Highgarden is on its way to King's Landing. In a cave filled with dragonglass, Jon reveals ancient paintings to Daenerys depicting the First Men and the Children of the Forest joining forces against the undead. Later, Daenerys learns of the sacking of Highgarden by Lannister forces and realizes her attack on Casterly Rock was a distraction. Despite Tyrion's protests, she decides to take action. Led by Daenerys riding Drogon, the Dothraki cavalry catches the Lannister army by surprise and decimate or capture its remaining forces. Drogon is wounded during the fight by a spear fired from the scorpion ballista. Jaime's desperate charge on horseback at a vulnerable Daenerys is thwarted by Drogon spewing fire. Bronn tackles Jaime into the river in time to save him. Against Tyrion's advice, she has Drogon burn Randyll and Dickon Tarly, who refused to submit. Jorah arrives at Dragonstone and reunites with Daenerys. Maester Wolkan alerts Jon and the Citadel about the wights approaching Eastwatch. Jon decides to travel beyond the Wall and capture a wight in order to convince Cersei for a temporary alliance.