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Here We Go Again film soundtrack, due July 14 via Decca Records. Both movies were inspired by ABBA's catalog of songs, and the first film adapted the long-running stage musical of the same name. Cher plays Ruby Sheridan, the mother of Donna ( Meryl Streep ), while Garcia plays Fernando in the romantic comedy musical. The 4-minute clip sees Townes in the center of the room with just a mic and acoustic guitar, which allows for her folky twang to shine even more so than it does on the recorded version. The Canada native also took part in her first CMA Fest with a handful of performances throughout the week. That’s wishful thinking, of course, not to mention hopelessly naive. Still, what Whitney offers as a film is not a career retrospective, but a portrait of a life out of balance, the thing that happens when talent sparks an overweening fame that makes a normal day-to-day existence virtually impossible. Instead, the disclosure works as a defining moment that informs everything we learned previously about Houston: her need to keep things secret, to hide her pain, to internalize rather than let it bleed. What Macdonald shows is a child of divorce whose mother, gospel-singer Cissy Houston, and manager-father John Houston both had affairs. The former had a dalliance with the minister of their church; the latter skimmed funds from his daughter’s business. It’s through the testimony of others that Crawford emerges as the unshakable support system that Houston lost when she married Brown. It wasn’t just his jealous hold on his wife, but her need for the “My Prerogative” singer to give her street cred as a straight icon, not to mention a bad-boy curative for those who thought Whitney had sold out to white commercialism. In the most stonewalling interview in the film, Brown refuses to acknowledge that his wife’s lifetime dependence on weed and cocaine had an effect on her life and art.

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Doubtfire' and 'Independence Day' but her passion today is writing as she has just released her memoir 'You Look Like That Girl. . Bonus track: Who should play Han Solo? 23:00 August 14, 2015 Episode 50: Emily Mortimer Actress Emily Mortimer stopped by to talk about her latest film '10,000 Saints' starring Ethan Hawke, Asa Butterfield and Emile Hirsch. This is the second time Mortimer has worked with Butterfield and she commented on his performance in '10,000 Saints. . You take one look at him on screen and those blues, it’s just like, he kind of is cinema in a way,” said Mortimer. We joked about if Mortimer and Wells argued over who would shag Ewan McGregor in season two. Bonus track: Should Marvel make a Blade Netflix series or a fourth film? 25:00 August 13, 2015 Episode 49: Regina Hall Actor Regina Hall (Scary Movie) stopped by to talk about her latest film People Places Things, written and directed by James C. The film stars Jemaine Clement as Will Henry a newly single graphic novelist balancing parenting his young twin daughters and a classroom full of students while exploring and navigating the rich complexities of new love and letting go of the woman who left him. Bonus track: Star Wars, Batman v Superman, and Civil War news. Staking claim on her fame with her role in the comedy-horror spoof Scary Movie, Regina Hall has frequented the big screen in roles that far from betrayed her age.


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That doesn’t reflect their overall importance; with TWOW (assuming we ever see it, heh) they’ll be back in the thick of things. If they did not the freefolk sub would dismiss them as irrelevant. But it is utterly ridiculous to think that an American (you can tell by the writing and spelling of certain words) with a tumblr or AO3-esque username would in any way have a direct source of information about what is or is not being filmed in the dead of night in Belfast or Seville, Spain. Someone is just randomly PMing a person with a username like that information about what is being filmed on the third biggest Game of Thrones centered subreddit? Please. You notice this person didn't get info for the previous 7 seasons. Because he has a track record and has legit sources on the ground. Probably because his source clearly saw the scene being filmed and knows exactly what kind of costumes everyone is wearing. That's how he confirmed the new actor plays a dornish character. Of course it still begs the question: if the source was there, why can't he give more info about the context of the scene. Could it be that he doesn't understand english very well or is not enough of a fan to remember everything? Not so much about scripts, specific scenes or plot points. BSB definitely knows one of the stand-ins who were in Seville--maybe not Peter's or Sophie's, but Gwen's, Kit's, or Jacob's--or someone who works with them.


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The fact I can’t see what I was promised, at least not without using another service, a service in which I am not interested, is complete fucking bullshit. If nothing doing, I’ll shit on them from a great height! LOL. And I don’t want snap chat and I don’t need it and I hope that they give us something to make up for it. I don’t know how they could make it right but the radio silence on FB is also making me unhappy. There is zero correlation beween the success of these two things. I can’t think of ANY other show on television that gets criticized for EVERY single thing other than GoT. Someone wore something similar at the Oscars, IIRC. What I was struck by is the faux tan: no Brit is that color. It’s a little embarrassing in this day and age, though. I mean, they’re basically using the same technology that Sophie used the other day to make the announcement on her fan page, and she figured out how to do it. I would not have known who that was if i passed him on the street. Cause im not, they should have streamed it on Youtube, its waaay better on there.


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It’s going to end up living in my handbag for when I feel anxious or angry and need to relieve some tension. Haku is the dragon from Spirited Away and is my favourite Studio Ghibli character. I didn’t know if these chopsticks would be real or fake, but when I inspected the packet they are in fact real and Studio Ghibli approved. I love cooking Japanese food, especially if I’m craving Japanese and I can’t and don’t want to go out and eat or buy any. This is a cute little gift and I can’t wait for me and Dane to cook recipes together from it. I’ve been collecting these for a few years now, thanks to Dane but they’re now so hard to get hold of. We have a Flareon and a Raichu here and they’ll go so well with my other Eeveelutions, as well as with my Pikachu. Two of those being A Silent Voice and Your Lie In April part 2. Alongside Your Name, A Silent Voice was one of my favourite films from 2017 and I’m so stocked to have it on Blu-ray. The box itself is gorgeous and I cannot wait to binge watch it with Dane one of the evenings this week. This is the collector’s edition Blu-ray too, which also includes a DVD and a special booklet that tells you all about the film, as well as about the manga. He bought me part 1 and the special box at the start of the year for my birthday, so now I’m so happy to finally have the box set completed. This is definitely the first thing I’ll be watching with Dane out of all of the Blu-rays I received as I want to binge watch all of this with him.